Friday, November 2, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: Old Oppressive White Guys Strike Again.

Consider this your official fall fashion alert: plaid is back.

glen plaid

Specifically, Glen plaid.


I only mention this because you know how the PC (Perpetually Cis-ed off) crowd behind the #metoo movement hate that women have culturally appropriated the fashion of old white guys. I mean, could there be a more quintessentially male fabric than Saville Rowe’s Glen plaid?

                                    Blue-Glen-Plaid cary grant north by northwestGlen-Urquhart-Check james bond

Worn by every old white guy ever known, from Cary Grant in North by Northwest


to Sean Connery’s and Daniel Craig’s uber-macho James Bond.

bond glen plaid

And then along came women like Ginger Rogers and Lana Turner, appropriating the heck out of it.

ginger rogers lana turner

- to the point that menswear in general and glen plaid in particular became a women’s fashion classic.

kourken-pakchanian-models-walking-together-out-of-a-revolving-door-at-left-wearing-a-glen-plaid-wool-suit-with-chopped-jacket-and-bias-skirt-by-house-of-branell- 1972       1970’s Vogue fashion shoot  

It’s classic status was demonstrated by Stacey Dash’s and Alicia Silverstone’s characters, Dionne and Cher, in 1995’s Clueless:

clueless3Dionne and Cher talking to each other on their cell phones: classic scene in classic Glen plaid outfits

Yet somehow I expect that all you’ll hear from the fashion mavens this time around is how much Melania’s  Glen Plaid Halloween coat cost.

melania-trump-halloween($3,950, by Bottega Veneta)

And how inappropriate it is, because of it’s old oppressive white guys heritage. Doesn’t it look great?!