Saturday, December 1, 2018

The End. Godspeed, Sir


George Herbert Walker Bush always referred to his wife  Barbara as “the Enforcer.” So it comes as no surprise that, at her insistence,  God called him home – she was determined that under no circumstances was George to spend his 94th Christmas without her.

So RIP George Herbert Walker Bush, airman, war hero, patriot, family man, oilman, public servant, statesman and spook. And once, very very young…

h01.jpgBarbara and George met at a Christmas dance when she was 16 and he, a naval aviator in training, was just 17. Thus began a 76 year love affair that lasted till Barbara’s death at 92 last April.

So while you can be six for a very long time indeed, you can’t be six forever.


“And when all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone, the things that matter are faith, family, and friends. We have been inordinately blessed, and we know that.” – George Herbert Walker Bush

Godspeed, sir.

Friday, November 30, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: Great Ladies in Red Edition

For a month with one fewer day than most, November has seemed interminable - what with the relentlessly gray skies, seemingly unending recounts, endless surge of migrants and incessant yammering of the Media NPC about all of the above. And now comes the big reveal of next month’s theme: Russia Russia Russia!

trump take down letter from russia source

It’s a repeat, perfect for the holiday season. So we shall ignore it and focus instead on the magnificent Christmas decorations at the White House. And make no mistake, this year’s Christmas display is decidedly Christmas:


All of the decorations are simply stunning:

Screen Capture #344Screen Capture #349

Of course the NPC focused only on the passageway with red trees. Because for some reason when we do not have a Marxist in the White House these now signify Russia Russia Russia!


And racism and misogyny. Because the NPC say so.

I would just like to point out that in addition to being one of the two primary colors of Christmas, red is a very fine and natural color. Especially for trees:      red wood

red fall

As well as other stately creatures both great…

lady in red

and sheep

And I’d like to recommend the perfect red topper for them all:


Have a great TGIF.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

“I Find Your Lack of Ammo Disturbing”

Don’t get me wrong: a hard hockey puck traveling at 90 mph is a dangerous projectile.

mominjuredbypuck_1523920070061_40007611_ver1.0_640_360Just ask Tampa Lightening fan, Sabrina Pattie

Of course you need a skilled athlete on an ice rink with a regulation hockey stick in order to get off that kind of slapshot. But even stipulating to that, the new Oakland University backup plan for thwarting active shooters on campus by arming faculty and students with defensive hockey pucks seems less than optimal. University officials say the pucks are intended as a “last resort” response and would be “better than nothing.” I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to lose what little confidence I had in the plan. Especially after reading that its genesis was an off-the-cuff comment by the university police chief during an active-shooter training session last February.

But let’s examine the scheme: to reiterate, a hard rubber hockey puck is designed to be hit with a hockey stick on a frictionless ice surface by a trained athlete.

hockey shot

Hurling it by arm through the air won’t achieve anywhere near the same velocity especially if thrown by people whose last softball pitch was somewhere between 25 years ago and never – as is the case with music professors and choomers.


And unless you’re a physics professor, it might be a little hard to even calculate where your pitch will land, possibly leaving the shooter completely unscathed.

hockey physics14hocky physics1

But as with all socialist undertakings, the efficacy is in the numbers: your aim needn’t be perfect as long as you are amongst many equally unarmed comrades:

It isn’t designed to be a one-shooter-and-one-hockey-puck duel here,” he said. “The ideal situation is that you would have a classroom full of 30 or 40 people, all of whom have hockey pucks, all of whom throw them as hard as they can at intruders when they come through the door.” - Chronical of Higher Education

But hey, stick a few hockey pucks in your backpack while it’s still legal to do so. The Democratic Socialists will eventually demand they be registered as lethal weapons. Until then continue your delusion that you can stop an active shooter with scary looking black hockey pucks. In reality they will not protect you any better than the stupid bean bag bullets we gave Border Agents like Brian Terry to protect himself against Mexican criminals armed with high powered automatic weapons sold by Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

ammo pucks

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

30 Second Arguments

jefferson informed electorat


  • Civilized societies in general and democratic republics in particular require an informed citizenry to survive
  • An informed citizenry requires a free, accurate, unbiased news media
  • “Informed” is the opposite of “misinformed” and antithetical to “indoctrinated”

    Media: Seizure


so screwed_thumb[1]

Coming soon: the 30 second argument regarding the state of the rule of law

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Mars: The Red Planet Will Not Be White

America landed the InSight on Mars yesterday.

InSight lander

At Mission Control there were a lot of hugs, high fives and woot-woots upon receiving confirmation (although I’m sure their diversity officer advised against the hugs).

insight hugs2insight3

Still, it was a far cry from the exuberant flag waving celebration that accompanied Apollo 11’s moon landing in 1969.

apollo moon landing 69moon

Flags are currently deemed too nationalistic to be displayed when we accomplish something as a nation that nobody else has, it’s considered taunting. And as I noted yesterday, concerns about America’s “colonization of yet another planet” have already been raised so we’ll be keeping this American achievement low key in the media so as not be be accused of hubris in the court of international opinion.

Anyway, I think the landing may present the perfect solution to the current mess at the border. Since the NWO doesn’t want the U.S. to colonize space, let’s give that honor to the Third World this time! We could send all the Pakistanis, Iranians, Somalis, Mexicans and Central Americans that have been “detained” for entering our country illegally to Mars to crack rocks or whatever.


It will be just like Australia, without the water. I’ve even got a recruiting poster:


Mars: It’s not for old white guys. Bring me your chocolate, your mocha, your teeming caramel…

mars bar3

NOTE: I’ll be out all day as we’re attending a funeral for an old colleague and very dear friend.

Monday, November 26, 2018

One Man Stands in the Way

As Francinepink pointed out last night, it’s really not a good look to be storming another country’s border while carrying your own country’s flag.

Some people might call that an invasion. Of course none of those people will be reporting for the MSM. They will continue to show only viral video of very small children caught up in the chaos and the tear gassing of the “brave” migrants who are just “seeking a better life.”

making a better lifeOther members of society also “seeking a better life”

It looks like President Trump agrees with Francine about the flags:

So I note that Democrat Talking Points™ has moved on from “Trump is lying about the Caravan to rally his  base ahead of the mid-term election”  to “Trump is lying about the national security risk associated with the Caravan.” As long as you focus on “Trump lies!” you won’t need to discuss barbarians at the gate, coming soon to vote in an election near you.

So yes, ignore the national security threat posed by allowing “undocumented” migrants into our country if you want. But do focus instead on the damage being done to our democratic republic by allowing millions of illegal non-English speaking people in who will be instructed by their handlers on who, where and when to vote. At this juncture the only real question is who organized and financed this challenge to the United State’s sovereignty? Who is our real enemy?


They want a One World Government.

Only One Man stands in the way.


God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Lettuce Ban the BS

I see that the Fall of the Romaine Empire has a lot of people up in arms.

think progress guns and lettuce

And although some people have re-read the Bill of Rights and once again found no reference to the right of the people to keep and bear lettuce, don’t be surprised if there are immediate calls for a ban on all Salad Shooters,

salad shooter22

or at least on the high-capacity Salad Shooter Pro:

salad shooter

Separate bans have already been proposed on the currently legal high capacity “magazines” that inflict much greater damage:

salad shooter accessory22

Anticipate proposed bans on scary big knives to follow.


Where is David Hogg when we need him most?

david-hogg-march-speech-gettyI think the current problem is due to some kind of S but I don’t think it’s BS