Saturday, April 3, 2021

Is There Nothing the Left Can’t Destroy?

There are three things that America will be known for 2,000 years from now: the Constitution, jazz music, and Baseball. They’re the three most beautifully designed things this culture’s ever produced. - Dr. Gerald Early, Washington University

Well don’t count on it, seeing how things are going. We all know about the left’s deep disdain for the Constitution, verbalized by none other than Barack Hussein Obama who described it as a “charter of negative liberties.” He went on to complain that it

“says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.”**

Yes, precisely. Those limitations were intended as our Constitution’s greatest strength; unfortunately they are what the left hates most about it. And they intend to change it around to the Obamunists worldview of government as your lord and salvation.

And jazz: by all accounts it is now the least favorite musical genre in the country. Which strikes me as strange not simply because I happen to like jazz but because it’s distinct musical style was developed and deeply identified with the black experience in America, a cultural thing which is greatly venerated in all other arenas. The cold sad fact is that jazz has been displaced by hip hop/rap – a “musical” genre that is far more about the black “culture” than it is music.

And now baseball: America’s pastime. Well apparently we can’t have that anymore either. Probably because, like the Constitution, it started out too white. Now it is being used, like everything, as cudgel in the hands of the woke left. 

bo baby baseballBarack, a lefty with a bat even as a kiddo

Because we are not allowed to have a game that is just a game anymore. Football is about BLM and baseball is about voters’ rights…or something.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert Manfred on Friday ordered the sport to relocate its 2021 All-Star Game and amateur player draft out of Atlanta in protest over Georgia’s new voting restrictions. – Reuters

At issue are laws recently passed by Georgia, targeting what critics said were abuses that took place during previous elections. The bill's critics claim that it will disproportionately affect people of color and other marginalized groups. The primary complaint is that voters of color do not have access to government issued IDs, which will now be required to vote. However, the law has provisions for those IDs to be available at no cost. – Post Millennial

I will guarantee you that none of the “disproportionately affected people of color and other marginalized groups” have any problem presenting whatever documentation is required in order to secure any of the other (multiple) governmental benefits the federal government is mandated “to do on their behalf.”

So I suspect the mockingbird media will excoriate President Trump as a “racist” for this statement released late yesterday condemning Major League Baseball's decision to pull the All-Star Game from Atlanta:

“Baseball is already losing tremendous numbers of fans, and now they leave Atlanta with their All-Star Game because they are afraid of the Radical Left Democrats who do not want voter I.D., which is desperately needed, to have anything to do with our elections. Boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with Free and Fair Elections. Are you listening Coke, Delta, and all!” - President Donald Trump

trump pitchPresident Donald Trump: Like him or not, he’s still a straight shooter

But in answer to my own question: Is there nothing the left can’t destroy? In a word, no.

obama pitchPitches left too. Like a girly man.

**FOOTNOTE Obama was wrong about this too, the powers specifically granted to the federal government in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution are: “the power to coin money, to regulate commerce, to declare war, to raise and maintain armed forces, and to establish a Post Office.”

Friday, April 2, 2021

Must We Forgive Them If They Know Exactly What They Are Doing?

Whether we are talking about Anthropogenic global warming (AGW):

The political forces looking to spend the climate trillions and the academia segment supplying the fear want to scrub the climate debate of anything but the scariest scenarios. They want an unwavering allegiance to vigorous spending on climate policy, no matter its effectiveness.  - SDA

or COVID-19, there is only one acceptable position that “reasonable people” are allowed to hold. And you know what that is because it’s pounded into your brain via the Media, the Academy and Politicians (MAP) on a 24/7 basis.

The MAP will happily provide the specifics on the official position you are permitted. If you decline to accept their parameters or, worse, have the impudence to state your own view of the facts minus the lies and distortions underlying the official version, you will be censored and/or canceled. It’s the rule of the enlightened elites. Agree with them and and their NGO crowd and you are golden, disagree and you are a denier/conspiracy theorist who must be squelched or eliminated. Because if you have consensus on your side the science is settled.

Thus it should be no surprise that the gang that fist sold us Global Warming and the Fear, Dread and Draconian tactics required to contain it is the same crowd hawking COVID-19 Fear, Dread and Draconian tactics required to contain it.  Global elitists set the agenda and their handmaidens in politics, education and media implement it.

global-warming-environmental-degradationIs it Global Warming…or is it COVID?

To paraphrase Bill Whittle, ‘globalism’ sounds much nicer than ‘post-American elites selling us out to China.’

Xi crownNever Forget: Trump Was Right About China (among other things)

And speaking of draconian measures, it looks like they don’t really accomplish anything: After Brutal Lockdown, Michigan Now Leads the Nation in COVID-19 Cases Per Population.  Governor Gretchen will tell you that’s why we needed the draconian measures, it would have been sooo much worse otherwise. Rational people will wonder what the point of shutting the state down and destroying thousands of businesses and livelihoods if we are still going to be #1 in the Cootie lottery. That’s why we can no longer have civil discourse around here. You are only allowed to take one side and the elites will tell you what that side is.

Just to underscore the point, allow me to note that this once universally recognized and accepted symbol of faith, whether it was your faith or not, has come to be controversial. Not just that, some would go so far as to claim it is ‘racist.’


Jesus may have died for our sins on this Good Friday but it does seem that the sinners are currently running up the score.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

You Might Just Be An April Fool If…

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” ― George Orwell, 1984

Remember last year when we had to cancel April Fools’ Day because…cooties? Well Google, who really runs the world in case you didn’t know, has decided that we once again are collectively incapable of coping with April Fools’ pranks and therefore canceled it this year too. But even the mighty Google can’t stop the even mightier government agencies from participating in a bit of April Tom-foolery. Take the updated guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on what fully vaccinated people can (and cannot) do.

Guidelines! Get Your Guidelines Here!

covid guidelines stay homeStay Home, Stay Safe, It’s Better That Way. Trust Us.

“Officials” say a person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the last required dose of vaccine. After that you are semi-free to move about the cabin. Emphasis on “semi.” Here’s the latest guidance from your government:


  • Visit other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks or practicing social distancing
  • Visit unvaccinated people from a single household who are at low risk for severe COVID-19 indoors without wearing masks or practicing social distancing 
  • Not quarantine or get tested if exposed to an asymptomatic COVID-19 patient

Oh wait - APRIL FOOLS!


  • Wear masks and practice social distancing in public
  • Wear masks and practice social distancing when visiting unvaccinated people at high risk for severe COVID-19
  • When meeting with vaccinated people from multiple households practice safety measures like masking and social distancing
  • Avoid medium- and large-sized in-person gatherings 
  • Avoid traveling 
  • Get tested if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

See the difference?

And in other April Fools’ news,  it seems that major Fake News outlets are also not recognizing Google’s edict that April Fools’ pranks be banned this year. For example, CNN’s leading story stating that “Biological Sex” Is a Disputed Term, and that there is “No Consensus Criteria for Assigning Sex at Birth.”

Don’t you love it when the Culture Warriors who believe in science-by-consensus get so caught up in their own BS? They forget that sex “assignment” isn’t necessary as nature takes care of that for them via DNA, you know, that old fashioned, non-consensus based science they used to teach in the institutes of higher learning?

But feel free to carry on with your 24/7-365 April Fools’ pranks if you wish. Hopefully much of the world will eventually figure out who the fools actually are.

If you actually care what Sean Penn thinks you need to do in the event of a global crisis…you might just be an April Fool.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Be The Wrangler


good morning chicken

I have a doctor’s appointment this morning so I’m leaving you to your own devices this fine Chicken Hump Day.

But first I ask you: what sort of perv did this?

topless chicks short skirts

Topless baby chicks in short skirts: that’s just twisted. And right before Easter. Most disturbing to me about this photo found on the internet however is that it looks exactly like my kitchen. I just want to go on record saying it is not.

Now get out there and wrangle this hump day into submission.

chicken wrangler 2

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Stop! In The Name Of All That’s Good and Holy.

I see that Oxford has gone all in on the woke/white guilt curriculum.

The University of Oxford is considering scrapping sheet music for being 'too colonial' after staff raised concerns about the 'complicity in white supremacy' in music curriculums.

Please, in the name of all that’s good and holy, make it stop!


I believe The Supremes – Flo, Mary and Diana, not Joe, Brett and Amy -  would agree with me.


Sure, they were just 3 black girls from the ghetto projects who made good, but they sort of liked that supremacy thing. And apparently they had nothing against slapping their name on a really, really white product in order to make a few extra bucks.

The-Supremes-breaad-704x400The-Supremes-White-Bread-packagingThe Supremes Special Formula White Bread from Schaffer Bakery

Of course today the woke crowd would never allow that endorsement to stand. The gals would be shamed into not only removing their name from the product but apologizing profusely for their insensitivity to The Cause.


But back to Oxford and their colonial guilt complex:

Professors are set to reform their music courses to move away from the classic repertoire, which includes the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It claimed that teaching musical notation had 'not shaken off its connection to its colonial past' and would be 'a slap in the face' to some students.

And it added that musical skills should no longer be compulsory because the current repertoire's focus on 'white European music' causes 'students of colour great distress'. 

By all means remove the requirement that you have any musical skill in order to get a degree in music from a formerly prestigious British University. Art talent was long ago waived in the art schools so why not? Besides, who needs symphonies in this day and age anyway?

I Hear A Symphony


For one thing they are so old school; today we’ve got hip-hop/rap, techno/electronic and alternative/steampunk to fill the gap. Clearly classical music belongs in the colonial trash heap of history. And if you don’t believe me, just watch this video on the the evolution of dance, which likewise showcases the evolution of modern music:

If nothing else it will allow you to pinpoint the precise moment in musical time that you became irrelevant. For me it was right after the Macarena.

Monday, March 29, 2021

A Bit of Goose-Stepping Humor - Too Soon?

I know most of you have seen the clip of Alena Lee, (Asian) weatherbabe, (sexist) apologizing for running the clip featuring Kitler the Kat (white supremacist).
kitler the cat

She honestly should have known better: the left is currently demanding reparations for something that occurred 150 years ago; it should have been obvious that it’s too soon to make jokes about something that happened a mere 80 years ago.

I would say “show me the person who feels this portrayal of a cat born with a Hitler moustache in any way glorifies Nazis rather than ridiculing them” but apparently they are legion. Taking umbrage to the point of demanding a sincere apology for what was clearly a silly Caturday night cat schtick pretty much confirms the long-standing diagnosis that the left has collectively lost their sense of humor along with any semblance of innate irony. So no “Furred Reich” or “Mine Purrer!” jokes for them: it’s too soon.

A brief re-cap so far:

Funny: mein trump2

Not funny:

obama hitler

I’m honestly not sure where this image of a goose-stepping magpie falls in the scheme of leftist PC humor.

magpie step
But on the Alinsky scale of “ridicule is man's most potent weapon” I would award it high points.

Obama goose stepping : photoshopbattles

Of course it’s waaay too soon to even think about making jokes about Dear Leader.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Palm Sunday: Remember How This Whole Thing Works

It was relatively warm yesterday so I took the opportunity to prune the Quickfire and Little Limelight hydrangeas scattered around the front of the house. They were all still wearing their tan winter mopheads from last season that needed to be snipped in anticipation of a new season’s growth.

Against the backdrop of muffled kids’ voices playing basketball down the street the quietude allowed me to reflect on how perfect these hydrangea varieties are. They bloom early, provide numerous large flowers well into the fall. Starting out pure white they first turn a light blush growing into a deeper pink until by late fall, they are a deep, deep crimson. You can cut them all summer and they will continue to produce new flowers that you can leave on the bush all winter where they provide a lovely muted tan backdrop for winter snow. Come spring, since they bloom on new wood, you can prune them back to the size you wish and with the requisite sun, water and food, the cycle starts anew.

pears and hydrangeaAugust Quickfire bounty

The Little Limelights are also new wood bloomers whose blooms are smaller and start out – surprise! – lime green before turning pinkish towards fall.

hydrangea and sedumMy Little Limelights with Autumn Joy sedum

My backyard is filled with the older pee gee hydrangea macrophylla variety. They are a different breed and require entirely different handling in that they bloom on old wood. If pruned correctly they yield  huge blue or pink tones, depending you how acidic your soil is or how you amend it.


The Pee Gees were glorious in their youth, once I discovered their proper care and handling. But as the years marched on and they fell into full shade as all the trees matured they stopped blooming altogether. I should have transplanted them years ago, when both I and they were younger and stronger. Still, they provide a reliable green albeit barren border year after year that requires ever so little; just some water, a bit of nourishment and a haircut from time to time.

So on this fine Palm Sunday, as plans are made for the Resurrection, and rebirth begins across all of the Northern Hemisphere, let us reflect a bit on the lovely metaphor we’ve been given in the here and now, and remember how this whole thing works.


Birth, death, renewal. Ever shall it be thus.