Tuesday, December 7, 2021

“Why Can’t I Just Eat My Waffle?”

Here it is, Taco Tuesday. How about some nice Christmas tacos?


Too soon?

Well then, how about some nice Christmas taco tree ornaments?


  Or a Christmas Village Taco Truck – because what Christmas Village would be complete without its taco truck?

Christmas Village LED Taco Truck Scene

Or if you want to go big and go home, there’s this 6’, LED inflatable taco truck for your front yard.

taco truck ornamentAnd they say the culture is taking Christ out of Christmas…

Or if you’re feeling anti-commercial and crafty you could just crochet yourself a little Christmas taco.


Meanwhile, there will be some harsh words this morning when our potato-in-chief takes a meeting with Putin in a “high stakes video call” in which “Biden Is Expected to Offer Warnings and Alternatives” re. the invasion of Ukraine. According to Reuters Biden is expected to tell Putin he'll face tough sanctions if he invades Ukraine. Oooooooooooooh, not the scary sanctions talk!

Maybe they can just cut a deal like Dear Leader, at whose feet Potato learned everything he knows about foreign relations, did with Iran:


Then we can all heave a sigh of relief and get back to eating our tacos. 

tacos with la mayorJoe Biden and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti eat their tacos at King Taco in 2019

As I said, Potato learned at the feet of the master:

Why can't I just eat my waffle?" -Barack Obama, 2008 : r/ObamaCare11“Why can’t I just eat my waffle?”