Saturday, November 3, 2018

Somebody Else Is Going To Have To Make That Happen

Jane Fonda - who went to North Vietnam during the Vietnam war, speaking out against the U.S. military’s policy in Vietnam on 10 radio programs, begged our pilots to cease bombing non-military targets and appeared in an infamous propaganda photo looking for all the world like she was more than willing to shoot down American planes –


kind of sort of apologized 43 years after the fact for allowing herself to be “used” by commies for propaganda purposes:

“It hurts me and it will to my grave that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers.”

Then she turns right around and…does it again.

“If you have read anything about the rise of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler you will see the parallels (with Trump).”

fonda hitler

Jane, uneducated in anything other than the performing arts, continues to regurgitate all the talking points her handlers hand her.

“One of the things we know is economics is at the root, health care, and economics. People are having to work, I don’t care about what the paper say about wages, people are having to work two and three jobs and are still below the poverty line, and most of them are women, and most of those woman are woman of color. It’s just unconscionable.” Breitbart

As an aside, multiple-job holders made up just 5% of the total employed in the U.S. as of August 2018, but then facts just get in the way of a good talking point. Just ask Barack-if-you-like-your-doctor-you-can-keep-your-doctor-Obama.

So don’t worry, everybody Jane knows in her echo chamber is “woke” and ready to “get out the vote.” And rest assured she doesn’t know one single person who will be voting Republican.


If celebrities weren’t so busy raging and resisting they might have learned something about living in a bubble after it was burst in 2016. But no, they just go on binge eating, raging and resisting.


They’re going to need a bigger bubble.

hillary bubble wrapped

Since Hillary couldn’t deliver, it looks like somebody else is going to have to make that happen.

bo tiny bubbles

Friday, November 2, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: Old Oppressive White Guys Strike Again.

Consider this your official fall fashion alert: plaid is back.

glen plaid

Specifically, Glen plaid.


I only mention this because you know how the PC (Perpetually Cis-ed off) crowd behind the #metoo movement hate that women have culturally appropriated the fashion of old white guys. I mean, could there be a more quintessentially male fabric than Saville Rowe’s Glen plaid?

                                    Blue-Glen-Plaid cary grant north by northwestGlen-Urquhart-Check james bond

Worn by every old white guy ever known, from Cary Grant in North by Northwest


to Sean Connery’s and Daniel Craig’s uber-macho James Bond.

bond glen plaid

And then along came women like Ginger Rogers and Lana Turner, appropriating the heck out of it.

ginger rogers lana turner

- to the point that menswear in general and glen plaid in particular became a women’s fashion classic.

kourken-pakchanian-models-walking-together-out-of-a-revolving-door-at-left-wearing-a-glen-plaid-wool-suit-with-chopped-jacket-and-bias-skirt-by-house-of-branell- 1972       1970’s Vogue fashion shoot  

It’s classic status was demonstrated by Stacey Dash’s and Alicia Silverstone’s characters, Dionne and Cher, in 1995’s Clueless:

clueless3Dionne and Cher talking to each other on their cell phones: classic scene in classic Glen plaid outfits

Yet somehow I expect that all you’ll hear from the fashion mavens this time around is how much Melania’s  Glen Plaid Halloween coat cost.

melania-trump-halloween($3,950, by Bottega Veneta)

And how inappropriate it is, because of it’s old oppressive white guys heritage. Doesn’t it look great?!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Long GoodBye

This BOMBSHELL marks the BEGINNING of the END, we’ve reached the TIPPING POINT! The WALLS are CLOSING IN! (and Mexico is going to pay)

And still they wonder why conservatives treat them like NPCs.


Remember, it’s not called TV programming for naught. Do not stay tuned.


   It will be held at the polling places. How subversive.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween In My Little Town

Autumn color around here has suffered greatly from a dry summer and a fall of seemingly non-stop rain. Leaves that are normally bathed in splendiferous hues turned a dry, dark, dusty green and fell to their early death unadorned. So imagine my delight yesterday when the sun broke through for a bit and illuminated this stand of sugar maples outside my gym window.

20181030_115447The gym is right around the corner from our little downtown so I took the opportunity to stroll around a bit to check out this year’s Halloween skeletor creations. You should know that our town, which was once surrounded by horse farms, is still home to the state’s last harness race track. Unfortunately it is slated to close in 2020 for “redevelopment” and that will be the end of over 100 years of exciting horse racing, And perhaps that explains this installation:


Meanwhile, down the street at the UPS store…


nobody’s asking “what can Brown do you you?”

Naturally the local video production company was on hand to record all the action,


like this pack of dogs that appear to have treed a possum.


Which the local vampoodles do not find the least bit amusing.


Meanwhile, the old bicyclists are still out there trying to save the environment,


ladies are still having their hair done,


and some of the village elders were going to the doctor to see why they’re feeling so punky.


And over at the VFW hall an old cowboy is busy trying to lasso a vulture that swooped into town. I’ve no idea what he plans to do with it in the event he’s successful.


Not that all the skeletors around town were old, there were plenty of youngsters too, taking selfies.

20181030_165026yes, that angle makes you look thin

And while not as young as they once were, these former cheerleaders were still pretty spry.


So don’t forget: it’s Halloween and you need to get your trick or treat candy NOW! In my experience the ghosts and goblins will not be very understanding if you forget.

during the day I don't believe in ghosts

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

You Say You Want A Revolution, Well...

dance on the volcano ruling classCHRISTOPHER DOMBRES: The Ruling Class

As I write there are two Scuttling Cockroach Lonely Hearts Club Armies™ making their way towards our borders, and 5200 additional armed troops on the way to defend the border. What could go wrong? And who started this insurrection? Hint: It wasn’t President Donald J. Trump.

Angelo Codevilla provides an in depth understanding of the nature and trajectory of today’s deep riff in the American fabric that he first tagged as a "cold civil war." It seems he’s upgraded it now to a “revolution.”

The American republic’s essence had been self-restraint toward fellow citizens deemed equals. The Constitution of 1787 had been its paradigm. Under its words and by its laws, Americans had enjoyed safety and predictability for themselves and their way of life. But Progressives’ subordination of the Constitution, laws, and institutions to their own purposes and for their own primacy ended all that. The rest of America’s increasing realization that only fire can fight fire has followed naturally.

This is our revolution: Because a majority of Americans now no longer share basic sympathies and trust, because they no longer regard each other as worthy of equal consideration, the public and private practices that once had made our Republic are now beyond reasonable hope of restoration. Strife can only mount until some new equilibrium among us arises.

I can’t say that it is an uplifting piece, but if you are a red pill sort, it is certainly the clearest and most in-depth analysis to date on how we got here. For example, Codevilla explains that despite the fact that three-fourths of Americans opposed the trillion dollar bailout of big banks during the 2007-8 financial crisis, our “betters” overruled the will of the people:

Previously, Americans dissatisfied with their Progressive rulers had imagined that voting for Republicans might counter them. But then, as three-fourths of Americans opposed bailing out big banks with nearly a trillion dollars, the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates joined; most Republican legislators joined all Democrats; The Wall Street Journal joined The New York Times, and National Review joined The Nation; in telling Americans that doing this was essential, and that their disapproval counted for nothing. And then, just as high-handedly, all these bipartisan rulers dropped that bailout scheme, and adopted another—just as unaccountably. They showed “government by the people, for the people” to be a fable.

This forced the recognition that there exists a remarkably uniform, bipartisan, Progressive ruling class; that it includes, most of the bureaucracies of federal and state governments, the judiciary, the educational establishment, the media, as well as major corporate officials; that it had separated itself socially, morally, and politically from the rest of society, whose commanding heights it monopolized; above all that it has contempt for the rest of America, and that ordinary Americans have no means of persuading this class of anything, because they don’t count.

As the majority of Americans have become conscious of the differences between this class and themselves they have sought ever more passionately to shake it off. That is the ground of our revolution.

This “class” is what we refer un-affectionately to as “deep state.”

In our time, the most widespread of differences between rulers and ruled is also the deepest: The ruled go to church and synagogue. The rulers are militantly irreligious and contemptuous of those who are not. Progressives since Herbert Croly’s and Woodrow Wilson’s generation have nursed a superiority complex. They distrust elections because they think that power should be in expert hands—their own. They believe that the U.S Constitution gave too much freedom to ordinary Americans and not enough power to themselves, and that America’s history is one of wrongs. The books they read pretend to argue scientifically that the rest of Americans are racist, sexist, maybe fascists, but above all stupid. For them, Americans are harmful to themselves and to the world, and have no right to self-rule. That is why our revolution started from a point more advanced in its logic than many others.

He explains quite succinctly why Donald Trump won first the primary and then the election:

Donald Trump was out of central casting—seemingly a caricature of what the ruling class said about its opponents. But the words he spoke were less significant than that he spoke with angry contempt for the ruling class.

And he likewise explains the “resistance” that seemingly sprung organically from Deep State’s loss but has subsequently been revealed to have existed, underground, well beforehand.

The “resistance” subsequent to the election surprises, in part, because only as it has unfolded have we learned of its scope prior to the election. All too simply: the U.S government’s upper echelons merged politically with the campaign of the Democratic Party’s establishment wing, and with the media. They aimed to secure the establishment candidates’ victory and then to nullify the lost election’s results by resisting the winners’ exercise of legitimate powers, treating them as if they were illegitimate. The measure of the resistance’s proximate success or failure would come in the 2018 elections.

There is much, much more, including a lengthy discussion of the Kavanaugh circus; well worth the read. And as you read, remind yourself from time to time that this is precisely why we have the 2nd Amendment.

2nd amendment

Monday, October 29, 2018

Uppity Latinos: Democrat Version

In 2016, an astounding 29 percent of Latinos voted for Trump.

And now, two years into his presidency, polls show that his support among Latinos is somewhere between 33 and 41 percent. That’s insanely good for a president who is so bad on issues that Latinos supposedly care about.

Wait, what?!?

As a Never Trumper, I didn’t get it. So, I interviewed some Latinos for Trump and I got an earful. Many of them saw themselves not as Latinos but as Americans

marco guiterrez latinos for trumpMarco Gutierrez, founder of Latinos for Trump: who does he think he is?

Imagine that, those uppity Latinos ungratefully refusing to accept their assigned role as member of an aggrieved victim group. How dare they?

and so they weren’t hung up on Trump’s anti-Latino screeds. They didn’t like or trust Clinton, appreciated Trump’s frankness, wanted a strong leader, and thought he was right about a lot of issues, including trade and immigration.

Yes, immigration. What most non-Latinos don’t grasp is that Latinos are ambivalent about illegal immigration. They have a front-row seat not just to the pain of deportations, but also to how many immigrants commit crimes or abuse social services.

Read the whole thing: Latinos are waking up to the duplicity of the Democrats.

I’m doing some retirement counseling half way across state today and don’t have time for additional analysis so I leave that to you. 


Sunday, October 28, 2018

From Nuts to Soup

But of course - President Trump is responsible for the Synagogue Shooter, because he moved the embassy to Jerusalem.

synogogue shooting trumps fault

On the other hand, Barrack Hussein Obama is held harmless in the deaths caused by illegal aliens in America due to Democrats’ sanctuary city policies, as well as in the deaths of dozens of police officers due to his comments about “cops acting stupidly” and support of #BlackLivesMatter.

I need a timeout, which is why I’m going to make some sort of soup today  - I have squash, sweet potatoes and carrots on hand so I’m thinking orange, suggestions welcome. I’m also going to make one of these Alsatian vineyard harvest staples, Flammkuchen, with the package of puff pastry that’s been malingering in my freezer for awhile now. Puff pastry, bacon, cream, caramelized onions – any objections? Hearing none, I shall continue with my politic-free Sunday plans.

Alsatian Bacon Tart

Recipe here. I plan to use cream cheese instead of ricotta because that’s what I’ve got. I think you could also use fromage blanc, boursin or even whole fat Greek yogurt.

Like all regional specialties there are hundreds of variations on this tart recipe. In past seasons I’ve made it with pancetta instead of bacon, pizza dough instead of tart pastry or puff pastry and topped it with feta cheese. And there’s also a heartier, more quiche-like style that I’ve made that is delicious as well.

onion tart

The Germans make zwiebelkuchen, a very similar dish, that I used to make for my FIL occasionally.


Of course Alsatian fare is a bit of a mashup as the province has changed hands so often between France and Germany. Both the French and Germans claim both onion tart/pie and choucroute garnie as their own.

I originally found the recipe for the zwiebelkuchen in a very old Gourmet that I seem to have misplaced but it is similar to this, subbing sour cream for the crème fraiche. Think of “onion pie” as a concept more than a recipe and it will be a wonderous thing. It’s quite good served with a young, dry Riesling or cider.

And if you don’t feel like making soup to go with, just pick up some charcuterie and consider it a feast.