Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar

An esteemed jurist will be laid to rest today.


The American (?) President will be elsewhere, leaving a “lighter footprint,” we are told.

bo prance

We’re not sure exactly where he’ll be planting that footprint yet,

FOD light in the loafers

butt trust it will include either golf or the gym.

bo weight lifting

Or maybe he’ll be deliberating over a potential replacement for Justice Scalia:

sharpton_and_obamaAl Sharpton, the wise race-baiter?

president_obama_-_fareed_zakaria_august_6_2015fareed graficFareed Zakaria, the wise-Muslim?

65950-barack-obama-et-chris-rock-950x0-1Chris Rock, the wise-acre?

Then he’ll meet with Val Jar to find out who he’s going to appoint.

Let the record reflect that Barry and Lady M did pay their respects to Justice Scalia yesterday (in just under 2 minutes flat):

Antonin-Scalia-lies-in-repose-in-state-at-the-Supreme-Court_6_1“So what do you want me to bring you from Cuba? I hear they make good cigars.”

bo cigarSometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

RIP, Nino; you will be greatly missed.


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Friday, February 19, 2016

My Work Here Is Done.

A few random thoughts on the week.

The_Great_Wall_of_China_at_Jinshanling The Chinese built a wall, big deal. I’ll build one bigger, faster and stronger than any wall you’ve ever seen!

The Pope takes on The Donald:

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”

Ignoring the axiom “people who live in glass houses ought not throw stones”  and ignoring the fact that the Vatican Wall was built specifically to keep the marauding Muslims away from the then seat of civilization, and that the Vatican has the most restrictive immigration and citizenship policies of any nation in the world,” it’s still never a good idea to attack The Donald because The Donald always hits back.

“If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS’s ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been President because this would not have happened. ISIS would have been eradicated unlike what is happening now with our all talk, no action politicians.”

Which is fairly sedate compared to some of the previous draft responses submitted by his followers:

“Why’d it take him three days to rise? I would have risen in three hours. Jesus, very low energy.”  - Carlos on Twitter

“This is truly one of the worst Popes. Drives a Fiat, which is a very weak car. Low energy –can barely hit 80 mph. I drive a Cadillac. Nice!” - Tom on Twitter


“You call that a wall? I’ll build you a wall!” (pic h/t CaptainAmerica)

In other Barry news: White House spokesmouth confirms he won’t be attending Justice Scalia’s funeral in order to reduce the “security footprint” at the even. Same excuse reason he has given for not going to church; we sure don’t want to inconvenience the little people. Instead, he’ll send Joey B whose “security footprint is at least a little bit lighter.”

joeyb“Sure Big Guy, I can use public transportation.”

I wonder if he was concerned about his “security footprint” when he met with Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman at exclusive D.C. restaurant BLT (where you can snag a Kobe ribeye for $95)?

Screen Capture #132

Or when he and Lady M went out for their pre-Valentine dinner? Or when MO hit Soul Cycle earlier this week?

Tom and Morgan were huddling with Barry and his Obama Foundation people to discuss funding for their family dynasty after leaving office.

Morgan was also in town to attend the Big White’s Black History Month reception, which followed the BLM reception.


Barack Obama praised young Black Lives Matter activists in the White House on Thursday, taking special notice of prominent Ferguson protesters and describing the meeting as a moment to bridge differences in a younger, changing civil rights movement.

“They are much better organizers than I was when I was their age, and I am confident that they are going to take America to new heights.”

Three things: 1. Y’all remember the policeman in Ferguson was cleared in the shooting of the gentle giant, right? 2. I always suspected Barry wasn’t even a good community organizer, and 3. New heights? Really?

my work id done colorado copy 

That’s no longer a very high bar.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lady M’s Excellent Presidents Day Adventure in Aspen

Another successful Presidents Day caper. The entire mini-vacay in Aspen would have flown completely under the radar butt for the smarty-pants who got his panties in a bundle just because he was inconvenienced a little bit (several hours) waiting for Lady M’s plane to clear air space so the plebes could take off.
And then some reporter at the Aspen Daily News had to blab the story from Aspen Police Chief Brian Olson about Lady M’s motorcade being allowed to “sneak through while they waited on tow trucks.” Do you see why she hates her FLOTUS gig? When Big Guy said this was going to be the most transparent administration ever he was not talking about the tax-funded family get-aways.
Oh well, at least the photo-embargo worked. It’s not hard to ban professional photographers, they value their jobs; it’s the amateurs that are harder to intimidate. Although the threat of confiscating and destroying their iPhones seems to work.
phones confiscated
So you’ll just have to settle for this verbal description of Lady M skiing, provided by a first hand observer:

Katie Mitchell, 22, was stunned to encounter the “ridiculously pretty” first lady on Saturday in the modest restrooms at Tiehack’s base. [ed. The take-away here: Lady M pees with the peons!]
“I was looking in the mirror [ed. No relation to your intrepid reporter] and it was kind of wild to see her. At first I thought, ‘This is a doppleganger,’” said Mitchell, who was working at the International Paralympic Alpine Skiing races that continue through Monday. A second glance confirmed it was indeed the first lady, who has been a familiar face here over Washington’s birthday weekend multiple times during President Obama’s two terms in office.

It could have been Lady M’s Doppelgänger, actor Wayne Brady:

mo wayne brady doppleganger

Stranger things have happened, now that we’ve reduced micro-aggressions by allowing transgenders to use any restroom they self-identify with.

Anyway, while in Aspen Lady M entered a senior citizens ski race where she unexpectedly took first place!

MO aspen ski race 2016 copy

Don’t expect to read about it though, because we entered this year’s “jellyfish” themed race incognito.

2014 mo disguise copy

Some of the other “jellyfish” competitors:

jelly fish skiers

A good time was had by all, with the exception of Lee Mulcahy, who was not amused:

Dear first lady Michelle Obama,

Ben Franklin said those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.

I heard on Twitter you closed Aspen airspace with your return to Aspen for the fifth President’s Day in a row. Never one to pass up a free ski vacation with perks, huh? Rumor has it that you listed your kids as “staff” so that you didn’t have to reimburse the $57,000 Air Force cost for the regular coach fare. And your “kill list”/National Defense Authorization Act-loving husband went golfing instead of skiing with you and his daughters? (The National Defense Authorization Act makes protest (a First Amendment right) a felony in the presence of Secret Service. The American Civil Liberties Union believes the law is unconstitutional.)

There’s more, and surprisingly Lee turns out to be a Bernie Sanders supporter! Ending with the somewhat threatening “Do you see why we need a political revolution?” I’m afraid we won’t be hearing from old Lee for awhile. And I’m betting his/her iPhone will be de-encrypted in a flash.

FILE - In this April 30, 2015, file photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook responds to a question during a news conference at IBM Watson headquarters, in New York. Apple has confirmed that it’s expecting an uncharacteristic decline in sales in the spring of 2016, amid signs of global economic weakness and overall slowing demand for new smartphones. So anticipation is building around Apple’s next iPhones, as investors and tech enthusiasts speculate over what might get the iconic Silicon Valley company back on the path to growth. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)Un-encrypt that iPhone? Hell yes we can!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Eight Year’s of Obama’s Eminence Front: It’s Really Hard

Remember how the Left made fun of George W. Bush when he said the presidency was hard work?

Apparently Barry agrees with him now:

"It's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. It's not promotion. It's not marketing. It's hard."

And do you know what else isn’t a serious job, what isn’t hard ? Being a community organizer.


Oh, and Bam expects the Republicans to “do their job” by letting him fill the Supreme Court vacancy because it is the one court appointment where he “would expect elected officials to rise above day to day politics.” Butt apparently that’s a one-way street.

I'm going to present somebody who indisputably is qualified for the seat, and any fair-minded person, even somebody who disagrees with my politics, would say would serve with honor and integrity on the court," he added.

Asked directly if that meant he would choose a moderate candidate, Obama said, "No." – Reuters

Although he did have to acknowledge that Democrats – including himself – have “played politics” with Supreme Court nominations in the past. He did distinguished between Republican filibusters and Democratic filibusters however by calling the former “obstructionism” and the later “strategic decisions.” Butt let’s face it, that’s a distinction without a difference. Nothing that a pack of RINOs can’t  handle.


Oh, and I see that the hard-working community organizers have already hit the streets:

Supreme Court Scalia

A note to the Republican Senate: just say NO! I know it’s hard.

Wait a minute. It’s hard??? Isn’t that an album!?

“Eminence Front”

The drinks flow
People forget
That big wheel spins, the hair thins
People forget
Forget they're hiding
The news slows
People forget
The shares crash, hopes are dashed
People forget
Forget they're hiding.

Behind an eminence front
An Eminence front - it's a put on
It's just an Eminence front
An Eminence front - It's a put on.
An Eminence front

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How I Spent My President’s Day Evening

How did you spend your President’s Day evening? I did a couple of things I haven’t done in a long time. First I watched The Five where Meghan McCain was filling in for Dana Perino.  Butt before you say anything let me note that she was actually a refreshing change of pace, and somebody has been giving that girl some serious coaching and training. It’s going to be hard to overcome her dingbat Valley Girl persona, butt she is evolving in the right direction. If Eric Bolling were to get some training from Meghan’s coach and they booted Juan and Geraldo permanently I might watch the show again; occasionally.

Next, thanks to the magic of the DVR, I watched the Grammys. Well, some of the Grammys; I fast forwarded through the performances of the people I’ve never heard of and managed to watch everything of interest in less than 15 minutes, including some commercials.

Some ot the lo-lights of the show included the obligatory BLM salute from Kendrick Lamar. Here he is beginning his performance of (trigger warning) "The BlackerThe Berry" by marching in with a chain gang while his band played from behind bars. That’s legit.


Justin Beiber is growing up badly: I know shocking isn’t it?


Adele’s performance was badly off tune; it was as if she and her piano player were on different planets, or at least different sound stages.


Funkiest hair of the night award went hands down to The Weeknd - real name Abęl Makkonen Tesfay – whose unique hairdo cannot be done justice in one picture.


Even The Donald couldn’t compete with The Weeknd.

Lady Gaga, fresh off her sedate Super Bowl performance, returned to her true nature for the Grammys – as a red head.


She did a mashup of David Bowie tunes that even Ziggy Stardust would have approved of.

There were lots of winners and losers last night butt the biggest of the night was clearly a political choice – Hillary Clinton performing "Who let the dogs out" with the Baha Men.  It was yuge!

Please, hold your “bitch” jokes for the next debate. Or not.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Fasten Your Seat Belt, It’s Gonna Be a Long Year

Here we are, President’s Day 2016 and Big Guy is still golfing somewhere in California (although no press photos will be allowed),

bo sandtrap not playing this course again

Lady M is allegedly skiing incognito somewhere in Aspen (although no press photos will be allowed),


That can mean only one thing: we’ve survived 6 major federal holidays this year: New Year’s Eve,

mo drinking wine

Martin Luther King Day,

hillary drinking the potion

Groundhog Day,

obama-drinking-guiness-thumbs-up-e1359564382968“Early Spring? Booyah!”

Fat Tuesday,


Super Bowl,

 effeminate-obama-drinking-beer4th down, 10 to go

Valentine’s Day,

I heart grimaces“I heart grimaces”

and now: President’s Day.

obama still president what a hangoverObama-straw

Coming up: Leap Year (as if we need an extra day this year),

CLIFF TOP WARNINGcar-flying-off-cliffYou’ve been warned.

St. Patrick’s Day,

boehner-drinking“Give me a call if you need any help. I know people.”


cripes easter bunniesAnd another incognito vacation for Lady M

and then, April Fools!


It’s shaping up to be quite a year.

dog spoon lobster

Be sure to fasten your seat belt.

The-Barkleys-Subaru-235x176“peddle to the metal, hang on!”

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

“Being a good person begins with being a wise person.”

Here it its morning and I awoke to discover it wasn’t a bad dream, none of it was a bad dream. Justice Antonin Scalia really did pass away yesterday. And the Republicans really did have one of the ugliest debates to date.

saturday_night_gop_fever_article_banner_2-11-16-4_sized-770x415xcGive these guys guns, teach them to form a circle and they’d make a perfect circular firing squad

Suffice it to say it’s put a damper on Valentine’s Day as far as I’m concerned.


Now all we can HOPE is that the Won is not allowed to pick a successor for one of the last originalists on the SCOTUS. Justice Scalia was one of the last SCOTUS Justices who believed that the Constitition is the supreme law of the land and that it means the same thing today as it did the day it was ratified in 1789. He was one of the few who believed that the people can change the Constitution  if they so desire via a constitutional amendment, butt nine unelected justices cannot alter the contract between past and current generations.

And with the passing of Antonin Scalia we refocus our attention on just how important the next presidential election is going to be.


“Movement is not necessarily progress. More important than your obligation to follow your conscience, or at least prior to it, is your obligation to form your conscience correctly. Nobody — remember this — neither Hitler, nor Lenin, nor any despot you could name, ever came forward with a proposal that read, ‘Now, let’s create a really oppressive and evil society.’ Hitler said, ‘Let’s take the means necessary to restore our national pride and civic order.’ And Lenin said, ‘Let’s take the means necessary to assure a fair distribution of the goods of the world.’

“In short, it is your responsibility, men and women of the class of 2010, not just to be zealous in the pursuit of your ideals, but to be sure that your ideals are the right ones. That is perhaps the hardest part of being a good human being: Good intentions are not enough. Being a good person begins with being a wise person. Then, when you follow your conscience, will you be headed in the right direction.”

—Excerpted from Justice Antonin Scalia’s commencement address at Langley High School, in Virginia, where his granddaughter was graduating in June of 2010.  H/T Ed Driscoll

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