Monday, November 26, 2018

One Man Stands in the Way

As Francinepink pointed out last night, it’s really not a good look to be storming another country’s border while carrying your own country’s flag.

Some people might call that an invasion. Of course none of those people will be reporting for the MSM. They will continue to show only viral video of very small children caught up in the chaos and the tear gassing of the “brave” migrants who are just “seeking a better life.”

making a better lifeOther members of society also “seeking a better life”

It looks like President Trump agrees with Francine about the flags:

So I note that Democrat Talking Points™ has moved on from “Trump is lying about the Caravan to rally his  base ahead of the mid-term election”  to “Trump is lying about the national security risk associated with the Caravan.” As long as you focus on “Trump lies!” you won’t need to discuss barbarians at the gate, coming soon to vote in an election near you.

So yes, ignore the national security threat posed by allowing “undocumented” migrants into our country if you want. But do focus instead on the damage being done to our democratic republic by allowing millions of illegal non-English speaking people in who will be instructed by their handlers on who, where and when to vote. At this juncture the only real question is who organized and financed this challenge to the United State’s sovereignty? Who is our real enemy?


They want a One World Government.

Only One Man stands in the way.


God Bless President Donald J. Trump.