Friday, April 2, 2021

Must We Forgive Them If They Know Exactly What They Are Doing?

Whether we are talking about Anthropogenic global warming (AGW):

The political forces looking to spend the climate trillions and the academia segment supplying the fear want to scrub the climate debate of anything but the scariest scenarios. They want an unwavering allegiance to vigorous spending on climate policy, no matter its effectiveness.  - SDA

or COVID-19, there is only one acceptable position that “reasonable people” are allowed to hold. And you know what that is because it’s pounded into your brain via the Media, the Academy and Politicians (MAP) on a 24/7 basis.

The MAP will happily provide the specifics on the official position you are permitted. If you decline to accept their parameters or, worse, have the impudence to state your own view of the facts minus the lies and distortions underlying the official version, you will be censored and/or canceled. It’s the rule of the enlightened elites. Agree with them and and their NGO crowd and you are golden, disagree and you are a denier/conspiracy theorist who must be squelched or eliminated. Because if you have consensus on your side the science is settled.

Thus it should be no surprise that the gang that fist sold us Global Warming and the Fear, Dread and Draconian tactics required to contain it is the same crowd hawking COVID-19 Fear, Dread and Draconian tactics required to contain it.  Global elitists set the agenda and their handmaidens in politics, education and media implement it.

global-warming-environmental-degradationIs it Global Warming…or is it COVID?

To paraphrase Bill Whittle, ‘globalism’ sounds much nicer than ‘post-American elites selling us out to China.’

Xi crownNever Forget: Trump Was Right About China (among other things)

And speaking of draconian measures, it looks like they don’t really accomplish anything: After Brutal Lockdown, Michigan Now Leads the Nation in COVID-19 Cases Per Population.  Governor Gretchen will tell you that’s why we needed the draconian measures, it would have been sooo much worse otherwise. Rational people will wonder what the point of shutting the state down and destroying thousands of businesses and livelihoods if we are still going to be #1 in the Cootie lottery. That’s why we can no longer have civil discourse around here. You are only allowed to take one side and the elites will tell you what that side is.

Just to underscore the point, allow me to note that this once universally recognized and accepted symbol of faith, whether it was your faith or not, has come to be controversial. Not just that, some would go so far as to claim it is ‘racist.’


Jesus may have died for our sins on this Good Friday but it does seem that the sinners are currently running up the score.