Monday, March 29, 2021

A Bit of Goose-Stepping Humor - Too Soon?

I know most of you have seen the clip of Alena Lee, (Asian) weatherbabe, (sexist) apologizing for running the clip featuring Kitler the Kat (white supremacist).
kitler the cat

She honestly should have known better: the left is currently demanding reparations for something that occurred 150 years ago; it should have been obvious that it’s too soon to make jokes about something that happened a mere 80 years ago.

I would say “show me the person who feels this portrayal of a cat born with a Hitler moustache in any way glorifies Nazis rather than ridiculing them” but apparently they are legion. Taking umbrage to the point of demanding a sincere apology for what was clearly a silly Caturday night cat schtick pretty much confirms the long-standing diagnosis that the left has collectively lost their sense of humor along with any semblance of innate irony. So no “Furred Reich” or “Mine Purrer!” jokes for them: it’s too soon.

A brief re-cap so far:

Funny: mein trump2

Not funny:

obama hitler

I’m honestly not sure where this image of a goose-stepping magpie falls in the scheme of leftist PC humor.

magpie step
But on the Alinsky scale of “ridicule is man's most potent weapon” I would award it high points.

Obama goose stepping : photoshopbattles

Of course it’s waaay too soon to even think about making jokes about Dear Leader.