Thursday, January 20, 2022

And Now, a Press Conference From the Minister of Truthiness


The Left  - who once described every single one of President Trump’s press conferences as ‘bizarre’ – apparently doesn’t know bizarre from a hole in the ground. Not a peep when presented with the actual most bizarre presidential press conference of all time. 


Give them a presser in which Joey Potatoes greenlights a ‘minor incursion’into Ukraine by Russia, claims that he brought gas prices down,

la gas price

that Inflation has nothing to do with him and his out-of-control federal spending, that his Veep is doing a “good job” on “voting rights” (it failed in the Senate last night), yet still maintains that the 2022 election “could easily be illegitimate,” all while announcing that he’s “outperformed” all expectations in his first year…and all we hear from the MSM is chirping.


They’re good with living Joey’s delusion right along with him. No questions regarding how he’s “achieved more than any president in history.” They’re ok with Joey’s claim that the only thing he’d do differently if he had a do-over would be to seek more advice from “academia, editorial writers and think tanks.” There’s a great way to get in touch with real, mainstream Americans. Not that he needs to, mind you; as he also told us he is one: “Look I’m a Capitalist” and “I’m a mainstream Democrat.”

Sadly, for Amerika, that last claim is probably accurate.

we_are_all_socialists_now newsweekIf by “we” you mean mainstream Democrats