Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Only Thing We Have To Fear…

Busy week in Washington:

Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Secretary of Education – Oh no! Teachers unions will be hit hardest! 

An illegal alien felon was deported to Mexico amidst a huge amount of MSM fanfare; OMG, just like Trump promised!

President Trump criticized Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka’s brand. At least he didn’t accuse them of “acting stupidly.”

Jeff Sessions was confirmed  as Attorney General: The Washington Post wants you to know the 4 biggest things you should worry about as a result:

1) Sessions’s loyalty to Trump. [ed.So, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were…disloyal to Obama?]

2) The possibility of more voter suppression efforts and weakened civil rights protections. [ed. and that will be a problem because Sessions is loyal to Trump? That would never happen with Obama/Holder.]


3) Crackdowns on Muslims, undocumented immigrants and even critics.[ed. Again, Obama would never do that sort of thing.]

muslims tea partylois-lerner-irs_thumb

4) Sessions’s worldview. [ed. that one should have you quacking in your boots. It’s totally unlike Obama’s]

new world order

Relax liberals, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself.


Of course without fear, identity politics begin to breakdown so I see why it’s such an issue.

identity politics


Frankly I worry more about the stupidity of the American people who voted for Hillary. Right, Mr. Gruber?

Other Health Care Mandates

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Friday, February 10, 2017


It was open mike night at the Ninth Circuit:
open ninth

And it was the battle of the bands.

Judicial Branch:

kangaroo“It’s my ball and you can’t play with it!”

Executive Branch:

trump fight“C U in court, suckahs!”

Judicial Branch:

886836-001“Let the games begin!”

Executive Branch:


Bring it. I never get tired of winning.”


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Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Future, But For Trump

Back in 2008 Maxine-Guess-What-This-Liberal-Would-Be-All-About-Waters arrogantly reveals what this liberal would be all about, if she knew enough to know what she was all about:

Here is Maxine, 9 years hence, waxing eloquently about impeaching Trump because he’s crazy and makes outrageous statements. And because he’s a fan of Putin who hacked our election, dropped bombs on children somewhere and invaded Korea…or something.

It’s apparent she hasn’t grown a whit smarter during her time in Congress although we can assume she’s grown much richer. Yet she is dutifully reelected by her Los Angeles constituents every 2 years, as she has been since 1990.

No wonder the Left thinks Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world.

maxine hillary2

Oh, and by the way, Hillary wants you to know that “the future is female.” 

womens march d.c. lady parts

Or maybe the future is “lady parts” which is the same thing to these two broads.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Snowflakes: Vexed Too Much, Or Not Enough?

Wow, just WOW.

Remember when Free Speech was uniquely American? When we were the only country with a First Amendment right to speak our minds freely? When all comers were given quarter whether we approved of their ideology or not? Even Nazis - the real kind, not the made-up post-modern Nazis created by sitcom writers and other linguistically challenged liberal activists who don’t know their Left-wing National Socialists from their Left-wing Fascists.

soup nazi3

But now “it is important to distinguish intellectual diversity from hate speech on college campuses” because the really big brains at Harvard and other elite colleges in the formerly Land of the Free and Home of the Brave have adopted Europe’s “No Platform” policy in order to contain dangerous ideas on campus. All this to accommodate the “badass believers in human rights” concept of “equity, empathy, goodness and love”  - in other words, snowflakes:

bad ass believer of human rightsH/T Francinepink, who really must spend less time on Facebook

Generation Snowflake seems to live in fear of actual free speech, requiring safe spaces from microaggressions, trigger warnings for potentially upsetting concepts and words, and strident “no platforming” of anyone they disagree with. Many have proffered theories as to why this cohort is so fragile and committed to being epically offended on behalf of both themselves and others. None has done it better than Claire Fox in “I Find That Offensive” in which she cites several root causes for their constant vexation. The first is an education/culture that fills their skulls with the dogma of ethical relativism, a theory that holds complicated issues like “multiculturalism” must not only be tolerated but embraced as superior to “white privilege.” Interesting how  liberalism is “nuanced” about everything except where nuance might prove useful.

The second reason Fox cites is the rise of narcissistic identity politics which raises “victimhood” to the level of sainthood. In this miasma if you’re not oppressed enough (i.e. born into white privilege) you need to adopt the victimhood of others and bear it as your own.

rachel dolezalRachel (Racial?) Dolezal: Poster Child for “Victimhood is the New Privilege” Movement

The third factor contributing to Generation Snowflake’s epic melt down is none other than good intentions: specifically therapeutic educational interventions such as the self-esteem movement and anti-bullying campaigns. It’s hard to know how to deal with disagreement, adversity and defeat constructively when you’ve never been exposed to any of them.


Hence we find ourselves in battle with people who honestly believe their ‘nuanced’ superior viewpoints should take precedence overall others, and that viewpoints contrary to their own present a source of serious harm to victims everywhere and therefore need to be outlawed. Hearty congratulations to the Department of Education and the NEA! You’ve created a generation (or two) of solipsists who actually think they are empathetic - having confused that nuanced concept with sympathy. But as they say, close enough for government work.

Today’s Post Dedicated to Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education: DRAIN THE SWAMP! And Godspeed Betsy.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Educational Hegemony Believes Capitalism is the Problem

Today’s post will be quite short because a) we arrived back at our Park City bunker very late late last night: 12:30 AM local time, 2:30 AM from whence we came, and 2) when we got here the house was 43 degrees as the furnace had quit working at some point in the last 10 days. So I’m cold, I’m tired, and I’m extremely cranky; you really don’t want to interact with me right now.

Instead I ask you to contemplate how badly the country needs somebody like Betsy DeVos in charge of public education when you consider the ramifications of a story like this: Student government rejects pro-capitalism club, says it’s ‘against humanity’ to allow it.

Santa Clara University’s student government recently voted to deny a pro-capitalism campus club official recognition, citing the possibility that the group may invite conservative speakers, and that allowing it would be a stand against “humanity.”


Additionally, they objected to the group’s reference to “American exceptionalism” in their presentation. So in addition to free speech, diversity of ideas and capitalism the student government is also opposed to MAGA; I’m guessing they are among the ill-educated that wonder when America was ever great. I would consider that a fairly complete failure of education.

And given that Santa Clara University is a private (Jesuit) college it appears that this is not simply a public education problem. When both publically and privately “educated” people think capitalism is the problem they are but a baby step away from determining that communism is the solution:


Such is the simplicity of life under an educational/cultural hegemony. I say let’s try a better education system before assuming it’s the economic system that’s causing all the problems in the world.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Brady and the Patriot’s Win: Let The Memes Begin


brady bunch3The Brady Bunch – Haters! Losers!

The #NeverBrady cabal was supposed to ensure that the hated Patriots lost yesterday’s battle. Gaia was supposed to be appeased by Brady’s complete and utter defeat, and the earth would once again begin to heal itself.

And it looked really good for Team #NeverBrady for awhile: after all, no team in Super Bowl history has ever come back after being down more than 10 points to win! Until they did.

The Super Bowl has NEVER gone into overtime! Until it did.

And nobody has EVER won 5 Super Bowl rings! Until somebody did:


If I may repeat yesterday’s opening Lombardi quote:


And so, against all odds, the Patriots won. How can that be? The fix was in! The #NeverBrady cabal immediately sprung into action: they declared that since Atlanta had accumulated more yards rushing they had actually won the game. They demanded that officials review all of the game tapes, looking for any uncalled penalties against the Patriots. They circulated internet rumors of Russian hackers on the sidelines, moving the yard line markers. They called Brady and Belichick and Kraft “haters.” And I hear that the FBI director called for a reopening of the Deflategate investigation.



But in the end it was all to no avail: like Trump, Brady and the Patriots won fair and square. And they did it the old fashioned way: they earned it.

churchill never

And no, I’m not tired of winning yet.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Football Game Is Just a Football Game: A Family Is Forever



I know many of you will be boycotting the Big Game today, which is certainly understandable given the NFL’s temporary devolution into political correctness.


We, however, will be gathering with Raj’s clan to watch the Super Bowl as has been the family tradition for 51 years.

Since 1967 all of the 9 siblings who were either in town or within driving distance have gathered at Casa Raj to watch the Super Bowl, cheer for their favorite team, diss the refs and otherwise carry on like typical football fans.


Mom would make a pot of chili and a pot of her famous goulash and the house would be packed to the rafters with revelers. It was like Christmas Eve all over again. In the early years sibs and various friends/aunts/uncles/cousins gathered to eat drink and make merry. Then the crowd expanded to include assorted boyfriends/girlfriends who may or may not end up as spouses as the years clicked on. Then came the grandchildren, and in the blink of an eye the grandchildren began bringing various boyfriends/girlfriends who may or may not become spouses themselves somewhere down the line.

Mom has been gone 7 years now and Dad…so recently departed we still half expect to see him in his chair in front of his REALLY big screen TV when we round the corner. But we will gather today anyway, partially out of habit, partially in solidarity in our loss, partially because nobody wishes to end the tradition. But mostly it’s in tribute to Raj’s Mom and Dad.

knute rockne

In a world increasingly known for temporary hookups, serial friendships and caustic ideological divides they somehow managed to create an extended family anchored now by 9 siblings of vastly different personalities, beliefs and temperaments. That this family, against all odds, still manages to set aside their grievances several times a year – in both good times and bad -  to reconnect and celebrate life despite its burdens and challenges is a tremendous homage to their parents.

And that is why I won’t be boycotting the Super Bowl today. Sometimes a football game is just a football game, but a family is most definitely always a family.

success family lombardi-quotes_12060-1

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