Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Future, But For Trump

Back in 2008 Maxine-Guess-What-This-Liberal-Would-Be-All-About-Waters arrogantly reveals what this liberal would be all about, if she knew enough to know what she was all about:

Here is Maxine, 9 years hence, waxing eloquently about impeaching Trump because he’s crazy and makes outrageous statements. And because he’s a fan of Putin who hacked our election, dropped bombs on children somewhere and invaded Korea…or something.

It’s apparent she hasn’t grown a whit smarter during her time in Congress although we can assume she’s grown much richer. Yet she is dutifully reelected by her Los Angeles constituents every 2 years, as she has been since 1990.

No wonder the Left thinks Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world.

maxine hillary2

Oh, and by the way, Hillary wants you to know that “the future is female.” 

womens march d.c. lady parts

Or maybe the future is “lady parts” which is the same thing to these two broads.

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