Monday, December 20, 2010

DADT, and I won’t START with you

Here is the problem with me being in Hawaii with Lady M and the Wee Wons, and Big Guy remaining behind in Washington to “finish up business:”

hero_weeklyaddress_12-18-10_LJ-0299 Official Big White photo: Lawrence Jackson

The Big White releases “official”  photos like this. Now is it just me, or is there a subtle message here? Sort of a DADT posturing? It’s probably just me, the result of jet-lagging. The only other thing I’ll say is that the trees in the Oval have been very nicely decorated.

I normally wouldn’t be focusing on these reflections coming out of Washington, but I don’t have too much else to do here yet. Lady M is busy getting her Winter Holiday “touch-ups” and won’t want to be in the sun for a few days.

So like a junkie, I keep reviewing the stash of Big Guy pics from D.C. and wishing I could aim my refractors at them. Because, to be honest, I’m beginning to detect a pattern, and I suspect some right wing infiltration of our previously rock-solid media block. See if you don’t detect a subtle shift in messaging here, too:

tribal nations conference  Again, with that lefty foot turn and drum rolling down the stairs


open mike day

Big Guy continues to brush up on his lounge act. Here he’s doing    his Tommy Smothers impersonation.


shrinkingI call this one “Our amazing shrinking president is overtaken by the shadow government he created.”

As you can probably tell, idle lenses are the Devil’s workshop. Hopefully I’ll be busy with my day job again soon.