Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Blessing 2011

Christmas greetings to you and yours from Team MOTUS (MOTUS, Raj, Little Mo & Little Bo). Please click to zoom in on our card for a reminder of what has been sacrificed to ensure that we remain free to celebrate the day in the religious tradition (or not) of our choice.

Photo Mosaic by Flatsimile Studios

Fallen Heroes photos via Washington Post.

Mannheim Steamroller: Stille Nacht

Blessings to all of our troops and their families during this season of real hope. Drag to re-center and zoom into other areas.

Originally posted December 25, 2009

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Winter Holiday DREAM Act

As many of you have already noted, our DREAM vacay here on Big Guy’s alleged birth island has been really crappy. Literally: crappy. Rain every day and sewage on our lovely beaches, just like we had on Martha’s last summer.

When you think about it, this whole year has been won big buzz kill: we were dissed in Spain, India and Indonesia, lost the World Cup to Qatar for cripes sakes, Crissy McTingles lost the thrill in his pants, our lazy, loser, professional lefty base let you guys  give the keys, AND our credit cards, back to the R-words, some judge acted stupidly and called BIg Guy’s signature Obamacare “unconstitutional,” it’s been raining cats and dogs here in paradisio and now we’ve got Tootsie Rolls on our beaches, part deux.

I’m beginning to think that somebody is trying to tell us something.

Anyway, we couldn’t get out to film our signature Winter Holiday greeting this year and it was putting all of us off our good mood. Butt then, like she always does, Lady M had a killer idea. The result is this heartfelt little Winter Holiday DREAM act we put together on the stage in the lanai out back by our gracious, luxury island estate’s pool. It stars the WONs and 3 or our closest multicultural friends and biggest supporters.

I HOPE you enjoy it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

And on the 7th day, he rested.

 "This has been the most productive post-election period we've had in decades, and it comes on the heels of the most productive two years that we've had in generations."

Barack Obama December 22, 2010



Productive in the transformation of America anyway; reviving the failing economy? Not so much. That was never an integral part of the HOPE and CHANGE package. Butt now that “we are on correct path comrades”  (HT: Vereteno) Big Guy is ready to “pivot” in order to fulfill his October, 2008 promise to begin focusing on that “3 letter word,”   jobs.

J-O-B-S: emphasis on the BS

Big Guy, as usual, was reticent about his own accomplishments. In focusing on last minute Congressional goodies like DADT and START, he failed to even mention some of his  greatest hits:

  • His purchase of two bankrupt auto companies for the unions to divvy up
  • His historic Stimulus: the largest cash injection down the Keynesian rabbit hole in history (along with the accompanying lowest return on investment in history)
  • His historic Obamacare: free healthcare, rationing and death panels for all
  • His historic Re-write of Wall Street rules (excepting Fannie and Freddie, who, along with Goldman Saks, are the only financial institutions too big to fail) 
  • His historic plugging of the the damn hole

And on the 7th day, He rested.

buh bye Buh-bye! See you next year.

A well earned rest for the most historic president, ever!

lei it on Lei it on me man!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is TheRe No Shame? EveR?

“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session.”

Hey people, don’t let your guard down. Just because it’s Christmas week doesn’t mean Congress is done doing good deeds for the year. Today at least 9 reliable RINOs will be joining Big Guy’s voting block to ratify his new, “disarm America first because you’ve got to START somewhere Treaty.”

too kewl


Should we choose not to ignore it once it’s passed, like the Ruskies will, we will be on track for BO’s college-age pipe dream of a nuclear-free world.

So we’ve got that going for us!




Too kewl then, too hot now

In case you’re done with all your Christmas shopping and baking and still care, the 11 RINOs voting to end discussion of the START bill and move it to vote were:

Senators Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Robert Bennett (Utah), Scott Brown (Mass.), Thad Cochran (Miss.), Susan Collins (Me.), Bob Corker (Tenn.), Johnny Isakson (Ga.), Richard Lugar (Ind.), Lisa Murkowski (Ak.), Olympia Snowe (Me.), and George Voinovich (Ohio).

Call or email if you’d like, butt, there’s really nothing to be done now. All the votes have been bought and wrapped for delivery later today for the treaty Senator Jon Kyl calls Big Guy’s “I’m not leaving here until I buy a car” treaty.

Once that happens, Big Guy will be able to tear himself away from working overtime for the American people to join us here in his alleged birth island for some well deserved R&R.

By my calculation Lady M won’t be ready to expose herself to sunlight for another 2 or 3 days, following her “spa” treatments.

Butt in case you missed this photo shoot of the O’s joining in all the reindeer games at the Big White last week, here they are at one of the last official Winter Holiday gatherings, singing with an a cappella group:

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama pretend to sing with an a cappella group in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House during a holiday reception, Dec. 10, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton)

This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

Lady M is resplendent in a fabulously bedazzled Marc Jacobs frock made specially for her…


… with expansion joints. I’m not sure they’re supposed to be showing like that however. It almost looks as though they rushed it out of the atelier and forgot to finish the bedazzling.  As Senator John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) said:.

"Now fully accommodated, with their requests entirely met, they come back and say it's being rushed.
Is there no shame? Ever?"

Indeed. Good question. Care to answer it Senator Kerry?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Together in the Ether

Ok, so here are some pictures of my little Christmas tree. For those of you who haven’t visited me in person in the Big White, this is my secret sanctuary bunker in the back of Lady M’s closet in her dressing room on the second floor in the family quarters of the West Wing.


Don’t get all wee-weed up if you happen to spot the booze on the shelf. Lady M likes to keep her secret stash of Dom and Courvoisier in my bunker because it’s very secure and a bit chilly (have to keep my circuits from overheating).


Close-up of my Christmas tree on top of my hotel refrigerator full of Christmas curry, Snausages, roots and grubs (for little Mo)


Closer-up of my Christmas tree – can you see my adorable little paper soldiers? I made them myself!


This is my super secret blogging station. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone.

Here’s a little color coded map for those of you who are planning to visit me here in the Big White.


Secret map of MOTUS sanctuary bunker & boutique


Close-up of Secret map of MOTUS sanctuary bunker & boutique

Don’t worry if you forget to bring your map, just tell the storm trooper at the front desk you have an appointment with MOTUS and Little Mo will come and get you.

So please post your Christmas tree pictures too, right  here. It'll be like we’re all having Christmas together!

Dream A Little DREAM For Me

December 21,Winter Solstice, marks day 4 of our Hawaiian Dream. Lady M, the Wee Wons, little Bo and I left for Hawaii last Saturday.


Upon arrival, poor little Bo  was targeted by the TSA for a full body pat down. He was eventually released in the custody of his handlers.



Unfortunately, that left Big Guy home alone, without his best friend. (Little Bo I mean, not MO.) BO’s been very busy twisting arms over the phone and so far he’s only been partially successful: winning DADT butt losing his DREAM. Although today’s vote is the one nearest to Big Guy’s heart: he’s dreamed of being the President who brings down the U.S. rids the world of nuclear arms since he was just a mere pup himself. And who are we, the American people, to stand in the way of that dream?

So today, the Senate finally votes on the ratification of the START treaty that would let us start destroying our nuclear arms at an accelerated rate at the same time NKorea and Iran are building theirs up.(Think of it as global re-alignment.) Big Guy’s been twisting arms all week to ensure enough votes from his reliable RINOs to ensure that we can do this. It will prove to be embarrassing if Big Guy can’t deliver on the one Winter Holiday present that he promised Dimitri .

bookends“I call, and raise the bid a trillion rubles”

Apparently there’s a bit of push back in the Senate. Something about the sections and amendments in the START Treaty that are written in Russian. Some of the R-words are muttering that the Senate doesn’t pass anything written in Russian. Spanish, yes. Butt Russian: nyet (translation: “No, not yet”).

Lady M and Granny R have some sort of special Winter Solstice services scheduled this morning, to implore the powers of the universe to help Big Guy get his very important treaty ratified. Granny has held these little ceremonies before butt thankfully, my attendance has not been “requested” this time. They always seem to screw up my internal drives and it takes weeks for them to self correct. I suspect it has something to do with magnetic forces, butt I prefer not to think about it.


Well, I have to get to the Spa. They have Winter Solstice specials going on today only, and I have a Glass Wax polish and shine lined up, as well as a special green lithium battery recharge.  I know that the reflections I’ll be called on to make during the coming week will be, shall we say, taxing, so I want to be operating at peak capacity.

Before I go, a weather update from the Big Island: it continues to rain intermittently with snow forecast for the higher altitudes! What’s going on? Is Al Gore spending Christmas here too?

I’m on RIGHTNETWORK With: Lady M’s Just-In-The-Nick-Of-Time Winter Holiday Gift Guide

This is so way exciting! I’m back on RIGHTNETWORK with Lady M’s Christmas Winter Holiday Gift Guide, and not a moment too soon.

If you, like me, are still agonizing over finding that purrrfect gift for that special won, don’t despair. Lady M has gift suggestions for everyone on your list.

So hop in your cyber-sleigh, let your fingers do the walking and get those presents under your Holiday tree!

Monday, December 20, 2010

DADT, and I won’t START with you

Here is the problem with me being in Hawaii with Lady M and the Wee Wons, and Big Guy remaining behind in Washington to “finish up business:”

hero_weeklyaddress_12-18-10_LJ-0299 Official Big White photo: Lawrence Jackson

The Big White releases “official”  photos like this. Now is it just me, or is there a subtle message here? Sort of a DADT posturing? It’s probably just me, the result of jet-lagging. The only other thing I’ll say is that the trees in the Oval have been very nicely decorated.

I normally wouldn’t be focusing on these reflections coming out of Washington, but I don’t have too much else to do here yet. Lady M is busy getting her Winter Holiday “touch-ups” and won’t want to be in the sun for a few days.

So like a junkie, I keep reviewing the stash of Big Guy pics from D.C. and wishing I could aim my refractors at them. Because, to be honest, I’m beginning to detect a pattern, and I suspect some right wing infiltration of our previously rock-solid media block. See if you don’t detect a subtle shift in messaging here, too:

tribal nations conference  Again, with that lefty foot turn and drum rolling down the stairs


open mike day

Big Guy continues to brush up on his lounge act. Here he’s doing    his Tommy Smothers impersonation.


shrinkingI call this one “Our amazing shrinking president is overtaken by the shadow government he created.”

As you can probably tell, idle lenses are the Devil’s workshop. Hopefully I’ll be busy with my day job again soon.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Family Splits Up

I told you that Lady M was not going to stay holed up in Washington with sub-zero (temperatures) when she had a luxurious estate at her disposal in Big Guy’s alleged birth state.

It may be Christmas butt both of the O’s are still busy sacrificing for the American people. Big Guy, by sticking around to throw hissy fits and threaten his lame ducks if they don’t line up correctly (this used to be Rhambo’s job until we sent him into exile). Lady M’s sacrifice involved flying off on our Winter Holiday in Hawaii in a “modest” military jet, a C40B, “one of the smaller and most efficient planes available in the White House fleet for this trip” 

C40B_DVD-1107-2_375x300 This “modest plane” is actually a Boeing 737, ample berth for Lady M en familia  (Aircraft HT:creeper)

And if you don’t think flying on a “military version of a business airplane” isn’t a sacrifice, well then, you just don’t remember how the O’s feel about business.

Perhaps you’ll remember how we felt about the Auto CEO’s flying in for Congressional hearings on their private jets? Which were actually much smaller and more efficient than the C40B –737? Butt that was different. They were greedy pigs, looking for the American taxpayer to pay their way.

Meanwhile, stuck back in the mean halls of Congress, Big Guy’s  wasting no time by celebrating the passage of DADT (well, maybe a little bit, in private). He’s already busy with all his other Winter Holiday wish list items:




BO’s tried out a few clever slogans that he came up with on his own: “START DREAM BUDGET” - “BUDGET START of DREAM” - “DREAM OF BUDGET STARTs”

Butt now that the DREAM has ended, he’s stuck with START BUDGET, or BUDGET START. As you can see, nowhere near as catchy.

alstan goolsbee

Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, nearby, prays for divine intervention to provide a solution to budgeting without dollars.





me and my shadow redux

Meanwhile Big Guy, who seems butt a shadow of his former image, is brushing up on his lounge act just in case he needs a new gig in a couple of years.





oh ohAnd waiting patiently in the wings,  Big Guy’s secretary is licking her chops.






Work, work, work. That’s all we ever do when we’re not on vacation. And now it gets in the way of our traditional Winter Holiday arrival tradition and photo op.

arrival leisThe Hawaiian royals, travelling separately this year, will not be enjoying their traditional arrival lei together