Thursday, May 5, 2022

MOTUS Deployment Update

DATELINE Michigan - Little Mo Reporting:

MOTUS, Raj, Dewey From Detroit and Little Mo arrived at the Great Lakes bunker at 2730 hours yesterday. That is all.

motus bunker

Sunday, May 1, 2022

A MOTUS Health Update

sunrise room with computer

Hello my lovelies. I presume as Raj has been manning the blog for a month now  you have all surmised I an in the middle of a health crisis. Before I begin allow we to explain that Raj is assisting with this post as my eyes/coordination/stamina are still rather seriously compromised.  My eyes remain quite wonky, screen time is difficult and I cannot walk without assistance although things seem to be growing incrementally better on those fronts.

Here’s the long and short of it: I do not have Long Covid, I have 2 brain tumors metastasized - which a biopsy and endoscopy confirmed – from esophageal cancer. Round one treatment involved addressing the immediate problem of the brain tumors with Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS), a focused radiation to zap the brain tumors and gradually get rid of them so I can walk and see again. That should start happening slowly over the next few weeks and continue for 2-4 months. Our plan is to head back to Michigan tomorrow. I will  consult with a University of Michigan oncologist for the prime esophageal cancer to determine future treatment, which the oncologists here believe will involve radiation and chemo followed by surgery. It will no doubt be a long summer of treatment.

Raj has done yeoman's duty posting, taking care of me, taking care of all the household responsibilities and basically wearing himself to a frazzle. We both have a long haul ahead of us. So I’m sure you will all understand that as we depart for the Great Lakes bunker, I will have to put the blog on hiatus. We will try to post a monthly update as my treatment/progress continues. It’s the best I can promise for now. The blog will still be here for you to congregate and continue to solve the worlds problems.

There are no words to thank you all for your support, prayers, good wishes and watchful care. All I can say is thank you, and acknowledge it is now out of my hands as I pray for strength and fortitude to make it through this. I know the road will be long, there will be clouds, but also sun on the other side.



So do your best to stay well my dear friends, I hope to be back with you all around harvest time.

Just a short note for the record: My strange fleeting brain issues began around the time Raj had his first knee replacement, November 2020; months before either of us had a vaxx. I won’t say it  may not have accelerated the process but honestly, I would prefer to deal with all this at 73 than 78 or 83.