Sunday, October 28, 2018

From Nuts to Soup

But of course - President Trump is responsible for the Synagogue Shooter, because he moved the embassy to Jerusalem.

synogogue shooting trumps fault

On the other hand, Barrack Hussein Obama is held harmless in the deaths caused by illegal aliens in America due to Democrats’ sanctuary city policies, as well as in the deaths of dozens of police officers due to his comments about “cops acting stupidly” and support of #BlackLivesMatter.

I need a timeout, which is why I’m going to make some sort of soup today  - I have squash, sweet potatoes and carrots on hand so I’m thinking orange, suggestions welcome. I’m also going to make one of these Alsatian vineyard harvest staples, Flammkuchen, with the package of puff pastry that’s been malingering in my freezer for awhile now. Puff pastry, bacon, cream, caramelized onions – any objections? Hearing none, I shall continue with my politic-free Sunday plans.

Alsatian Bacon Tart

Recipe here. I plan to use cream cheese instead of ricotta because that’s what I’ve got. I think you could also use fromage blanc, boursin or even whole fat Greek yogurt.

Like all regional specialties there are hundreds of variations on this tart recipe. In past seasons I’ve made it with pancetta instead of bacon, pizza dough instead of tart pastry or puff pastry and topped it with feta cheese. And there’s also a heartier, more quiche-like style that I’ve made that is delicious as well.

onion tart

The Germans make zwiebelkuchen, a very similar dish, that I used to make for my FIL occasionally.


Of course Alsatian fare is a bit of a mashup as the province has changed hands so often between France and Germany. Both the French and Germans claim both onion tart/pie and choucroute garnie as their own.

I originally found the recipe for the zwiebelkuchen in a very old Gourmet that I seem to have misplaced but it is similar to this, subbing sour cream for the crème fraiche. Think of “onion pie” as a concept more than a recipe and it will be a wonderous thing. It’s quite good served with a young, dry Riesling or cider.

And if you don’t feel like making soup to go with, just pick up some charcuterie and consider it a feast.