Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Story of O: As Written By a Failed Novelist

My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains.
Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ozymandias

Remember this feel-good moment from 2009?

On September 9, 2009, as President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to outline his proposal for reforming health care he said: "There are also those who claim that our reform effort will insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false – the reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally." In a breach of decorum, Wilson pointed at Obama and shouted, "You lie!" twice. - Wiki

He was – lying, that is. In the way only politicians, lawyers and thieves do; technically accurate butt factually incorrect. Illegals are not “eligible” for Obamacare, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get it. It looks like 3/4 of a trillion dollars at last count. Well, they did come here for love and a better life.

I note this only to illustrate how you can get away with truly remarkable lies if you have the cooperation of the media:


“I never had sex with that woman, Ms Lewinski.”

“I never asked anyone to lie, not one time. Ever.”

Every modern day tyrant has understood that, implicitly.


“If you like your plan you can keep your plan.”

“It was the video.”

So, even if you have an email that confirms what you’ve said is a lie:

“"National security aide Ben Rhodes instructed UN Ambassador Susan Rice – copying President Obama’s entire political team at the White House – that her goal on the Sunday shows following the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi should be to “underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

As long as the complicit media goes along with the lie, you can continue to fabricate with impunity:

For the White House, it's been one glorious fiction after another. Russia was a "reset." Libya was a success. So was the pivot to Asia. The tide of war is receding. There was a red line in Syria (until there wasn't). The Iran nuclear program is now "exclusively peaceful." America's standing in the world is now -- according to a White House tally of nameless surveys -- higher than when Obama took office. PJ Media

And now, during the final leg of the Big Lie, they’ve grown so bold that they’re using the media to brag about how clever by half they’ve been. This week’s NYT Magazine cover piece titled The Aspiring Novelist Who Became Obama's Foreign-Policy Guru explains how Ben Rhodes spins, writes and creates from whole cloth the story of O:

As the Times noted, Obama’s foreign policy is being crafted by a 38-year old failed novelist [Ben Rhodes] who sees reporters as pawns and dupes to disseminate whatever story he wants to tell them:

Like Obama, Rhodes is a storyteller who uses a writer’s tools to advance an agenda that is packaged as politics but is often quite personal. He is adept at constructing overarching plotlines with heroes and villains, their conflicts and motivations supported by flurries of carefully chosen adjectives, quotations and leaks from named and unnamed senior officials. He is the master shaper and retailer of Obama’s foreign-policy narratives, at a time when the killer wave of social media has washed away the sand castles of the traditional press.

As Rhodes admits, it’s not that hard to shape the narrative. “All these newspapers used to have foreign bureaus,” Rhodes said. “Now they don’t. They call us to explain to them what’s happening in Moscow and Cairo. Most of the outlets are reporting on world events from Washington. The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.” -PJ Media

Ben, I see you are obviously a great admirer of the Gruber school of disdain for the American people:


"I mean, this bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes the bill dies. Okay? So it’s written to do that…Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not."Townhall

Butt back to Ben, who continues to brag about another big lie the media let the White House pull off, the Iran deal:

Those readers who found Jeffrey Goldberg's picture of Obama in his March Atlantic profile refreshing for the president's willingness to insult American allies publicly will be similarly cheered here by Rhodes's boast of deceiving American citizens, lawmakers, and allies over the Iran deal. Conversely, those who believe Obama risked American interests to take a cheap shot at allies from the pedestal of the Oval Office will be appalled to see Rhodes dancing in the end zone to celebrate the well-packaged misdirections and even lies—what Rhodes and others call a "narrative"—that won Obama his signature foreign policy initiative.Weekly Standard

No wonder Ben’s a “failed novelist;” every hack knows that hubris is ultimately the downfall of the anti-hero.


Or if we’re lucky, the dustbin of history.

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Friday, May 6, 2016


We have a new arm of the Republican party, the #NeverTrump camp. Membership requires only that you are unhappy with the apparent presidential nominee and wish to send a message, although at this juncture it’s unclear exactly who you’re sending it to.

Membership thus far includes George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Gov. Bruce Rauner, and John McCain. Still on the fence: Speaker Ryan. He says he’s not ready to endorse Trump yet.

You know who I bet is ready to endorse Trump? Paul’s primary opponent, Paul Nehlen:

He’s running his own Dump campaign:

dump ryan

The #NeverTrump camp expresses a wide range of issues with Trump: he blew up their son’s/brother’s campaign, they find him too coarse, they think he’s going to cost them the votes of illegal immigrants they were counting on…the reasons are many and varied.

Often cited are rock solid conservative principles – principles as we’ve seen are likely to be set aside as soon as your candidate is entrenched in office anyway. Butt sitting home on your principles or voting for a candidate from the other party whose principles you also don’t support seems, at best, counterproductive. Worse, it makes you a member of the #HillaryByProxy cabal.


Now available in the MOTUS store! Get them before they’re gone, the Bush family ordered 100 gross.

It is an unfortunate fact of life in general and politics in particular that we often must choose between the lesser of two evils. I am aware that many intellectual luminaries have opined that choosing between two evils is still choosing evil. Among the enlightened is chief Dead Head Jerry Garcia (RIP):

Do you vote? No. Why? I don't feel there's anything to vote for yet. Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. – Rolling Stone, 1989

I would take issue with the wisdom of such inaction. And if you’re to follow the advice of an old, dead, amoral celebrity on such a critical issue I would suggest you at least consider that of Mae West:

Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.

In fact, I think that might make a great slogan for the Trump campaign:

trump_thumb[1] WM

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Great Chicken Controversy


chicken egg

Q.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

                         A.  Does it really matter if you believe believe in gay marriage?

The outpost of left wing totalitarianism raised it’s [trigger warning] ugly little head again in NYC. Mayor de Blasio joined Councilman Danny Dromm from Queens in calling for a boycott of Chick-fil-A restaurants in the city. As a rationale Domm issued the following statement:

“Chick-fil-A is anti-LGBT.” This group imparts a strong anti-LGBT message by forcing their employees and volunteers to adhere to a policy that prohibits same-sex love,” he said. “It is outrageous that Chick-fil-A is quietly spreading its message of hate by funding these types of organizations.” - – NY Business Journal

As far as I can tell (and I’ve looked) nobody has challenged Domm’s unprovable claim that Chick-fil-A forces employees to “adhere to a policy that prohibits same-sex love.” 

chick fil a boycottThe great Chick-fil-A boycott of 2012:  how’s that working out for you?

On it’s face the claim is contrary to the company’s long standing statement:

"The Chick-fil-A culture and service tradition in our restaurants is to treat every person with honor, dignity and respect – regardless of their beliefs, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender," the statement said. "We are a restaurant company comprised of 80,000 individuals who represent different backgrounds and beliefs, and we are all focused on offering great food, service and hospitality."

And I’ve likewise never seen evidence that believing in the biblical definition of marriage makes you a “hater.” In Wonderland however, that religious/cultural belief is prima facie evidence of bigotry. And prima facie is sufficient to land a guilty verdict. Apparently the left’s beloved concept of separation of church and state does not apply to corporations.

So be prepared to get your mind straight [apologies, that probably required a trigger warning]. The New Totalitarians (NewTols™) are no longer content with making you deal with their beliefs, now they require you to embrace them.


They believe in the state religion of Global Warming, so you will be required to enact its tenets. They believe in gay marriage so you will be required to as well, even if your religion rejects it. Because religions are not allowed to be racist, sexist or homophobic. Unless you are a religion of peace.

So while the Islamo-Fascists continue to brutalize and behead gays with impunity, America’s NewTols

calvin well adjusted chickenSee, you let the chicken believe in traditional marriage and the next thing you know…

will go after civilization's real enemies: salt, soda, trans-fats and Chick-fil-A. So don’t worry world, America’s got this one.

Oh, and by the way, Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises in NYC will henceforth be required to use at least 50% black chickens.

cemani-chickens black-03

While they run about $2000 each, don’t worry about the price; at $15/hr for the chicken handlers you already won’t be able to afford it.

chick lineup bullshit

Final quiz question:

Q.  Why did the chicken cross the road?

A.   To come home to roost.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

MOTUS’ Twilight Nocturne Lounge: A Legendary Evening at P’jazz


Welcome to MOTUS’ Pop Up Twilight Nocturne Lounge. The roadies are still busy setting up for tonight’s performances and I must say, it may well be our best lineup yet.

 MTNL Scene

Before the music starts and you order a drink we have to time-travel to tonight’s pop up venue: 1980’s Detroit. Welcome aboard the fantasy night flight: it’s a balmy spring evening and we’ve just arrived in the lobby of the Hotel Pontchartrain (aka “the Ponch”) for the weekly P’jazz concert. We take the elevator to the rooftop terrace, stroll over to the railing and gaze south across the Detroit River at the lights of Windsor, Ontario and sigh. Then we weave our way through the sold out gathering of urban professionals and take a seat at a not quite big enough table and order cocktails - Crown Royal Manhattans, I believe.

P’jazz on the Pontchartrain’s terrace is a wildly popular ticket in Detroit’s financial district in the 1980s, catering to the after work crowd and featuring some of the best live jazz anywhere. It’s the perfect place to chill. Our featured cocktail this evening was created in 1937 in a restaurant directly across the street from the Ponch called the Pontchartrain Wine Cellars. It’s called Cold Duck and no, dear, AndrĂ© did NOT invent it. When made correctly it was quite good.

cold duck2

Cold Duck:

One Part fine Burgundy Wine (Chilled)

One Part fine Champagne (Chilled)

Fruit was discouraged, a champagne coupe required

Our alternate featured cocktail for this evening is the Red Eye, suggested by BakkenWag:

Red Eye:

2 shots vodka
½ shot Campari
½ shot extra-dry vermouth
1 shot fresh orange juice

Shake all ingredients together with ice in a shaker and strain into a
chilled glass. Garnish with two candied cicadas* on a stick, if

Little Mo reports however, that he has eaten our entire supply of candied cicadas*, so if you want a garnish, you’ll have bring your own. I’ve reprinted Bakken Wag’s recipe below if you care to make them. The only tricky part is finding the cicadas as I understand they only emerge once every 17 years.

I see our first group is taking the stage now; Ramsey Lewis, founder of the Urban Knights,


They are going to perform my absolute, all-time favorite chill tune, Hearts of Longing. I think you all know the drill by now: if you need a drink or a refill just nod at Little Mo behind the bar. He knows what you want.


If you’d like a special treat, here’s a link to a video of the Urban Knights’ legendary concert in Washington, D.C. from 1996. Audio and video quality aren’t so good so we settled for this rendition:

Hearts Of Longing: Urban Knights

Taking the stage next is one of my two all-time favorite blues guitarists, Stevie Ray Vaughn (RIP). These days Stevie is usually found jamming with my other all-time favorite blues guitarist, B.B. King, somewhere east of Eden, butt tonight he’s agreed to time travel to my lounge to perform Riviera Paradise. So without further adieu…

Riviera Paradise: Stevie Ray Vaughn

And here’s a tune that’s quite special to me, and perfect for a chill-set: Bob James, Women of Ireland

Women of Ireland: Bob James

Followed by the awesomeness of Santana:

Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile): Santana

Wrapping up this evening’s program, we welcome a P’jazz favorite and regular, from across the river, Alexander Zonjic, performing Oblivion…which seems to be a great way to wrap up the first 4 months of the primary season. If you haven’t yet reached it, oblivion that is, I see Little Mo’s still behind the bar.


Oblivion: Alexander Zonjic

And now, most everybody has headed out of the Motor City for the ‘burbs. Butt for those of us still swaying to the music and still nodding to Little Mo, here’s an encore for last call: Ronnie Jordan performing After Hours (The Antidote)…and who doesn’t need one?

After Hours (The Antidote): Ronny Jordan

*Candied Cicadas

1 pound cicadas (Ed: Only 1 pound, more would be excessive!)
1 cup white sugar
2 tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp salt
3 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350°F (177°C). Spread cicadas in a single layer over a
baking sheet. Roast for approximately 15-20 minutes, or until the
cicadas start to turn brown and are thoroughly dried out.

Stir together sugar, cinnamon, salt, and milk in a medium saucepan.
Cook over medium-high heat for eight minutes, or until the mixture
reaches the soft ball stage at 236°F (113°C). Remove from heat, and stir
in vanilla immediately.

Add cicadas to sugar syrup, and stir to coat well. Spoon onto waxed
paper, and immediately separate cicadas with a fork. Cool and store in
airtight containers. – be sure to keep the lid on, as these little buggers seem to have more staying power than cockroaches.

Now relax, enjoy the show, don’t eat too many of those candied cicadas, and if you’re designated driver doesn’t show join Raj and me at the Lafayette Coney Island for some late night fare. We can call for an Uber car when we’re done.


NOTE: Tickets for tonight’s performance  have been provided courtesy of the Concert Database.

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A Bad Goodbye

As I presciently reflected last February, Trump was inevitable:

Henry II: The day those stout hearts band together is the day that pigs get wings.

pigs in trees

Eleanor: There'll be pork in the treetops come morning. – A Lion in Winter

And well, that’s that. Yes, I’m disappointed. Cruz was my guy from the gate. Butt that ship has sailed. And honestly, like others before him,Ted also disappointed along the way. I believe I’ve mentioned that all politicians will eventually break your heart. They’re just people after all, burdened with all the human faults and foibles we all have - only more so.

For this bittersweet parting I offer up the ultimate breakup song:

A Bad Goodbye


So time to man-up and pull our line together. I know there are many #NeverTrump-sters out there. I know he’s not really a conservative butt he’s also not a communist, a socialist or a felon. I know he shoots his mouth off and attacks any comers who dare criticize him. I know that his manner can be quite off-putting. It’s called fighting dirty. It’s what Democrats do. Principles are lovely things, butt when your country is literally being overrun with illegals and crushed by socialist programs with their attendant debt, it’s time to put your principles in storage for a bit and fight dirty.

Because the two things we know for sure is 1)  Democrat “campaigns” are always run by Alinsky’s Rules and 2) Republicans won’t use them so they lose. The Donald is one of the few on our side who is quite willing to fight dirty, and the only one who really knows how to do it. When he gets down in the mud he leaves more muck on his opponent than himself. He’s combined The Art of the Deal with Alinsky’s Rules. We would be foolish not to support the first Republican in a very long time who’s willing to push back rather than simply slow the rate of the enemy’s advancement.

I know none of us knows for sure what he’ll do if elected. Butt we do know what Clinton et al will and frankly I find that much more alarming. At least with Trump we get a wall. And perhaps we won’t have to pawn the country.

1405998348000-Pawn-America-Roseville-robberyPrincess Alais: Kings, queens, knights everywhere you look and I'm the only pawn. I haven't got a thing to lose - that makes me dangerous. – A Lion in Winter

So tonight why don’t we set politics aside. Following the very stressful “If it’s Tuesday it must be Indiana” primary tour we can all chillax for a few hours at the MOTUS Twilight Nocturne Lounge.


Here are the details:





white russiancutcaster-photo-100544883-Black-Russian-cocktail

Hope to see you all there.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

“Forget it boys, I’ve got a vagina and you don’t.”

For a minute there I thought this breaking news - 100 year-old woman breaks record for 100 yard dashwas about Hillary clinching the Democrat nomination. Butt It wasn’t even about the Democrats’ 100 year old woman:


It was about a real 100 year-old runner, Ida Keeling, in Philadelphia.

ida keeling breaking record

The 122nd Penn Relays at Franklin Field in West Philadelphia brought together athletes from all corners of track and field, but the record-breaking performance by 100-year-old Ida Keeling was perhaps the biggest highlight.

On Saturday, Keeling broke the world record for the 100-yard dash for her age group (80 years and older).




And Ida has a few tips for Hillary on how to stay in shape and run successfully. For one thing, you have to actually work out: Calisthenics,

 ida yoga mat

and some actual yoga stretches keep you young and supple:



Unlike the Dem’s 100 year old woman, who just deletes emails about her yoga routines.

And yet somehow she keeps on keeping on. So possibly lying is the key to longevity after all. At least in politics.


textual relations copy


So just a reminder to all you Hoosiers out there (or Hoosier wanna-bees if you’re voting Democratic) don’t forget to cast your vote(s) today. Because remember: no matter who you love, Hillary will walk away with the delegates. Because that’s the way we roll. It’s called “virtual running”



and it works so well that the Republicans have decided to adopt the marathon’s rules in certain markets.

However, Indiana doesn’t appear to be one of those markets, so tune in tonight for the election returns. It could be…interesting.  We know the 100 year old woman will win, butt this could determine who she’ll be running against.

Of course you know what Hilz’ response will be to whichever Republican wins:


“What difference at this point does it make?”

Because she’s running with her 100 year old lady parts, and that trumps everything. There. I said it.

hill old 1160301221008-t1-bernie-hillary-trump-comp-parry-large-169

“Forget it boys, I’ve got a vagina and you don’t.”

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Monday, May 2, 2016

“Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.”

I really didn’t want to, butt in the end, curiosity got the better of me so I read the “White Fragility” article linked by dchrist81 yesterday.

When you see an event titled Whiteness History Month at a college you can’t expect it to be a celebration of White history. And it wasn’t; rather it is a month long event at Portland (where else?) Community College geared more to eliminating than honoring the White race. (And if you think that’s racist, this event’s definitely designed for you.)

In a talk entitled “Imagine A World Without Whiteness,” Harrison declared confidently conflict can only cease once the power structure of whiteness is totally eliminated.

For Harrison, the term whiteness is essentially a social category to which whites belong. And a social category, Harrison continued, is a group of people sharing in a common similar (sic) attributes, even if they have never actually met.

“So whiteness, white people, share a whole lot of things, even if they don’t interact, and one thing that they share is whiteness, or white privilege,” Harrison said. Daily Caller


Are we clear then?

One such idea is called “white fragility”, where you’re racist if you push back against the people who imagine a world without whiteness or who openly say they want to breed white people out of existence.

And why would you want to push back against that? Just concede.

Mugged privilege

So okay, we all understand white privilege,


butt are you still confused about this concept of “white fragility”?  The organizers provide guidance:

White fragility is a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium.”

Allow me to untangle that for you: white fragility means your lizard brain takes control when faced with race and/or being accused of anything racist; you are no longer in control. Your reaction is preconditioned and you can’t help it, it just happens.


You automatically recoil when assholes your betters accuse you of being a racist -  because you’re white, and, your lizard brain. You can’t deal with this rationally, again, because you’re white.

White fragility is, at its essence, a [ed. - trigger warning!] gun level pushback. It’s like the fight or flight response of white people who want to believe that they, and the world by extension, are less racially divisive than they really are.”

Actually I’m beginning to see why this is perfect for the Snowflake Generation; takes the blame off them and puts it back on their parents (for being white) and their lizard brain, which they have no control over.

yo mama white

Actually this is all starting to make sense to me now.  We respond to race and racist charges exclusively with our lizard brains -  eschewing the logic and rational thought process available to the functioning brain. It’s like liberalism. They think we all suffer from it.

One of the conference presenters, Melinda Bullen, describes this aspect of white fragility:

Seeing yourself as well-meaning removes responsibility for our actions… Good intentions are one of the great hindrances to honest conversations about race. There’s a feeling of action when we view a painful situation using the reason of good intention. But it doesn’t do anything to affect the impact that the action had on someone else… I want you to gather in groups of three. And I’d like you to discuss the impact white fragility has on your work, organization, or those you serve through our organization.”

I think I’ve found something I finally, totally, agree with a progressive on: the ash bin of history is filled with the remains of the well intentioned - along with millions of  people who were “collateral damage” to their “good intentions.”



“Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.” - African Queen

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Keeping It Classy Around Here Since 2009

On display at last night’s White House Correspondents Dinner were all the skills that landed Barry in office in the first place: a keen ability to deliver lines written by others in a convincing manner. Which just so happens to be the #1 requirement on top 10 qualities of a great actor:

  1. Is Captivating: A great actor is so convincing in a role that he can hold an audience captive and make them feel as if there is nothing but the story at hand.

In fact, after a brief reading, I think he can check off all 10 on the list, #10 being:

10.  Has Some Sense of Vanity: A great actor has at least some degree of vanity that drives them to continue to improve and excel at the craft.

obama selfie

The guy is obviously a natural; he just missed his casting call.

Check it out for yourself, if you have the time and the fortitude. If not just trust me, despite all the hilarious material written for him about Hillary, Bernie, Ted and the Donald, this was the most hysterical line of the night, Barry, discussing his stunning final year approval numbers:

“The last time I was this high, I was trying to decide on my major.” 

Possibly because it was the only joke not aimed at someone else, and possibly because it might be true.

young bo obama stoned 1981 NY(and finally - here’s his transcript)

In fact, Barry was soooo good, he made MC Larry Wilmore – Jon Stewart’s replacement on the Daily Show in case you were wondering – look bad. Of course Larry didn’t need a lot of help; starting with this racial zinger:

"Welcome to negro night here in Washington. Or as Fox will report, two thugs interrupt elegant dinner in D.C."

And he then proceeded to call Ben Carson a “jiggaboo,” ticked CNN’s Don Lemmon off enough to get him to give him the finger - live on camera -

don lennon flipping bird giffy

and wrapped up with this send off to the Prezzie: “Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga!” 

Yo, Barry, keeping the WHCD classy-for-the-massy, my man! Or in the immortal words of Jon Gabriel’s Tweet:


Anyway,  speaking of classy, did you see MO’s gown? A Givenchy number with hand placed crystals – can you even imagine what that must have cost!?! Not that money is an object when you’re being historical. And it was Lady M’s last ever WHDC, at least as FLOTUS.


“As America's most stylish political leader, First Lady Michelle Obama has truly outshined herself at her final White House Correspondents' Dinner. 

Donning a shimmering champagne-colored gown with an attached overlay embellished with crystals, the 52-year-old political figure was the epitome of classic style and grace.” - E News

And not that it wasn’t worth every dime somebody paid for it, butt it was a bit derivative. Lady Bey, her girls’ role model, (sort of) wore a crystal embedded Givenchy last year:


As did J-Lo:


And arguably Jenna DeWan wore the look better than any of them – or is that some kind of a microaggresion?

Jenna Dewan

Oh well, all’s well that ends well, and Big Guy made sure the 2016 WHCD ended on a very good note. Keeping the week’s Royal dropped mic meme alive, here’s how our very cool, oh-so-hip acting president wrapped things up:

bo mic drop

As I said, our acting president: keeping it classy around here since 2009. BOOM!

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