Sunday, July 17, 2022

By Morning’s Half Light

Good morning MOTI. Would you look at these lovelies that you sent me this week? The card read “The MOTI love you” – I love you back!


I mean, have you ever seen such beautiful orange roses in your life? I have not.



A brief medical update:  Chemo/immuno therapy will continue at least through August. New tests/scans/MRIs will be conducted sometime during the month to assess the impact. I remain fatigued, as the bone sucking barrage of cancer killing poisons being administered regularly suck energy and leave annoying side effects in its place. It’s nothing I can’t handle, it just leaves me lethargic and non-functional much of the time. PT sessions continue once a week with daily home exercises in an attempt to retrain my brain’s balance center which remains whacked. I’m making progress but remain in the “high risk of fall” category. This is hard for me as perfect balance used to be my one and only claim of athleticism. While it’s hard to just sit and wait, after running through my daily PT drill that’s pretty much all I’m able to do and frankly I’m grateful to be able to do that.

So we are hanging in there. Raj continues to be my rock, my dragon slayer, my cheerleader. He keeps me focused on the bright side of the road and so by morning’s half light we continue our journey.

Morning mood (by Rune Askeland) half lightMorning Mood, Rune Askeland

Once again I thank all of you for your unfailing love, good thoughts, cards, thoughtfulness, support and prayers. Have a peaceful week.