Saturday, July 15, 2017

Making America Great Again, One Telling Glance At A Time

ooh lala

I know that look:

brigitte-macron-melania-trump-brussels magritte museum

I’ve seen it somewhere before:

loren-mansfield2No, not at the local Bucca di Peppo.

Oh wait! Now I remember:  


Making America Great Again, one knowing glance at a time.

ooh la la hat

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Yes, It’s FLOTUS Friday Again Already

Although Michelle O was always hyped said to be the most fashionable FLOTUS since Jackie O, some of us have always had our doubts.

MO and Jackie O

But the media still hasn’t given up on their Black Jackie, as this headline from earlier this week attests: Michelle Obama Sports a Fashion-Forward Look to Present at the ESPY Awards. Still pushing that “fashion forward” meme, I think you all saw how far forward yesterday:

071217-espys-michelle-obama-wide stanceAnd that, my friends, is what’s know as a “wide stance”

But back to our newest FLOTUS - a lot of people are beginning to think that perhaps she may actually be the most fashionable first lady since Jackie.



Jackie never wore much jewelry and neither does Melania, but when they did they made sure they were doing the wearing, not the other way around.

jackie melania michelle

And the same goes for sunglasses. Jackie of course literally invented Jackie O sunglasses:

jackie O sunglasses casual

And like Jackie our newest FLOTUS seems to appreciate the modicum of privacy they provide in a casual moment.


Ditto our last FLOTUS.


So file that last shot away somewhere in the very, very back of your mind. Try instead to focus on the thought that it’s nice to have a FLOTUS who knows how to wear jewelry, sunglasses, and does not require remedial training on how to properly deplane.


And yes, the shoes are lovely: red suede stilettos. I know many of you are yuge fans but all I can say is better her than me.


And while I’m sure there’s more important news out there today, Melania’s lovely ensemble reminds me that homegrown tomatoes are just starting to come on in these climes. That means summer is officially in high gear and as such I’m free to ignore the news, and so are you. So I’m going shopping for some great bread and tons of bacon to go with the lovely orbs I picked up at the farmers market yesterday. I’m going to be busy Making America Great Again – one BLT at a time.


Perhaps tomorrow I’ll discuss Brigitte Macron. Poor little thing.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Roll Over Beethoven, Tell Tchaikovsky The News

Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Although this article was written last March (via Instapundit) it remains evergreen and probably will for the remainder of the Age of Trump:  The Basic Formula For Every Shocking Russia/Trump Revelation. It starts with :

  1. The New York Times or Washington Post releases an article that at first blush appears extremely damning.
  2. Anti-Trump pundits and Democrats react reflexively to the news, express shrieking outrage, and proclaim that this finally proves untoward collusion between Trump and Russia — a smoking gun, at last.
  3. Aggrieved former Clinton apparatchiks *connect the dots* in a manner eerily reminiscent of right-wing Glenn Beck-esque prognostication circa 2009.

That’s followed by 10 additional steps before the inevitable:

      13: Repeat.

Meanwhile the media will do it’s level best to act as if they are impartial while ignoring all of what they consider “irrelevent” information. 

Charlie Martin submits 5 questions related to the latest Trump Kerfuffle ending with:

Question Five. What the hell is is wrong with these people?

I’m going with too much rock and roll music, not enough tinfoil.

Guitar Man for the web site1 - Copy

Roll Over Beethoven, sure, the Beatles made it famous but Chuck Berry wrote it and did it better.

You know she wiggles like a glow worm
Dance like a spinning top
She's got a crazy partner
Oughta see ‘em reel an rock
Long as she's got a dime
The music will never stop

Roll over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven
Dig to these rhythm and blues

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Some Advice for Donald J. Trump Jr. From Hillary Rodham Clinton

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out his email chain yesterday about meeting with a Russian who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. I think it’s known as “opposition research” in Democrat circles but is elevated to “collusion” if it applies to their, uh, opposition.

jake tapper

“This is evidence of willingness to commit collusion.”Jake Tapper

And that’s evidence of a thought crime right there.

But the real crime was scooping the NYT reporter who’s been dogging this story for a year:

i worked on stor

Poor Jared, he’s been forced to transform his story from “hacking” to “colluding” to “tweeting about ‘willingness’” - what a bummer. Oh well, at least Jared’s working on a book about it all:

How close were you to publishing before Trump Jr. tweeted the emails?

I was a ways off. This was a thing that felt like it was going to go on for the rest of the time Donald Trump was in office. I have a book coming out that touches on the beginnings of it, though. - CJR

 Here’s a story that he really ought to include in his book about The Great Russian Collusion of 2016-17, A Russia Collusion Story Worth Pursuing:

If you connect the dots, it is clear that Russia is funding U.S. environmental groups in an effort to suppress our domestic oil and gas industry, specifically hydraulic fracking. They have established an elaborate scheme that funnels money through shell companies in Bermuda. This scheme may violate federal law and certainly distorts the U.S. energy market.

Although connecting actual dots is not something that investigative “reporters” do any more. They’re too busy advancing the narrative:

St-Basil-s-Cathedral-russia-33388434-1680-1050Russia, Russia, Russia!

And for future reference, Hillary has some advice for Donald Trump Jr: Use BleachBit: it’s as if it never even happened.

hillary bleach bit

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Case of the Nationalist Dog Whistle

dog whistle 2

Sometimes the “tale” does wag the dog.

I guess the  “Donald J. Trump Jr. met with Russians!” story isn’t strong enough to propel journOlists  through the end of the week in their looking glass world. Hence we continue to see an onslaught of articles critical of President Donald J. Trump’s “nationalist” (read “white-nationalist”) speech in Warsaw. I leave Mark Steyn to comment:

Apologies to all my readers: Last week I carelessly wrote about President Trump's Warsaw speech as if the words therein corresponded to the definitions ascribed to them by Oxford, Webster's or any other English dictionary. My mistake. Apparently the plain meaning of the words is entirely irrelevant. Because the words aren't words per se, they're "dog whistles":

Trump's white-nationalist dog whistles in Warsaw

As James Taranto noted during a previous dog-whistling frenzy:

"The thing we adore about these dog-whistle kerfuffles is that the people who react to the whistle always assume it's intended for somebody else," he wrote. "The whole point of the metaphor is that if you can hear the whistle, you're the dog."

Indeed dog whistles are all they hear. If Trump is, as has been said, the all-time great Twitter troll, in Warsaw he was trolling for western civilization, and an entire army of mangy pooches began yowling and - to mix canine metaphors - set off like greyhounds in pursuit of a mechanical hare. Even if the speech had not been worth it on its own merits, it would still have performed a useful service in demonstrating that the western left now utterly despises western civilization. As I noted on Friday, this is the most pathetic humbug:

Ours is the civilization that built the modern world - as even the west's cultural relativists implicitly accept, if only because they have no desire to emigrate and try to make a living as a cultural relativist in Yemen or Niger.

  1. This time the dog whistle is apparently a symphony.  As they say, read the whole thing.

trump tweet polandIf you don’t hear a dog whistle when you read this, you might not be the dog.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

“Why Do You Keep Calling It Fake News!!?

“An eclectic and international mix of demonstrators peacefully flooded the streets of Hamburg…”

Cnn eclectic mix in hamburg

Indeed. If by “eclectic” you mean a bunch of anti-capitalist socialist dilettantes…


and by “international” you mean a pandemic of one world order enthusiasts…

one world order

and by “demonstrators” you mean new age “anarchists” with iPhones…


and by “peacefully” you mean not peacefully…


and by “flooded” you mean torched…


Fake News.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pyjama Garçon Français at G20

With everybody (including CNN) focusing on the popular fake news story about Russia hacking the 2016 American election they seemed to miss the Big Story at 2017’s G20: Pyjama Garçon Français wearing his big boy pants for the first time.

Everyone knows that Emmanuel Macron picked out his mother while he was still in high school. (For anyone who does not know, they met while Brigitte was a drama teacher at Emmanuel’s high school and married when he “graduated.” He is 39, she is 64.)

And now after all these years of being a bâtard it appears he’s finally picked a Daddy too: Donald J. Trump!

Who’s Your Daddy?

Heart warming, isn’t it? Little Emanuel is really coming into his own, I think he even decided to adopt a brother - another world leader bâtard reportedly fathered by another famous man -

trudeau fidel2trudeau castro

to complete his “family.”  No wonder Justin Castro was made to sit alone at supper

trudeau sits alone

while everyone else appeared to be having a good time.

putinNothing lost in translation here

brigitte xiChinese President Xi Jinping tells Mom “Wǒ wèn kuàizi” (I requested chop stix)

mauricio macri angelaAngela asks Argentinian President Marci to explain how the ratlines from Germany to South America operate, just in case…

So despite anything you saw in the “media” - now focusing on how inappropriate it was to have a female entrepreneur sit in on a World Bank meeting focusing on female entrepreneurism - I think you can rest assured that the President’s trip was a yuge success .

trumpsOh yeah baby!

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