Thursday, December 9, 2010

“Let Them Eat Cake”, part 61

The haters are always harping on us about something. What now?

Well it’s the fact that it took workers four and a half days to decorate our tree. Now, I’ll grant you that even in elapsed government time that seems pretty long.

Butt, need I mention that we’re just doing what’s best for America in these recessionary times; and that’s to keep money circulating. There are few left who can afford to spend money this season with reckless abandon, so that’s our job. And we saved or created about 150 jobs in the process. So don’t tell me Keynes is irrelevant.


From arrival to fully decked, in less than 5 days! 

“It took the small army of workers four-and-a-half days to decorate the eighteen-and-a-half feet high Douglas Fir, which will be the centerpiece of the Obama's second Christmas in the White House, ironically coined, "Simple Gifts" by the First Lady.”


Isn’t it a wonder? To celebrate its completion we had lunch:

Michelle Obama lunching at Ris on Tuesday with BET President Debra Lee. Since it was the Foggy Bottom restaurant's first anniversary, they got a piece of chocolate cake from chef-owner Ris Lacoste.

Well, we couldn’t say no. It was birthday cake. And we were working out a deal for our own Sarah Palines-que reality TV show: “Michelle Obama’s Southside Chicago.”  The opportunities for engagement with local wildlife is endless.

michelle_chicago Lady M and Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias

And speaking of Chicago, did you see where Dr. Jill Biden was kind enough to host a book party for the offspring of  Lady M’s chief of staff and BFF? He wrote a book! What a brilliant young man.

Sher's son, first-time novelist Graham Moore, author of "The Sherlockian" was the recipient of 2 parties in his honor. The best of course, was Dr. Jill’s.

Also looking on: White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, one of Sher's best friends--the two met while working for Mayor Daley in City Hall--who has known Moore--one of two Sher sons----since he was a kid. The crowd included members of Sher's family: her husband, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Neil Cohen and her father, Dr. Charles Steiner, in from New Jersey.

My take away from that: Susan Sher’s son Graham Moore, Sher’s husband Neil Cohen and her father Dr. Charles Steiner? Just how many times has this woman been married? And while I understand feminists who wish to keep their maiden name, who on earth keeps the name of their first (or second) husband?

You may wonder why Lady M wasn’t at Dr. Jill’s party. After all, Susan is her very important out-going chief of staff.

Well, we had other commitments. Like decorating the Big White Christmas tree, and then there was the birthday party at Ris.

mo_antoinette-1_copy[5] I’ll just have a small piece