Thursday, July 16, 2020

Portland Has Always Been a Bit Campy

See what happens when you close all the summer camps?

CLAT” A Walk Through Portland's New Autonomous Zone “Chinook Land ...

The bored kids will go play in the streets, as they did in Portland, OR this week.

Portland protesters set fire to a statue of a pioneer family called "The Promised Land"

This is what happens when you haven’t learned how to build a proper campfire.

Next the children decided to move on to Cosplay, dressing up and acting out as “anarchists” and zombies – often one and the same these days.

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The kids seized some federal land in the name of the First Peoples, declaring it the ‘Chinook Land Autonomous Territory.’  CHAZ? CHOP? And now CLAT?? I shudder to think what will be next.

Barricades were built to keep Portland police (and Federal troops) out: plywood, kitchen equipment and pallets leaning against an empty kitchen rack: that should do the trick. Then again if you don’t know how to build a campfire what are the chances you’ve learned how to build a proper barricade?

Reaction to this new development has been subdued, from “I thought Portland already had an autonomous zone, it’s called “Portland,” to “I wonder how this one will end.”

But hey Portland, take heart: at least you’re #1 again in somebody’s book:

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Before you get too cocky though I should point out that it’s the result of a one-man crusade to document “police brutality.” In other words, about as accurate as the COVID positive/death statistics.