Friday, July 14, 2017

Yes, It’s FLOTUS Friday Again Already

Although Michelle O was always hyped said to be the most fashionable FLOTUS since Jackie O, some of us have always had our doubts.

MO and Jackie O

But the media still hasn’t given up on their Black Jackie, as this headline from earlier this week attests: Michelle Obama Sports a Fashion-Forward Look to Present at the ESPY Awards. Still pushing that “fashion forward” meme, I think you all saw how far forward yesterday:

071217-espys-michelle-obama-wide stanceAnd that, my friends, is what’s know as a “wide stance”

But back to our newest FLOTUS - a lot of people are beginning to think that perhaps she may actually be the most fashionable first lady since Jackie.



Jackie never wore much jewelry and neither does Melania, but when they did they made sure they were doing the wearing, not the other way around.

jackie melania michelle

And the same goes for sunglasses. Jackie of course literally invented Jackie O sunglasses:

jackie O sunglasses casual

And like Jackie our newest FLOTUS seems to appreciate the modicum of privacy they provide in a casual moment.


Ditto our last FLOTUS.


So file that last shot away somewhere in the very, very back of your mind. Try instead to focus on the thought that it’s nice to have a FLOTUS who knows how to wear jewelry, sunglasses, and does not require remedial training on how to properly deplane.


And yes, the shoes are lovely: red suede stilettos. I know many of you are yuge fans but all I can say is better her than me.


And while I’m sure there’s more important news out there today, Melania’s lovely ensemble reminds me that homegrown tomatoes are just starting to come on in these climes. That means summer is officially in high gear and as such I’m free to ignore the news, and so are you. So I’m going shopping for some great bread and tons of bacon to go with the lovely orbs I picked up at the farmers market yesterday. I’m going to be busy Making America Great Again – one BLT at a time.


Perhaps tomorrow I’ll discuss Brigitte Macron. Poor little thing.

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