Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mic Drop: Droppin’ the Boom!

Prince Harry and Lady M have a long standing relationship, which stretches way back to 2013 when she still had bangs.

gty_prince_harry_michelle_obama_jef_ss_130513_sshGetting together for tea in 2013 – ahead of Harry’s Vegas escapades

And last year they got together in Washington again to discuss plans and promote the 2016 Invictus Games – a multi-country, multi-sport event for injured or wounded military active service and veterans.

Last year Lady M took Harry to a veteran’s wheelchair basketball game; there were the usual tense moments, cheering, and  man-spreading:

michelle-obama-prince-harry-inline-7Prince Harry, I mean

The first Invictus Games were held in London in 2014. Prince Harry has been the driving force behind these games which highlight the incredible effect sport has to inspire and help the recovery of servicemen and women who have been injured while serving their country. Butt this year things spiraled a bit out of control, as the Won’s and the Windsors engaged in a little trans-Atlantic twitter trash talkin’.

Ha ha! All in good fun, for a good cause. Butt is nothing sacred anymore? The POTUS and FLOTUS challenging the House of Windsor to a throw down? Using our servicemen and women as goofy props in a trans-Atlantic mic drop?

33A847AB00000578-3565962-image-a-114_1461943506214Our Gang Leaders, with their Homies, trash talkin’ the Royals.

To quote the Queen: “Oh really? Please.”

For the throw down video Lady M choose a reasonably priced little number by Jason Wu, who also designed her first historic inaugural prom dress:

jason wu scribble dress invictus 

I don’t know why she had it modified with cap sleeves. The original looks more to Lady M’s taste: sleeveless, wide shoulder coverage, tabbed waist; cut at midriff - perfect for a boob belt. I’m assuming that the sleeves were added in deference to the Queen. Not that she’ll ever wear it again, butt if she does, put your money on losing the sleeves.

Meanwhile, we’ll be practicing our trash talk for the last Washington Nerd Prom, to take place later this evening. I’m sure it will be a blast.



NOTE: For the history of the mic drop routine - which Barry himself is credited with popularizing beyond rap culture - see here.

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