Wednesday, December 8, 2021

It’s Not Looting If the Left Does It

First they came for Christmas…

christmas tree foxChristmas tree at Fox News HQ, torched by somebody last night, engulfed in flames

Where’s Mayor Giuliani’s broken window approach to crime when you need it?

broken windows

The theory quite simply is that going after the small offenses leads to reductions in serious crimes. Some Democrats don’t approve of the ‘Broken Windows’ policy however because it’s…racist, or something. A House resolution, put forth by the Squad in 2020 spells it out:

“The system of policing in America, and its systemic targeting of and use of deadly and brutal force against people of color, particularly Black people, stems from the long legacy of slavery, lynching, Jim Crow laws, and the War on Drugs in the United States and has been perpetuated by violent and harmful law enforcement practices.”

The resolution then continues, “Contemporary police practices that employ policing for low level offenses or so called ‘broken windows’ policing, as well as expanded and excessively militarized policing, has led to mass criminalization, heightened violence, and mass incarceration that disproportionately impacts Black and Brown people.”

Surprisingly the measure didn’t pass, although some of its key policy initiatives were ultimately included in the reform bill by House Democrats. But ‘no worries’ - New York under Mayor de Blasio’s leadership, the entire state of California under Gavin Newsom’s skillful grip have resolved the issue on their own. By simply refusing to enforce laws they don’t like they’ve deployed the anti-Broken Windows approach to crime with no additional help or funding from Congress.

Organized crime syndicates are behind spate of California 'smash and grab' heists - and are paying gangs between $500 and $1,000 to swipe specific items at luxury stores in LA and San Francisco –

ca smash and grab coordinated

But it’s not just California! Chicago, Philadelphia, New York…where ever you find a Soros-funded DA you’ll see  broken windows everywhere (not to mention murders, but that’s another post).  No bail, no prosecution, no problem! Keep those broken windows coming!

smash and grab louis vuitton

Remember: It’s not looting if the left does it – it’s “unauthorized shopping.”

louis vuitton miracle mile

Louis Vuitton store on Chicago’s Miracle Mile: robbed by an SUV that drove into the storefront.

(Mayor Lori Lightfoot says it’s the stores’ fault, not the SUV. I guess that’s progress.)

P.S. President Potato Head: the same theory works with regards to nations.

call-between-biden-and-putin-640x480Time will tell who the real Putin Puppet in the White House is