Saturday, August 25, 2018

A(nother) Rainy Day

This is sort of how I feel today:

not blind seen enough sowsear

And since I’m not really blind, I’m taking the day off to read a good book. A hammock would be nice…

hammock on the beach

but for all the rain, which would recommend that I take my book inside.


Have a good day regardless of the amount of global warming, liquid or otherwise, coming your way.


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Friday, August 24, 2018

#FLOTUSFriday: Fail Edition


CNN weighed in on Melania’s cyberbullying campaign in the predictable manner: Is Melania Trump trolling her husband? The ever venerable New York Times followed suit a day later with an opinion piece by Frank Bruni (former NYT restaurant critic turned social/political columnist) titled “Melania Trump Could Be Our Greatest First Lady Ever” which posits oh-so-cleverly that Melania may be – wait for it – trolling her husband!

The premise is that Melania is a) a hypocrite, b) a Stepford wife, or c) conducting a passive aggressive attack on her husband. I can’t and don’t recommend you read either of these sophomoric offerings but I will say that  the real pay dirt is in the comments section of the NYT piece. There, amongst the spittle and animosity, lies an irrational, psychopathic enmity. Burdened by such rancor and malice it’s hard to imagine these people getting anything done in life other than ranting.

Not that I can’t relate on some level. Lord knows we had our share of dark days during the Obama occupation as the fundamental Transformers set about turning America into a socialist paradise. But at least we tried to laugh about it as we did our best to cope while planning their ultimate takedown. These people are not having any fun at all. Their manic rantings contain no cleverness, no creativity, no originality - just more tired accusations, kvetching, and malignant ill-will towards the President – all of which they they project unto his FLOTUS as well. It’s textbook psychopathy.

And as for the cyberbullying, nobody does it better than CNN and the New York Times so they can just shut up about it. In fact the entire media establishment along with the swamp masters who are aiding and abetting them should take the advice of their Black Jesus idol:

"You don't like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election. Push to change it. But don't break it." - Barack Obama October, 2013

Of course Barry didn’t really mean that, and neither do I. In fact, to paraphrase the great Rush Limbaugh, I hope they fail.

fail cake

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Propaganda: Bad For Your Brain, Bad For Your Country

Have you ever wondered what 12-16 years of public propaganda education looks like these days?  This:

Warning: graphic image ahead.

brain on propagandaDON’T DO PROPAGANDA!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Guns Don’t Kill People…

Yesterday certainly was what talking heads would call a “big news day.” Cohen, doing “what’s best for my family” took a plea bargain and Manafort was found guilty on 8 counts of not colluding with Russia. But the real story was the arrest of Cristhian Bahena Rivera  - an illegal immigrant in the USA for either 4 or 7 years, nobody seems to know for sure - for the murder of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts.

As our very own for karrie so succinctly noted:

“So when a gun is used to take a life, the left wants to get rid of guns, yet when an illegal alien takes a life, silence.”


*crickets* - Spreading their damage all over America’s fields.


Cornfield locust damage

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Even When We’re All the Same, There Will Always be LGBTIA

Question: Can you ever be too woke?

Answer: Yes.

Social Justice Warriors will only be satisfied when we are all unisex. Once again, Japan is way ahead of us:

Of course there will always be LGBTQIA!


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Monday, August 20, 2018

Good Morning, Sunshine

Sometimes it rains,

rain at the beach with chairs

sometimes it shines.


Sometimes it looks like rain but you’re still surrounded by sun.

sunflowers in field

All that talk about Van Gogh yesterday had me dreaming of sunflowers fields all night.

sunflowers 1080x1920

May your day be surrounded by sunshine, regardless of the weather.

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

On the Passing of Kofi Annan

God forgive me, but on hearing about the passing of Kofi Annan all I could think of was my favorite breakfast:

Twenty40-Kouign-Amann-Coffee2-min-683x1024Covfefe and Kouign Amman

Black Covfefe and Kouign Amman. That’s how my brain works before covfefe.

In case you’re not familiar with this hard to pronounce (kween-a-mon) pastry it’s a Belgian “cake” comprised of nothing more than buttery pastry layered with sugar that caramelizes to a lacquer coating in the oven. Often described as a cross between a croissant and brioche,

Kouign-amann  Breton cake

I’d say it’s more like a puffy version of a palmier.

palmiersFrench palmier

Eat the first KA at your own peril as they are addictive – don’t say I didn’t warn you. I had my first at Les Madeleine’s in Salt Lake. Next thing I knew, I was making weekly trips down the mountain from Park City to satiate my craving. Then Whole Foods came to town, and if I got up early enough I could snag a fix right down the street. Alas, they are much harder to come by now that I’m back in Motown; I even ventured to a local Whole Foods – not a place I gladly shop - looking for them only to discover they don’t make them in these parts. So I went through withdrawal cold turkey. It was not pretty but at least I lost a few pounds.

But in researching this post look what I discovered: they’re available at Trader Joes – oh Noes! Now the whole ugly cycle is likely to begin again. Although on closer inspection I see the post on TJ’s KAs is from 2014. Odds are better than even that they no longer carry them because every. single. item. I’ve ever discovered and come to love from Trader Joe’s has subsequently been discontinued. Pray that’s the case with their do-it-yourself KAs as well, otherwise I’ll be a junkie again as fast as you can say “black coffee and a Kouign Amann please.”

So have a good day, I have to run as my local Trader Joe’s opens at 8:00 am. Thanks a lot, Kofi Annan.

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