Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Hillary Tapes – Warning: Cringe-worthy

hillary trinity universityHillary will be playing Humpty Dumpty in today’s performance

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by the bitter* half of the megalomaniacal Clinton Family Dynasty:

With all due respect you old hag, STFU.

Only an egomaniac would find a way to deliver a “victory” speech for an election she lost 5 years ago.

bill and hill44

Only a delusional fool would participate in such performance art. But at least we now know what she was doing instead of campaigning during the 2016 presidential campaign: she was busy crafting her ‘historical’ acceptance speech. She didn’t really need to campaign as the  DOJ was busy working on Hillary’s election and our Legacy Media was busy cleaning up all her bothersome little messes “with a cloth or something.” Even with all that she couldn’t manage to drag herself across the finish line. Which of course is why they had to deploy much more powerful measures in order to defeat President Trump in 2020. And nobody, nowhere, no how, will ever convince we otherwise.

So to Hillary, treasonous liar that she is,  and her self-pitying tears I say - again, with all due respect - “what difference at this point does it make?” Go suck eggs.

You can watch the full clip on the Today show’s website if you’d like, although for the life of me I cannot imagine why you would.

hillary and the devil

* h/t Bandmom, who points out the Clintons don’t have a ‘better’ half.