Saturday, September 9, 2023

Happy Caturday, September 9, 2023

June dawns, July noons, August evenings over, finished, done, and gone forever with only the sense of it all left here in his head. Now, a whole autumn, a white winter, a cool and greening spring to figure sums and totals of summer past. - Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

sunrise-sea_thumb2_thumbCatching a Glimpse of Evening Sun, Roos Schuring

While I’ve embraced September, somewhat, I cling to thoughts of summer’s return which I know, if it happens at all, will be brief. Still, a few days of Indian Native American summer would be welcome as a token reminder of summer’s sun-drenched horizons, much of which I missed.

As hurricanes gather their furies I ask simply for a few more days, preferably in October, of warm sunlit days. They ideally will have just enough crispiness around the edges to remind me that it is a fleeting indulgence to be enjoyed gratefully. Then I can move on to the long season of quiescent dormancy.

And catch up on a little reading.

cat so much to unlearn

Happy Caturday.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Time To Adjust The Sails

sailboat reflections

"We can't direct the wind. But we can adjust the sails."

Speaking of adjusting, I was going to try to write a real post for today but I just got a call from my dentist that they have an opening this morning, rather than waiting until November. As I’ve been somewhat lax on my oral care this past year I’m taking it. Doctor and dentist appointments have become my social life .

Anyway, get that spinnaker up! Or down, whichever the situation requires.

sailboat spinaker

Sunday, September 3, 2023

New York Gives New Meaning To The Term “Labor Day Drones”

New York gives new meaning to the term “Labor Day Drones.”

New York police will use drones to monitor backyard parties this weekend, spurring privacy concerns:

Those attending outdoor parties or barbecues in New York City this weekend may notice an uninvited guest looming over their festivities: a police surveillance drone.

The New York City police department plans to pilot the unmanned aircrafts in response to complaints about large gatherings, including private events, over Labor Day weekend, officials announced Thursday.

No longer a holiday for worker bees but rather a chance for the authorities to “deploy the drones!” to ensure your safety.

Steampunk bee. Cyberpunk style. Bronze and steel parts. Retro. 

Because if everyone’s having too much fun your government will order you to go home and think about what you’ve done.  The drones are just there to protect you. Like the Patriot Act.


Maybe we should track them instead of vice versa.