Sunday, August 14, 2022

You Can Always Refill

Good Morning Mighty Warriors.

Once again I thank you for yesterday’s delivery of beautiful flowers, compliments of the MOTI.

Screenshot 2022-08-14 flowers zon Cloud

This batch features the same gorgeous orange roses that were in the last arrangement. I think they may be the ‘Tahitian Sunset’ variety – or a close relative – featured in last week’s post. This time they’re teamed with orange and red zinnias to make a truly lovely Tahitian punch. The pictures don’t do the arrangement justice.


But trust me, they’re stunningly beautiful, as always.

On the health front: appointment with the oncologist last week. Cleared me to resume the chemo/immuno-therapies (yay and boo) so I had another infusion on Thursday and am still dragging a bit. He seemed pleased with the MRI (showed significant shrinkage of tumors) and scan results (no new suspicious spots) so treatment  continues as planned.

I’ve tried to retire my little-miss-‘the-glass-is-half-empty’ proclivity for something a bit more optimistic at the behest of Raj.

glass half full

Why rely on your perhaps mistaken perception when objective reality serves you better? Besides, you can always refill the glass.


If not with water, then with air. It’s all good.

Thank you all, again, for the support and prayers; and may you have a wonderful week.