Saturday, July 18, 2020

Analysis: True

Weaponized truth is righteous. – Sundance, CTH

Normally the Left would agree whole heartedly with this sentiment. That’s why they push their “truth” when it is supported by their “science,” disparaging all heathens who refuse to believe their received wisdom as “science deniers.”

But hoo-boy, let some science come along that doesn’t support their version of righteous truth – such as this: Schools Should Prioritize Reopening in Fall 2020 -

Weighing the health risks of reopening K-12 schools in fall 2020 against the educational risks of providing no in-person instruction, school districts should prioritize reopening schools full time, especially for grades K-5 and students with special needs, according to a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Opening schools will benefit families beyond providing education, including by supplying child care, school services, meals, and other family supports. Without in-person instruction, schools risk children falling behind academically and exacerbating educational inequities.

and somehow you will still be the denier. How dare you hijack science to weaponize your truth? (Answer: we don’t make the rules, we just use them.)

So what have we learned today boys and girls?

That the science is never settled until it says what the Left wants it to say, which will always be determined by their current narrative. And the current narrative is that COVID-19 is surging and it’s all Trump’s fault. Therefore we need to ensure he doesn’t win again in November by keeping the schools closed, re-closing the economy, - especially in swing states - do vote-by-mail exclusively…and wear face masks at all time.

Portrait of a cat in a medical mask on quarantine at home ...Yes Karen, I know it’s supposed to cover my nose. How about you keep yours out of it?

Raj designed a special face mask for me, I can’t wait till it gets here.

“I Am The Deplorable Hillary Warned You About”

Analysis: true