Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween In My Little Town

Autumn color around here has suffered greatly from a dry summer and a fall of seemingly non-stop rain. Leaves that are normally bathed in splendiferous hues turned a dry, dark, dusty green and fell to their early death unadorned. So imagine my delight yesterday when the sun broke through for a bit and illuminated this stand of sugar maples outside my gym window.

20181030_115447The gym is right around the corner from our little downtown so I took the opportunity to stroll around a bit to check out this year’s Halloween skeletor creations. You should know that our town, which was once surrounded by horse farms, is still home to the state’s last harness race track. Unfortunately it is slated to close in 2020 for “redevelopment” and that will be the end of over 100 years of exciting horse racing, And perhaps that explains this installation:


Meanwhile, down the street at the UPS store…


nobody’s asking “what can Brown do you you?”

Naturally the local video production company was on hand to record all the action,


like this pack of dogs that appear to have treed a possum.


Which the local vampoodles do not find the least bit amusing.


Meanwhile, the old bicyclists are still out there trying to save the environment,


ladies are still having their hair done,


and some of the village elders were going to the doctor to see why they’re feeling so punky.


And over at the VFW hall an old cowboy is busy trying to lasso a vulture that swooped into town. I’ve no idea what he plans to do with it in the event he’s successful.


Not that all the skeletors around town were old, there were plenty of youngsters too, taking selfies.

20181030_165026yes, that angle makes you look thin

And while not as young as they once were, these former cheerleaders were still pretty spry.


So don’t forget: it’s Halloween and you need to get your trick or treat candy NOW! In my experience the ghosts and goblins will not be very understanding if you forget.

during the day I don't believe in ghosts