Wednesday, January 19, 2022

It’s Feather Day: Beware the Goshawk

Good morning. I see that NPR is suddenly quite concerned about Biden being blamed for inflation.

How insanely naïve to think shutting down domestic oil and gas production, killing the Keystone pipeline, pumping up the money supply and infusing the economy with a seemingly endless stream of COVID stimulus dollars (aka Biden's $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan) could possibly cause inflation. All the smart people know that inflation is the fault of the belligerent people who refuse to get vaccinated – and Trump, of course.

So the Powerful Left has no choice but to shutdown conservative voices that are spouting misinformation in the metaverse; they reserve that privilege for themselves. They simply won’t abide your aggressive contentiousness to ruin Joe Biden’s presidency – which otherwise is running like a well tuned machine.


A feather day reminder for the Left: we’re keeping an eye on you.

Goshawk eyes by Charly SavelyEye of the Goshawk

    **The Goshawk is also known as the “Gray Ghost”


which coincidently is also the name of one of a line of Glocks.