Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pyjama Garçon Français at G20

With everybody (including CNN) focusing on the popular fake news story about Russia hacking the 2016 American election they seemed to miss the Big Story at 2017’s G20: Pyjama Garçon Français wearing his big boy pants for the first time.

Everyone knows that Emmanuel Macron picked out his mother while he was still in high school. (For anyone who does not know, they met while Brigitte was a drama teacher at Emmanuel’s high school and married when he “graduated.” He is 39, she is 64.)

And now after all these years of being a bâtard it appears he’s finally picked a Daddy too: Donald J. Trump!

Who’s Your Daddy?

Heart warming, isn’t it? Little Emanuel is really coming into his own, I think he even decided to adopt a brother - another world leader bâtard reportedly fathered by another famous man -

trudeau fidel2trudeau castro

to complete his “family.”  No wonder Justin Castro was made to sit alone at supper

trudeau sits alone

while everyone else appeared to be having a good time.

putinNothing lost in translation here

brigitte xiChinese President Xi Jinping tells Mom “Wǒ wèn kuàizi” (I requested chop stix)

mauricio macri angelaAngela asks Argentinian President Marci to explain how the ratlines from Germany to South America operate, just in case…

So despite anything you saw in the “media” - now focusing on how inappropriate it was to have a female entrepreneur sit in on a World Bank meeting focusing on female entrepreneurism - I think you can rest assured that the President’s trip was a yuge success .

trumpsOh yeah baby!

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