Saturday, January 22, 2022

The D’oh! Of Joey

Some believe that The Simpsons represents the apogee of Western philosophy.

d'oh of homer

The Brandon Administration must be among them: Biden Admin uses Tom Hanks for ‘credibility’ in new video, just like ‘The Simpsons Movie’

tom hanks to save LGB

In a 2007 episode, the Simpsons predicted “that government would become so inept they’d need to enlist the help of actor Tom Hanks to gain back credibility.”

As some wag once said, “you can’t make this stuff up.” Or can you?

once again life imitates the Simpsons

As you may recall however, The Simpsons has a long track record of predicting the future. For example, the Ebola outbreak of 2014-2016, Marge was all over it – in 1997!

simpsons ebola

So what at first appears as an anomaly is simply another example of art imitating life…imitating art.

joey homerThe D’oh! of Joey

Friday, January 21, 2022

We Are Ruled By Pocket People. What Could Go Wrong?

Some people are born to be the pocket

willie nelson take you with me everywhere I go

…some are born to be the pocket pet.

willie nelson take you with me everywhere I go

Unfortunately people like George Soros are the former and the majority of our political class the latter.

And that reminds me of a song: Willie Nelson, Everywhere I Go


I'll take you with me everywhere I go
I'll put you in my pocket, who will know?
Right next to my heart at every show
I'll take you with me everywhere I go

No matter where our trails will finally wind
Our paths will just keep crossing, yours and mine
Until then, and in my pocket you must go
I'll take you with me everywhere I go

Happy Friday, all. I’m grateful for having made it through another week and trust you are as well.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

And Now, a Press Conference From the Minister of Truthiness


The Left  - who once described every single one of President Trump’s press conferences as ‘bizarre’ – apparently doesn’t know bizarre from a hole in the ground. Not a peep when presented with the actual most bizarre presidential press conference of all time. 


Give them a presser in which Joey Potatoes greenlights a ‘minor incursion’into Ukraine by Russia, claims that he brought gas prices down,

la gas price

that Inflation has nothing to do with him and his out-of-control federal spending, that his Veep is doing a “good job” on “voting rights” (it failed in the Senate last night), yet still maintains that the 2022 election “could easily be illegitimate,” all while announcing that he’s “outperformed” all expectations in his first year…and all we hear from the MSM is chirping.


They’re good with living Joey’s delusion right along with him. No questions regarding how he’s “achieved more than any president in history.” They’re ok with Joey’s claim that the only thing he’d do differently if he had a do-over would be to seek more advice from “academia, editorial writers and think tanks.” There’s a great way to get in touch with real, mainstream Americans. Not that he needs to, mind you; as he also told us he is one: “Look I’m a Capitalist” and “I’m a mainstream Democrat.”

Sadly, for Amerika, that last claim is probably accurate.

we_are_all_socialists_now newsweekIf by “we” you mean mainstream Democrats

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

It’s Feather Day: Beware the Goshawk

Good morning. I see that NPR is suddenly quite concerned about Biden being blamed for inflation.

How insanely na├»ve to think shutting down domestic oil and gas production, killing the Keystone pipeline, pumping up the money supply and infusing the economy with a seemingly endless stream of COVID stimulus dollars (aka Biden's $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan) could possibly cause inflation. All the smart people know that inflation is the fault of the belligerent people who refuse to get vaccinated – and Trump, of course.

So the Powerful Left has no choice but to shutdown conservative voices that are spouting misinformation in the metaverse; they reserve that privilege for themselves. They simply won’t abide your aggressive contentiousness to ruin Joe Biden’s presidency – which otherwise is running like a well tuned machine.


A feather day reminder for the Left: we’re keeping an eye on you.

Goshawk eyes by Charly SavelyEye of the Goshawk

    **The Goshawk is also known as the “Gray Ghost”


which coincidently is also the name of one of a line of Glocks.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

“Idlers” and Quitters Rule the “Antiwork” Subreddit

Here’s a little story that clearly demonstrates the effect that 40+ years of Commie/anti-American propaganda taught in public schools has had: ‘Anti-work’ threads on Reddit are fueling the Great Resignation.

On Reddit, the “antiwork” subreddit is now one of the social network’s most active and engaged pages, after seeing explosive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. It currently has more than 1.6 million users, up from 180,000 in October 2020. People post epic text and e-mail screenshots of quitting their jobs, but the real heroes are so-called “idlers” — those who stay in jobs doing the absolute minimum to get by while still collecting a paycheck.

You can replace “antiwork” with anti-capitalism as that is what this is really about. It’s a continuation of the Occupy Wall Street movement,

no you wake up



and other “anarchy’ groups and movements that have emerged since Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

ADDITION Occupy Wall Street Oakland

This is Doreen Ford, she’s the moderator of the “Antiwork” subreddit:

Antiwork moderator Doreen Ford says that movement is a major snub towards capitalism.I could be wrong but it looks like Doreen could use a shave.

Doreen says that the movement is intended as a major snub of capitalism:

She noted that the general idea behind the anti-work movement “is to reduce the coercive element of labor as much as possible by subverting capitalism,” and said that those active on the page are mainly far leftists who support Bernie Sanders and AOC, and, often also identify as socialists, communists and/or anarchists.

What a surprise: all of society’s lay-abouts, working hard to avoid work.

occupy empty pizza boxes

It’s clear that the new Commies/Socialists/Anarchists “antiwork” cohort contribute to America’s declining labor participation rate. They don’t feel they should have to work in order to live – that’s such a 20th century concept.

After trending up for more than three decades, the labor force participation rate peaked at 67.3 percent in early 2000. Over the next few years, the rate receded to about 66 percent and stayed at that level through 2008. The participation rate then dropped again, and by mid-2016, it stood at 62.7 percent.

And it currently rests around 61.8%. Which, along with the subreddits who are trying to do as little as possible and still draw a paycheck from either a private sector employer or the government, pretty much explains the ongoing “COVID” labor shortage plaguing America. It’s an anti-capitalist movement. Brought to you courtesy of Public Schools and the US government.

best and brightestAnd whose fault is that, honey?

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Monday, January 17, 2022

How’s That Post-Racial America Working Out For You

USA contributor Michael Stern relays his tale from the Michigan COVID triage fray – a battle that is taking place everywhere around the country.

He blames anti-vaxxers for his parents’ struggle to get scheduled for the Sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody treatment, the only monoclonal proven effective against the now-dominant Omicron variant. .

I put the bulk of the blame firmly on the anti-vaxxers. They are closely followed by the people who wear their masks as chin straps.

But doesn’t explain why - because he can’t. He just wanted to vent his ire at those who dare defy State authority. The irony of his liberal knee-jerk emotional response to his “triple-vaxxed parents” getting COVID seems entirely lost on him. Liberal logic is an oxymoron after all.

There is no discussion in the article as to whether the triage was race-based, but odds are very good if was. It’s just that most states and medical systems, unlike SSM, Minnesota and Utah were smart enough to not explicitly state as much. (See: Hospital System Backs Off Race-Based Treatment Policy After Legal Threat. Scoring rubric gave race more weight than diabetes, obesity, asthma, and hypertension combined)

Mr. Stern goes into great detail regarding how difficult it was to locate the potentially life-saving treatment for his 85 year old parents, concluding that “American health care feels like the Wild West.” Gee, I wonder if he thinks anti-vaxxers and chin-strappers are responsible for that as well?

abamacare flowchart finalProbably; the Obamacare schematic is lost on him

The nurse said that my mother’s age and medical condition would qualify her for the treatment, but the limited supply meant a doctor’s prescription was not enough. A referral had to be made to a group of doctors who decide which patients will be given the life-saving drug. He made the referral and assured us that we’d hear from the group that handled the treatment, within 24 hours.

obamacare pills

Or possibly 24 days, given the COVID related labor shortages and supply chain problems. Just hang in there: you might recover on your own.

One wonders how Martin Luther King would have felt about SSM’s race based rubric used to determine eligibility for receiving the proven life-saving monoclonal antibody treatment.

The now-defunct rubric is much more radical, prioritizing healthy minorities over white patients with many of the largest risk factors for COVID-19. A 49-year-old white woman with hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and asthma would only get 19 points under the rubric, just shy of the 20 point threshold for antibody therapy. But a 50-year-old black woman with no underlying health conditions would receive 22 points, making her eligible.

Martin-Luther-King-sincere ignorance

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Advantage: Djokovic

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

vaccine myocarditis

Yet they continue to push, nay, demand that young men get a vaccine known to be only moderately effective in stopping transmission or contraction of the virus. It’s continued to be forcibly imposed on young people and athletes who have very little chance of death or even serious complications from the infection itself.

Australia, which requires anyone arriving from abroad to be vaccinated originally granted Novak Djokovic a visa to play in the Australian Open based on an exemption – having acquired natural immunity from having contracted COVID twice. Then the Australian government determined to make an example of him. They determined that his mere presence in the country constituted an incitement of dissent against the vaccine. So Australia’s immigration minister revoked Djokovic’s visa effectively throwing him out of the Open and the Country.

Australia’s loss, Djokovic’s gain:


He won’t pick up another trophy but he also doesn’t have to worry about being felled by myocarditis. And thank you President Trump, for preventing (for the time being) us from being Australia.

morefield we would be australia