Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Educational Hegemony Believes Capitalism is the Problem

Today’s post will be quite short because a) we arrived back at our Park City bunker very late late last night: 12:30 AM local time, 2:30 AM from whence we came, and 2) when we got here the house was 43 degrees as the furnace had quit working at some point in the last 10 days. So I’m cold, I’m tired, and I’m extremely cranky; you really don’t want to interact with me right now.

Instead I ask you to contemplate how badly the country needs somebody like Betsy DeVos in charge of public education when you consider the ramifications of a story like this: Student government rejects pro-capitalism club, says it’s ‘against humanity’ to allow it.

Santa Clara University’s student government recently voted to deny a pro-capitalism campus club official recognition, citing the possibility that the group may invite conservative speakers, and that allowing it would be a stand against “humanity.”


Additionally, they objected to the group’s reference to “American exceptionalism” in their presentation. So in addition to free speech, diversity of ideas and capitalism the student government is also opposed to MAGA; I’m guessing they are among the ill-educated that wonder when America was ever great. I would consider that a fairly complete failure of education.

And given that Santa Clara University is a private (Jesuit) college it appears that this is not simply a public education problem. When both publically and privately “educated” people think capitalism is the problem they are but a baby step away from determining that communism is the solution:


Such is the simplicity of life under an educational/cultural hegemony. I say let’s try a better education system before assuming it’s the economic system that’s causing all the problems in the world.

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