Saturday, January 7, 2012


Zilla of the Resistance has just announced her Awards for Awesomeness and guess what? We’re all winners!

Best Place for Mocking the Obamas: MOTUS

Most Fun Comments Sections to Hang Out In: MOTUS andiOwnTheWorld

First Class Snark: Waznmentobe, iOwnTheWorld, Moonbattery, MOTUS, and, Doug Ross

That’s us, people! The mockers, the commenters the snarkers! So take a bow and congratulations all around for contributing to Team MOTUS’ big, big win!

And a big big thanks to Zilla for the honor. As well as congratulations to all her other winners (especially our own Granny Jan, Bunni and Adrienne, and our most loyal and faithful linkers Larwyn and Doug Ross).

So go check out Zilla’s complete list and visit any of the sites you’re not already familiar with: they’re all great. Otherwise, would they be winners? I think not.

Welcome to the first annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere! Conservative Bloggers may be the Chopped Liver of the Right, but in my eyes they are the finest cuts of the very best red meat, and now it is time to recognize the bestiest of that best. Here are your winners of the Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere who kicked ass all over the interwebz in 2011:


Best Artist: Bosch Fawstin
Best Place for Mocking the Obamas: MOTUS
Entertainment Industry Awesomeness: FilmLadd
Best New Blogs: The Prophet’s Mercy, Liberated, and The Daily Stink
Multi-Media: DaTechguy’s Blog
Best Original Reporting: The Other McCain and DaTechguy’s Blog
Best New York Blog: The Lonely Conservative
Best New Jersey Blog: WyBlog
Best Canadian Blog: Blazing Cat Fur
Best at Advocating for the Hitting of Bloggers’ Tip Jars: The Other McCain, The Sundries Shack, DaTechguy, The Conservatory
Most Under-Appreciated: The Other McCain
Righteous Badassery: Bare Naked Islam (note: due to incessant whining and threats from sharia pushing terror tied islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR, BNI is being forced off of WordPress and will soon be found at its new location,
Most Eloquent and Powerful Writing: Sultan Knish
Most Fun Comments Sections to Hang Out In: MOTUS andiOwnTheWorld
Blogging Super Couple (U.S.A.): Always on Watch and Mr. Always On Watch
Blogging Super Couple (Canada): Blazing Cat Fur and Five Feet of Fury
Mighty Warrior for Freedom and Human Rights: Atlas Shrugs
Scholarly Counter-jihad: Jihad Watch
Bold and Fun to Read Counter-jihad: Winds of Jihad by SheikYerMami
Counter-jihad With a Specialty in Advocating for Persecuted Christians in the Balkans: 1389 Blog
Best Early Morning News Links: Wombat Socho at The Other McCain and From the Desk of Lady Liberty
Best Daily Blogger Link-Around: Larwyn’s Linx at Doug Ross
Most Helpful to New and Smaller Blogs: Doug Ross, Blazing Cat Fur, and iOwnTheWorld
Best at Providing Miraculous Surges in Blog Traffic: Instapundit
Best Weekly Round-up of Fellow Bloggers’ Blog Posts:Conservative Hideout, Teresamerica, Proof Positive, and Eye of Polyphemous
Best Place to Find Cuteness: Amusing Bunni’s Musings
Best Catholic Blog: Catholic Bandita
Nicest Bloggers: Adrienne’s Corner, Bread Upon The Waters,DaTechguy’s Blog, The Sundries Shack, Pundit & Pundette, and, The Lonely Conservative
Best Pro-Life Advocacy: Catholic Bandita, and Pundit & Pundette
Hardest Working Blogger: Robert Stacy McCain - The Other McCain
Best Blogger Sidekick: Smitty - The Other McCain
Best Blogs from Kick-ass U.S. Military Vets: Knuckledraggin my life away and The Anti-Liberal Zone
Best Blogs by Professors: American Power, Legal Insurrection,Instapundit
Best Blogging by a Blogger while on Active Duty in the Military: Smitty at The Other McCain
Best All-Around Blogging: Maggie’s Notebook, iOwnTheWorld,The Lonely Conservative, Doug Ross, Nice Deb, The Other McCain,Pundit & Pundette, and, Gateway Pundit
Fantastic Jewish Bloggers: Atlas Shrugs, Elder of Ziyon, Sultan Knish, YID With LID, Bare Naked Islam
New Blog with Really Funny Cartoons: The Morlock Revolt
First Class Snark: Waznmentobe, iOwnTheWorld, Moonbattery,MOTUS, and, Doug Ross
Best Videos: Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty
Best Brainy Blog that is also Fun to Read: Fuzzy Logic
Most Thoughtful Blogger: Adrienne’s Corner
Best Bumper Sticker Photos: Legal Insurrection
Best Reference Source for the Counter Jihad: The Religion of Peace
Most Prolific: Instapundit
Best Place to Find New Ideas to Blog About: Instapundit and The Religion of Peace

Thanks again Zilla, for a very exciting Saturday!

Oh oh! All Cake, No Frosting.

Oy Vey!  Jodi Kantor’s new book is coming out Tuesday and the newspaper of the adored record has already run a preview.

Screenshot Studio capture #373

The long long knives that are going to be out at the GOP debate tonight will look like butter knives compared to this slice and dice.

I’m still working my way through the galley copy so I won’t be able to give you a full report until tomorrow. Butt I can tell you this: I’m glad I’m still on the road. After reading the first few chapters, I can assure you that somewhere in the Big White right now, paint is peeling off the walls and glassware is being shattered.

To say Jodi hasn’t painted one of the pretty pictures of MO that we’re accustomed to getting from our lapdogs is an understatement.

michelle-obama-updo-bob-590do011310Looking lovely on the outside, butt seething beneath the surface? Jodi thinks so.

It will make yesterday’s controversy, as relayed by cub reporter Anonymouse, about the racist depiction of Lady M as Michelle Antoinette seem like child’s play. Although the tome does seem to play into the NON-racist interpretation of the meaning behind the depiction: Lady M as a model of imperialism extraordinaire.


Butt that was just intended to be a joke - as illustrated in this creatively staged-for-amusement-purposes-only pose of Lady M in her "let them eat cake" mode.

mo antoinette-1 WMAh tell you Miz Scarlet, life in this Big White House is hell! Pure Hell ah say.

From what I’ve read so far, Jodi seems to have taken that meme a bridge too far.

So after I finish my road trip today, I’ll try to complete my reading assignment so I can post my book report tomorrow.

bo mo st rd 10Yeah, we’re all cool here. Just busy sacrificin’ on Martha’s Vineyard. Goes with the territory.

From the road, somewhere in flyover, this is MOTUS, signing off.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Help Wanted: Adult monitors for recess

Sorry, I’m a little behind due to my road trip through what’s known in Washington only as “fly over” butt I’ll try to catch up:

First, of course, was last week’s signing of the National Defense Authorization Act that has some people’s head in a tizzy just because it gives Big Guy the power to suspend habeas corpus and detain U.S. citizens pretty much at will. Butt we don’t need to worry about that because Big Guy has assured us he won’t use those powers (unless he has to).


Then of course we have the three recess appointments to the NLRB and Richard Cordray as Czar of the new “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” – an agency dreamed up by Lizzie Warren, class warrior and protector of the little people. People seem to be complaining that these appointments aren’t constitutional just because, well, Congress wasn’t technically in recess or something. Honestly, can you believe the conservatives’ insistence on rules and following rules? Don’t they know that Big Guy’s agenda is too big and too important to be thwarted by silly little sticking points such as constitutionality?

“I refuse to take ‘No’ for an answer. I’ve said before that I will continue to look for every opportunity to work with Congress to move this country forward. But when Congress refuses to act in a way that hurts our economy and puts people at risk, I have an obligation as president to do what I can without them,” Mr. Obama said.

time constitution

“I refuse to take ‘No’ for an answer”? Is that legal? Some people don’t seem to think so:

“The precedent that would be set by this cavalier action would have a devastating effect on the checks and balances that are enshrined in our Constitution,”

Then there was the announcement yesterday of our new slimmed down military. Lady M is so totally onboard with this, as it tracks right along with her program for ending obesity in America – where ever we find it - in just one generation. Who ever thought that she and Big Guy might actually be able to accomplish that objective?


As for Big Guy, he just saw it as logical next step towards redirecting funds from the military to his civilian national security force:

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

So if there’s anyone out there surprised by Big Guy’s latest deconstruction of what used to be “our national security force to achieve our national security objectives,” it’s only because they weren’t paying attention. I mean it’s not as if Big Guy didn’t announce his plans back on the campaign trail in ‘08. Shame on you if you if you just mistook it for more political swagger.

On the other hand, if you assumed that Big Guy is just full of swagger, you could be forgiven, as he certainly has demonstrated a good deal of it:

12-bo fauntleroy copy_thumb[1]


I think he sometimes does it just to throw the R-words off their game. And conceal his true motives.

 16-obama-chavez copy_thumb[1]

Butt I have to admit, lately he’s been sporting a pretty bodacious swag:


“just as strong, just as powerful, just as well funded”

Note: uniforms by Armani

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

After America World

Well, I can’t report just yet on the results of my secret auditions for FLOTUS here at the GOP Bowl in Des Moines, butt as soon as I finish tabulating the scores, I’ll post the results and let you all vote on a potential R-word FLOTUS.

Until then, here’s a little story unrelated to the GOP Bowl. File it away under “Iron Curtain Irony”. Zbigniew Brzezinski (father of Ms.NBC’s “you’re diving deep into the Obama tank” Mika Brzeinski)  is now whining that “after America” the world may well devolve into a big hot mess. 


Ziggy & the second worst US President of all time


                                                                                      Ziggi’s Little Princess

Aside from the obvious irony of this observation coming from Zbigniew, who has actively worked towards that end ever since his emigration from his native Poland, he’s a bit late to the party. Mark Steyn has been all over this issue for a long time. Here’s an excellent Mark-on-Mark interview with Mark Levin talking to Mark Steyn about his book After America.

I guess now that it appears Big Guy may be bringing Soviet era bread lines to the Big Apple, Zigi regrets working so diligently for CHANGE?

No one has worked harder to ensure the “after America” scenario than Zbigniew. Other than Big Guy of course.


Reporting from America’s heartland, this is MOTUS.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Win by 3, or win by 8: “everything after ‘win’ is just paperwork”

This just in: Michigan wins the Sugar Bowl by 3; Mitt wins the GOP Bowl by 8. By all accounts, both were ugly wins.



Here’s a recap on Michigan’s strategy for a win:

Let's begin on fourth-and-1 near midfield in the fourth quarter, when Virginia Tech had two options and went for the third.

Which is not unlike Mitt’s victory strategy: Iowans had thirteen options and went for two.

Meanwhile, Big Guy went back to Iowa for a victory lap via a web-exclusive address arranged by his techno-geek whiz-kids who have super-fantabulous social media skills.

“President Obama tried to steal a piece of the Iowa spotlight tonight with a nostalgia-filled live address to his Democratic supporters over the internet, at times hampered by static and sporadic audio interruptions that made him difficult to understand.”

Screenshot Studio capture #372I dunno, techie-boyz: next time I might just go with Skype

I don’t want to rain on Devin Dwyer’s parade, butt I don’t really think that the “static and sporadic audio interruptions” made Big Guy that much harderer to understand than usual:

Butt I will say this: Mitt wins on the “rockin’ a pair of mom jeans” front:

           bo mom jeansmtt rockinjeans

As for rockin’ a boob belt, well, you decide. Butt keep in mind, Ann really doesn’t really know very much about boob-belts yet so she’s sportin’ it on her waist. How fashion backward is that?

       dmrdc5-62zeleg83gwe5lws5cs_originalmo to NYC

Back to the caucuses though: 25,000 Iowans showed up last night at Democratic caucuses to watch Big Guy on the Big Screen. And while that’s impressive, it’s 215,000 fewer than showed up back in 2008, the year BO was nostalgically recalling. That year, 240,000 Iowans showed up at the Caucuses, and over 90,000 of them voted for Big Guy. Butt since we weren’t running against Hillary and John Edwards this time around we didn’t need to bus in our auxiliary staff and caucutators. So the numbers were down slightly, like 90%.

1_21_edwards_clinton_obamaWhat a difference a caucus makes

See what I mean? The years have not been kind to everyone:

65176314Smile John, pretend it’s not a mugshot

hillary old hot messSmile Hil, pretend you’re not a hot mess working for your most despised enemy…

bo-fingerSmile BO, you 'da man!

Some of us seem to have weathered the shoals of a brutal election cycle just fine, managing to keep our chins up somehow.

Candidates Attend Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson WeGeBCrNAp-l

Lady M and Big Guy working the Iowans at the 2008 Jefferson-Jackson Day pre-caucus Dinner

Candidates Attend Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson IH-pmH_4n1Kl

           Yes, some of us look even better now than we did four years ago.

                    mo makeupmichelle-obama-necklaces

I attribute it all to healthy living -

Candidates Attend Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson p9ZplK0c2v3l

…and being proud of your country for the first time in your adult life.

What else could it be?

Obama US China

I mean besides makeup, photoshop and cosmetic chops?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Great Big Post-Modern Campaign Poster Contest

So sad: leaving Hawaii. It’s kind of like leaving Las Vegas, only not as empty handed.

Butt we’re back in D.C. now; the eagle officially landing at 6:50 am.

happy familyHappy family, as always, returning to the Big White

We wrapped up our last full day in Big Guy’s alleged birth state with a nice adult-only dinner (and nice adult beverages) at Nobu Waikiki Sunday night:


             nobu_yellowtail sashimiNobu-Vegas-Hard-Rock

Nobu specialties: yellowtail sashimi jalapeno and miso marinated black cod

Then we went back to the compound in order to let staff pack up for our departure last night:

bo mo homebound


bo mo homebound3Rested. Ready to take on any of those wascally Weepublicans, all of whom "support the failed policies of past." As opposed to the failed policies of the present.

And here we are – back in freezing, gridlocked Washington:

mo bo  backPaparazzi alert. Smile!

And happy to be here! We are so ready to get back to work on for the American people! In fact, Big Guy’s unofficially launching his reelection campaign tonight with a live Web-feed video chat with his Iowa caucus delegates. So we’ve got our priorities straight. There’s no way we can get our job done around here if we don’t first get reelected.

Besides, does anyone really think that Iran is serious about all that saber rattling? And even if they are, don’t worry, if the Iranians actually decide to close the straits of Hormuz or fire off some nuclear warheads, we’ll buy them off by giving them a few more of our super-secret fighter jets to play with.


Anyway, back to the exciting campaign, here’s a little sneak preview. As you know, we’ve been floating a lot of different WTF strategies, butt now we’ve settled on a theme: Blame the Republicans. And their Do-nothing Congress. (H/T Teddy Roosevelt) Combined with constant reminders of the “breathtaking greed” (Wall Street, Republicans, Romney – get it?) that drove us into the ditch in the first place, the boyz around here figure they’ve nailed it. Our polls indicated we were losing traction with the “hang it on Bush” meme, butt nothing augers for a huge populist win like a good old fashioned class war.

Here’s how Peter Wehner explains it: 

…the president is planning to step up his offensive against an unpopular Congress, concluding that he cannot pass any major legislation in 2012 because of Republican hostility to his agenda. He intends to “hammer the theme of economic justice for ordinary Americans rather than continue his legislative battles with Congress,”

even though, as Peter notes, Big Guy got almost everything he asked for during his first two years:

Moreover, Obama, during the first two years of his presidency, was enormously successful in getting his agenda enacted into law. He got almost everything he wanted, which some of us believe is precisely the problem. And to the extent that we’re facing a “do-nothing” Congress today, the responsibility lies with the Democratically-controlled Senate, not the GOP House. These days the Senate (which has not passed a budget in more than 900 days) is the place legislation goes to die.

Butt in an electoral campaign, truth is always subservient to the expedient:

But to really enter the Twilight Zone​, consider these two priceless sentences from the Times story: “Winning a full-year extension of the payroll tax, Mr.  Earnest said, will still be a top priority. He noted that House Republicans were now also arguing that it should be extended for a year, after some initially opposed extending it at all.”

Come again? On December 13, the GOP House passed a full-year extension of the payroll tax cut – and was promptly criticized by – you guessed it — the president. Obama favored a much shorter, two-month extension. House Republicans, under intense political pressure, eventually agreed to the two-month extension. Now the White House is declaring a full-year extension is a “top priority.” Yet as recently as three weeks ago the opposition to the president’s “top priority” came not from House Republicans but from Obama himself.

We are now reaching the point in which the president is running a truly post-modern campaign, in which there is no objective truth but simply narrative. Obama’s campaign isn’t simply distorting the facts; it is inverting them. This kind of thing isn’t unusual to find in the academy. But to see a president and his campaign so thoroughly deconstruct truth in order to maintain power is quite rare. The sheer audacity of Obama’s cynicism is a wonder of the modern world.

H/T Instapundit

So you see what we’re up against: more GOP lies and distortions. Butt really, who doesn’t love a good post-modern campaign?

Were just having a little trouble settling on our official 2012 campaign poster. Which one do you like best? I can’t guarantee we’ll go with the one that gets the most votes, since I understand we’re waiving certain democratic rules until we get this country back on the right track, butt it might make you feel better to cast your vote anyway.

Poster Candidates for our Post-Modern WTF Campaign

#1, compliments of ThePeoplesCube:

2k8676fef334Alternate contact:

Or, Poster #2, compliments of, well, moi:



Polls will remain open until 11:59 ET Wednesday, and as always, Chicago rules apply.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Stanley Ann’s Legacy: A Crafty Gift

The family spent yesterday visiting their ancestral roots. First, a stop at great-grandfather’s grave, and then a visit to the University of Hawaii for the Wee Wons to get a look at  their grandmother’s other legacy to the human race:

through her eyes

The University of Hawaii’s East West Center was showcasing an exposition of Stanley Ann’s “pioneering work in the field of microfinance and gender equity in Indonesia.”.


I think we can say we’ve reached nirvana on those two fronts:

whats this mobogender equity

nothing micro about this deficitStanley’s little boy has mastered the “financing”  - aka borrowing  money from other people – part; I guess we could stand to work on the “micro” part a little  bit more.

Although Wee Won One seems to be getting the hang of the micro concept:

uofH sasha picks up a foundlingWhoa Big Guy! Can’t you issue a signing statement regarding the length of skirts in public? I’m not talking a full burka, just maybe another couple of inches?

And even though she ditched the kid sent Barack back to Hawaii to be raised as an American by his grandparents while she pursued her passion for third world crafting, she apparently passed on to him some of her love for the skills she pursued so passionately.

“Ann Dunham spent many years studying village iron forging, blacksmithing, iron, copper, bronze, and brass casting, welding, the metal repair industries, and tool sharpening and mending.”


obama receives nobelobamanobel

Stanley Ann’s progeny has demonstrated an interest in metal casting.

And he’s already combined his love of alchemy with his inherited knowledge of micro-financing in order to make the world a better place:

bo solar desert nevis air force base nv“So, let’s turn these Solyndra solar panels into gold, ok, boys?”

He also shares his mother’s appreciation for the art of hand wrought daggers:

“Because the Indonesian tradition is so venerable, there is much legend and
lore about the power of the blacksmith and in fact blacksmiths who know how
to make the traditional and symbolic daggers—keris—are thought to be imbued with great spiritual powers.”

Of course, being raised by Alinsky’s Rules, Big Guy knows that where they bring knives, we need to bring guns. Also hand made, right here in the good old U.S. of A.

you bring a knife we'll bring the gunsA small stash from the Fast and Furious gun walker program

And apparently Big Guy shares his Mom’s love of textiles as well.

“Ann Dunham was a passionate collector and lover of textiles. She had learned to
weave in the University of Hawai‘i Art Department and carried this love of
handwork into her academic and professional life. In Java, where she first
encountered life in Asia, she found the extraordinary textile traditions very
much alive.”

obama_textile skills BO, using his keen, inherited knowledge of textiles to dress up our Iraq exit strategy.

And I should mention here that the love of fabrics in general, and upholstery fabrics in particular, is something that Stanley Ann also passed on to her daughter-in-law, who has embraced it whole heartedly:

                     thakoon model and momo bless us

And finally, one last native craft for which Big Guy has always shared Stanley Ann’s fascination: the Javanese craft of constructing leather shadow puppets, which she studied for years:

“In order to make a shadow puppet, the buffalo hide must
be cleaned, the fur removed, and the hide dried and tanned. The better the
transparency and the smoother the hide, the more valuable for shadow
puppet carving.”


         javanese-shadowpuppets-sm bo shadow puppet

I must admit: not bad really, for a first attempt.

Of course, we did get a little “micro” financing in order to put a professional sheen on it.


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