Saturday, May 16, 2020

Orange Is the New Green

Great news, sort of. The Governor of Utah, the state I’m currently residing in, has cranked the WuHu Flu panic dial down. We started out, like everyone else, in the blood RED panic mode,

Choose Calla Lily Color - Red Calla Lily Bouquet and Boutonniere ...

progressed to ORANGE on May 1st,

and have now ratcheted down to sunny YELLOW.

Real Touch 9 Calla Lily Bouquet in Yellow 13

That puts most of the state, according to their own dial, officially in the “low” risk territory for Wuhan Cooties.

There are several exceptions, including the county we live in along with Salt Lake City proper.

But all of sunny southern Utah has been “allowed” to progress to “low risk” status with businesses opening back up (with restrictions, of course). Our county Health Department Czar is unwilling to hand his power reins back to the Governor so he’s keeping us in partial panic/shutdown mode (and don’t forget to wear your mask!!) through the Memorial Day holiday. Never mind that the number of new cases in Summit County has plummeted to about 1 per day and they’ve shut down all the drive-through testing sites. I guess we have to hit zero in order to  move to where the rest of the state is.

I’m not complaining though, if we’d returned to our Michigan homestead at the end of April as we normally would have we still wouldn’t be able to purchase any “non-essential” items at Meijer’s, Walmart, Costco or Sam’s. While Governor Grunhilda has caved on boating and letting her citizens travel to their second home, and has reluctantly allowed nurseries and landscapers to get back to providing their essential services, the rest of the state’s businesses remain shuttered.

I agree that lawn maintenance is essential but if that’s the case how can personal  maintenance be any less essential? The answer is that the Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals doesn’t have the clout of the Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association - which means the MABP lobby doesn’t contribute anywhere near as much to the coffers of Michigan Democrats as the MNLA does.

In order to extort accommodate all Michigan business lobbyists the Governor’s color wheel of panic is much more nuanced than Utah’s.

My biggest concern is that even when states reach the “green” level it isn’t “normal” – it’s something called NEW normal.

I want my old NORMAL back.

Friday, May 15, 2020

“Barack, You Ignorant Slut!”

I see Joe Biden bravely presented himself for a tough interview last night on Ms.NBC in which he claimed again to have no knowledge (at least none currently available to him) of General Flynn’s persecution.

“I was never a part or had any knowledge of any criminal investigation into Flynn while I was in office. Period. Not one single time.”

The only missing flourish was the pointed finger.

Remembering Bill Clinton's finger-wagging denial-lie, 20 years on ... The little woman, standing by her man who is lying to the American people about not having sexual relations with “that woman,” Monica Lewinsky.

Joey went on to blast Attorney General Barr, self-righteously proclaiming “he’s not the President’s attorney, he’s the peoples’ attorney!” and claimed that his decision to drop the bogus charges against Mr. Flynn was a “miscarriage of justice.” Those are two claims that Joey inadvertently got right for a change. How right? Allow Sidney Powell (thanks Anonymouse!) to explain in her Open Memorandum to Barack Obama.

Here is some help—if truth and precedent represent your true concern. Your statement is entirely false. However, it does explain the damage to the Rule of Law throughout your administration.

Please do read the whole thing. It’s so good that the only thing I would add is perhaps an opening salvo ala Dan Ackroyd: “Barack, you ignorant slut!”

P.S. In other news I see that the NIH has finally begun a clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to treat COVID-19. It’s almost as if they’ve been dragging their feet, or something, for the past 3 months or so. It’s almost as if they don’t want to find a cure. That might make it tougher to get another $3 trillion aid bill stuffed with climate change, marijuana and the arts funding passed under the guise of alleviating the disaster of the novel coronavirus that China unleashed on the world.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Stop Complicating My Life With Facts

Obama is a sanctimonious, arrogant, dangerous, viper.

Apparently the same may be said of just about everybody in the Obama administration, as is slowly being revealed as a result of the Michael Flynn prosecution.

Just one small sample: this January 20, 2017 CYA memo Susan Rice wrote to herself.


Which leaves us to wonder, exactly which book were they all doing things by?

As we’ve clearly stumbled down a rather large rabbit hole, possibly this?

Or maybe this,

The Koran (Al-Qur'an): Arabic-English Bilingual edition by Maulana ...

as it does advocate for Taqiyya (literally "prudence, fear"), a precautionary dissimulation or denial of facts in the face of persecution.

Or possibly this,

Rules for Radicals - Wikipedia

as it is the source document for all Democratic strategy these days.

All we know for certain is that it was definitely not this book:

These popular companies have Bible verses on their products | Fox News

Nor any of these:

1 U.S. Code § 1.

Those are the kind of books that just complicate your life.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Malice Aforethought and the Noodle Incident

Once upon a time proof was considered an important aspect of the law.

But it is no longer sufficient to simply prove prosecutorial misconduct in order to have charges dropped against you. Now you are required to convince vested Presidents and their henchmen, who were most likely complicit in the original misconduct, of such prosecutorial malfeasance before justice will be meted out. How many more boxes do people who are theoretically presumed to be innocent before being set up by the government need to check?

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the diabolical devices of government are not out to get you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Taco Tuesday: Special Victims Unit

This Taco Tuesday is dedicated to former President Barack Hussein Obama

who did everything in his considerable powers as President to replace the national dish, the hamburger (served on a white roll) with the taco.

No borders, no language, no culture but el taco!

Fearing that recent revelations will reflect badly on his administration Obama has taken to providing talking points directly to his minions rather than filtering them through the usual channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MsNBC, NYT, WaPo, LAT).

That frees these channels up to carry on with the more important news while the Obamabots take to the Twitterverse to  burn it up the with the Obama directed “Orangeman bad” meme du jour.

What were the former President’s criticisms? For one he called the current administration’s response to the pandemic “an absolute chaotic disaster.”

“And by the way, we’re seeing that internationally as well. It’s part of the reason why the response to this global crisis has been so anemic and spotty. It would have been bad even with the best of governments. It has been an absolute chaotic disaster when that mindset — of ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘to heck with everybody else’ — when that mindset is operationalized in our government.

Because, according to the MSM, there was never any chaotic disasters during the Obama years.

And then there was this:

“This election that’s coming up on every level is so important because what we’re going to be battling is not just a particular individual or a political party. What we’re fighting against is these longterm trends in which being selfish, being tribal, being divided, and seeing others as an enemy — that has become a stronger impulse in American life.”

Hmmm – selfish, tribal, divided, and seeing others as an enemy? Smells like liberalism to me.

Permanent Victim Status | THE PSYCHO LINGUIST

I’d offer you a taco by way of apology but I’ve been advise by the Special Victims Unit that would be cultural appropriation. BYU taco controversyLaw & Order - Special Victims Unit - DUN DUN - HD - Meme Source ...

Monday, May 11, 2020

“Lady Luck Can Be a Fickle Whore”

RIP Jerry Stiller, dead at 92.

View image on Twitter

But remember, long before there was a Frank Costanza,

You want a piece of me? – Seinfeld MemesFrank in Seinfield

or an Arthur Spooner

Jerry Stiller as Arthur Spooner - Sitcoms Online Photo GalleriesArthur in King of Queens

there was Stiller and Meara, a great comedic duo:

Inside Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara's Marriage - The Love Story ... Jerry with his soul mate Ann Meara, together for over 50 years

The seemingly mismatched pair — he a short, stocky Jewish guy from Brooklyn, she a tall, Irish Catholic from the Long Island suburbs — shared an immediate onstage chemistry, too. They were soon appearing on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and working nightclubs nationwide. - IT

Creator of both the Festivus holiday and the infamous relaxation technique “Serenity Now” Jerry Stiller will be missed in a world that now more than ever could benefit from a little over the top comedy. He created supporting characters that were often funnier than the rest of the TV show.

Arthur Spooner: You gotta hand it to those Japanese, though ...

RIP Jerry/Frank/Arthur. You will be missed.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day, 2020

To celebrate mothers is to celebrate life itself. Like virtually everything else in life there are exceptions but for the most part mothers are indeed exceptional in their unconditional love and devotion. Melania Trump explained them this way at a Mother’s Day gathering in 2017:

“Mother is a title that claims your heart and changes your life forever. In fact, it has been said that having a child means allowing your heart to walk around outside of your body.”

So if you’re lucky enough to still have your mom around, grab some flowers and thank the woman who let her heart walk around independent of her body.

Give her a big hug (assuming neither of you have the Wuhan cooties of course). If she’s no longer with you, honor her memory by recalling the good times you had when you were both impossibly young.

PR is useless,What else does it do apart from feed societys' need ...

For time is indeed a fleeting commodity.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there – and to everyone else who has, or ever has had, a Mom.