Monday, July 13, 2020

If You Redefine the Game You Must Change the Names

In the realm of 2020’s ‘stupid decisions made in the name of racial sensitivity’ changing the name of the Washington Redskins, while still stupid, is perhaps towards the bottom of the list.

Many have already suggested changing the team’s mascot rather than its name:

Introducing the Washington Redskin Potatoes

Given the direction the NFL is headed these days why not go a step further and require all NFL teams change their names to various potato cultivars? The options are numerous and colorful

10 Foods Natives Had Before Europeans by ICTMN Staff

making name choices plentiful.

Reinventing the Potato - Modern Farmer

For example how about the Green Bay Jewels:

Post ImageThe Minnesota Purple Vikings:


The New York  Roosters:

Rooster Potatoes Information | Love Potatoes

The Buffalo Butterballs:


The Huston Huckleberries:

Organic Non-GMO Huckleberry Gold Potato

The Cleveland Russets:

Or maybe really shake things up and go with the Cleveland Purples: : Purple Majesty Certified Organic Seed Potato 5 lb ...

The mascots practically make themselves.

I think it’s perfect for the NFL who has adopted the motto “Believe in nothing rather than having to do anything.”  Why not name your teams after the couch potatoes that have supported you lo, these many years?