Saturday, December 11, 2021

Coffee and Chaos

First, we brew the coffee.

drip drip drip of Chemex coffee

Then we sally forth to weather the storm.

storm clouds

To stand resolute amidst the swirling chaos.

big stormSean R. Heavey, The Mothership

And bow our heads humbly to the Power that lies beyond the blue skies.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Jusstice and More Guud News

Today we have several things to celebrate:

  • Jussie finally got justice: guilty of 5 out of 6 charges. The charge he was acquitted of was “being a good  actor.”
jussie smollet
  • More good news: Legacy Media tells us everything else is fine.


But wait - what’s this?

It’s almost as if we’re living in parallel universes or something.

Jussie-Smollett-Getty-640x480Victim? Perp? Juggernaut? I’m so confused.

I’ll just wait for Peppermint Psaki to explain why this isn’t really inflation but rather some sort of white supremacist plot. And even if it is inflation, why that’s really a good thing.

And now for some seriously good news: I understand Lantern is scheduled to go home today and will be picking Betty up on Monday (See CoolBrew’s comment) so YAY!

lantern cabin in woodsWelcome home Lantern, we left the light on.

And an update on the Team MOTUS front: Raj and I plan to decamp for our Rocky Mountain Bunker a week from today (weather dependent, as always).  We haven’t been there for over a year and a half so it’s high time. But that means the next week will be a bit frantic for me so I’ll be posting mostly brief thoughts as a backdrop for your running commentary. So have fun, just not too much fun.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Hillary Tapes – Warning: Cringe-worthy

hillary trinity universityHillary will be playing Humpty Dumpty in today’s performance

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by the bitter* half of the megalomaniacal Clinton Family Dynasty:

With all due respect you old hag, STFU.

Only an egomaniac would find a way to deliver a “victory” speech for an election she lost 5 years ago.

bill and hill44

Only a delusional fool would participate in such performance art. But at least we now know what she was doing instead of campaigning during the 2016 presidential campaign: she was busy crafting her ‘historical’ acceptance speech. She didn’t really need to campaign as the  DOJ was busy working on Hillary’s election and our Legacy Media was busy cleaning up all her bothersome little messes “with a cloth or something.” Even with all that she couldn’t manage to drag herself across the finish line. Which of course is why they had to deploy much more powerful measures in order to defeat President Trump in 2020. And nobody, nowhere, no how, will ever convince we otherwise.

So to Hillary, treasonous liar that she is,  and her self-pitying tears I say - again, with all due respect - “what difference at this point does it make?” Go suck eggs.

You can watch the full clip on the Today show’s website if you’d like, although for the life of me I cannot imagine why you would.

hillary and the devil

* h/t Bandmom, who points out the Clintons don’t have a ‘better’ half.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

It’s Not Looting If the Left Does It

First they came for Christmas…

christmas tree foxChristmas tree at Fox News HQ, torched by somebody last night, engulfed in flames

Where’s Mayor Giuliani’s broken window approach to crime when you need it?

broken windows

The theory quite simply is that going after the small offenses leads to reductions in serious crimes. Some Democrats don’t approve of the ‘Broken Windows’ policy however because it’s…racist, or something. A House resolution, put forth by the Squad in 2020 spells it out:

“The system of policing in America, and its systemic targeting of and use of deadly and brutal force against people of color, particularly Black people, stems from the long legacy of slavery, lynching, Jim Crow laws, and the War on Drugs in the United States and has been perpetuated by violent and harmful law enforcement practices.”

The resolution then continues, “Contemporary police practices that employ policing for low level offenses or so called ‘broken windows’ policing, as well as expanded and excessively militarized policing, has led to mass criminalization, heightened violence, and mass incarceration that disproportionately impacts Black and Brown people.”

Surprisingly the measure didn’t pass, although some of its key policy initiatives were ultimately included in the reform bill by House Democrats. But ‘no worries’ - New York under Mayor de Blasio’s leadership, the entire state of California under Gavin Newsom’s skillful grip have resolved the issue on their own. By simply refusing to enforce laws they don’t like they’ve deployed the anti-Broken Windows approach to crime with no additional help or funding from Congress.

Organized crime syndicates are behind spate of California 'smash and grab' heists - and are paying gangs between $500 and $1,000 to swipe specific items at luxury stores in LA and San Francisco –

ca smash and grab coordinated

But it’s not just California! Chicago, Philadelphia, New York…where ever you find a Soros-funded DA you’ll see  broken windows everywhere (not to mention murders, but that’s another post).  No bail, no prosecution, no problem! Keep those broken windows coming!

smash and grab louis vuitton

Remember: It’s not looting if the left does it – it’s “unauthorized shopping.”

louis vuitton miracle mile

Louis Vuitton store on Chicago’s Miracle Mile: robbed by an SUV that drove into the storefront.

(Mayor Lori Lightfoot says it’s the stores’ fault, not the SUV. I guess that’s progress.)

P.S. President Potato Head: the same theory works with regards to nations.

call-between-biden-and-putin-640x480Time will tell who the real Putin Puppet in the White House is

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

“Why Can’t I Just Eat My Waffle?”

Here it is, Taco Tuesday. How about some nice Christmas tacos?


Too soon?

Well then, how about some nice Christmas taco tree ornaments?


  Or a Christmas Village Taco Truck – because what Christmas Village would be complete without its taco truck?

Christmas Village LED Taco Truck Scene

Or if you want to go big and go home, there’s this 6’, LED inflatable taco truck for your front yard.

taco truck ornamentAnd they say the culture is taking Christ out of Christmas…

Or if you’re feeling anti-commercial and crafty you could just crochet yourself a little Christmas taco.


Meanwhile, there will be some harsh words this morning when our potato-in-chief takes a meeting with Putin in a “high stakes video call” in which “Biden Is Expected to Offer Warnings and Alternatives” re. the invasion of Ukraine. According to Reuters Biden is expected to tell Putin he'll face tough sanctions if he invades Ukraine. Oooooooooooooh, not the scary sanctions talk!

Maybe they can just cut a deal like Dear Leader, at whose feet Potato learned everything he knows about foreign relations, did with Iran:


Then we can all heave a sigh of relief and get back to eating our tacos. 

tacos with la mayorJoe Biden and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti eat their tacos at King Taco in 2019

As I said, Potato learned at the feet of the master:

Why can't I just eat my waffle?" -Barack Obama, 2008 : r/ObamaCare11“Why can’t I just eat my waffle?”

Monday, December 6, 2021

It’s Only The Nuremberg Code


Goethe-false freedom

The responses to Dr. Peterson’s tweet prove this aphorism to be true.

There is much tsk tsking among the comments about the Nuremberg code only referring to medical experiments – of which most of the respondents assume the vaxxes are not. That’s technically incorrect as EUA (emergency use authorization) by definition makes them experimental. Trials are not complete.

This is one of the more lucid examples of such criticism:

nuremberg response tweetBecause they will always TELL you before they remove your rights

They are invoking the slippery slope fallacy argument, advising Dr. Peterson, and us, that there’s nothing to see here so just comply and move along – for the common good. The general sentiment coming from the progressives seems to be, “it’s no big deal, you Luddites; it’s just about public health, nothing more, nothing less.” So get out of the way and let history proceed to repeat itself…again.

At this point it seems important to inject, for the hundredth time or so, that this is not about mRNA vaccines. I realize this is an unpopular opinion around here but I personally believe that mRNA delivery systems will be proved to be mostly safe and hugely beneficial in fighting viruses and many other areas of medical advancement in the long run, but you shouldn’t have to believe that. Worse, you shouldn’t be forced to receive one if you object. Which is why I will defend to my death your right to refuse to comply.

So to that special grade of morons who think freedom of choice is no big deal when it’s the issue of “the greater good” at stake I give you Mark Nolan’s assessment of the issue to date:

And Only One Chance To Live It

It's only a mask, they said.

It's only three weeks to flatten the curve, they said.

It’s only until Easter.

It’s only until summer, it’s only until winter.

It’s only Joe Wickes, Netflix, podcasts and Zoom drinks parties at 5 in the afternoon.

It's only a restaurant, a pub, a museum, an art gallery, a library.

It's only a school, it's only children.

It's only an office, it's only an office party.

It's only a school nativity, a sports day.

It's only the vulnerable.

It's only one injection.

It's only two, it's only three.

It's only furlough.

It’s only borrowing, it's only half a trillion.

It's only mental health, it's only cancer, dementia, heart disease, Type II diabetes.

It's only a lump, it's only a bad back, it's only a headache.

It’s only a funeral.

It's only Christmas.

It's only a gym, it's only a family business, it's only a job, it's only a marriage, it's only a roof over your head.

It's only your bills, it's only your past, your present and your future.

It’s only your degree.

It’s only your family abroad.

It’s only teenagers.

It’s only young people.

It’s only the old.

It's only arrows in the supermarket, it's only a squirt of hand sanitiser, as you go in.

It's only a Perspex screen, it's only a one in, one out, policy.

It's only a nightclub, it's only a football match, it's only a mask.

It's only proof that you've been vaccinated.

It’s only a health pass, it’s only temporary, it’s only permanent.

It's only essential shops, it's only the difference between travelling the world and not.

It's only a request, it's only a mandate, it's only the law.

It's only for your own good, it's only for the best.

It’s only for you.

It’s only for others.

It's only three weeks, it's only a mask.

It's only a Zoom meeting, rather than face-to-face, it's only a zoom lesson, rather than being in the classroom.

It’s only a playground, a tennis court, a swimming pool.

It’s only a cup of coffee on a park bench.

It's only a cancelled event.

It's only your opinion, it's only the science, it's only advice, it's only an order.

It's only a small march, it's only a conspiracy theory, it's only a journalist, it's only a troublemaker.

It's only democracy, it's only a vote, it's only your rights, it's only the Nuremberg code, it's only freedom.

It's only history, it's only our values, it's only what others fought for.

It’s only the next three weeks, it's only next year, it's only forever.

Except, it’s only one life.

And only one chance to live it.

And remember:  It’s Only The Nuremberg Code. It was written by a bunch of old white men. Just like our Constitution. Therefore it must be cancelled. For the greater good.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Ever-Wokes Stole Christmas

I screwed up. I usually run “Best Christmas Ads” on the Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday but simply forgot this year. Possibly because nobody makes really good Christmas ads anymore. “Woke” and Christmas just doesn’t seem a natural pairing, but still the agencies try; producing such fare as this John Lewis and Partners commercial that morphs the now mandatory inter-racial hook-up into an inter-species encounter where an albino alien meets up with a little earthbound gingerbread man.

john Lewis 2021 ad 44Screenshot from John Lewis and Partners Christmas 2021 ad

Now John Lewis is a British company, but even the Brits seem to have lost their way with Christmas. They once had some of the best “adverts” as they call them across the pond. Especially loved were the Christmas Heathrow Bears who starred in an annual ad for, of all things, an airport - an entity one seldom thinks of as requiring promotion. This was one of their best, from 2017,  illustrating the arch of the Bears lives via visits to the airport.

Sadly the bears were retired with the 2018 advert, possibly because even the fantasy of commercials could no longer make air travel appear the least bit appealing. Don’t look for them to be back anytime soon either, as the arrival of the Wuhan Cooties – thank you China, you godless, evil tyrant – has made flight even more unbearable (no pun intended). This was the last Heathrow offering, from 2018:

I fear Americans gave up on Christmas ads years ago. Madison Avenue simply lost their sparkle now that ad agencies are run and staffed by woke, tech-oriented, humorless Millennials. The joyless generation, convinced the earth is dying, has even sucked the fun out of Christmas. Yet there was a time not so long ago when even Coke wasn’t ashamed of America – or Christmas.

This year Coke gives us this multi-culti “holiday” ad instead. It doesn’t even sound festive. Such is the lot of the Woke.

So unless you can prove me wrong we’ll have to be satisfied with recycled Christmas ads until such time as we regain our senses and free ourselves of the Ever-Wokes.