Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Eve Eve Open Thread

I begin my Christmas travels this morning so why don’t you all have a nice cup of hot cocoa with cute marshmallow polar bears,

marshmallow polar bears(instructions here)

clear out your Christmas cookies

deleting your cookies

and commiserate amongst yourselves. And if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, now would be a good time to do it.


Friday, December 22, 2017

Vintage Christmas Friday

I know it’s FLOTUS Friday but since Melania and Barron are already in Mar a Lago for Christmas I think we should just let them enjoy the holiday. And while  I’m not tired of winning yet, I am tired of news and politics in general. So what do you say we spend this Friday before Christmas reminiscing: post your favorite vintage Christmas memory from any or all categories:


vintage bearsI had this panda! Till my little brother accidentally ripped his head off.


gay lightsPretty sure these wouldn’t pass the 21st century PC test


reagan-christmas-cigarettesBeen a long, long time since these would be considered an appropriate Christmas gift. But thank you, President Reagan, for making tax cuts great again!


magi 3The allusion to biblical events would get this one banned from public school libraries today


christmas storyYou KNOW this one will never grace the shelves of your public school


f447b67a80410f4e67a2338d2b081560My Mom’s gingerbread men recipe came from this mythical Aunt Jenny’s Christmas cookie book promoting Spry shortening

Cookies: I think we had a discussion about the mechanics of the classic spritz cookies last week. Here they are, along with the original piece of equipment required for making them (a little tricky, but now they have automatic shooters that takes all the challenge out of it) and the original recipe which you may note calls for shortening (Spry, most likely) but please substitute butter. Soooo much better.


spritz-best-christmas-cookies-christmas-baking - Copyquick mix spritz

Have at it! And Merry Christmas! (Thank you President Trump)

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tax Reform, Trump Style: Making America Great Again

With one piece of hard-won legislation President Trump has kept many of his campaign promises, not the least of which was to Make America Great Again.

trump maga

After nearly a decade of stagnant economic growth, this historic tax overhaul will restore America’s position as the center of the world’s global economy. – Fox

Let’s review what Trump’s Tax Bill accomplished.

  • Reduced everyone’s tax rate: GREAT!
    • After nearly a decade of stagnant economic growth, this historic tax overhaul will restore America’s position as the center of the world’s global economy. - Fox
  • Reduced corporate tax rates so much that even Europe is bleating that it will give the U.S. an economic advantage (as if that’s a bad thing).GREAT!
    • Which means that Europeans will be creating American jobs…It is hard to understand how the Democrats can deny basic economic realities that European economists regard as virtually self-evident.
  • The tax rate changes immediately resulted in companies announcing year-end bonuses, salary increases and additional hiring. That’s right: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! GREAT!

cheese make america grate again

  • Opened ANWR to drilling again in order to help make America energy independent, despite the fact the Left thinks that is a bad thing.  And I guess it must be, since Robert Redford said so. GREAT!
  • Effectively gutted Obamacare by repealing the Individual Mandate – causing the Left to alternately sputter between outrage and denial. GREAT!
    • This important legislation also includes a critical provision to give Americans greater choice when it comes to their health insurance coverage by repealing ObamaCare’s onerous and punitive individual mandate tax – knocking down a major pillar of what has proven to be an unworkable and unpopular law…Across party lines, the American people agree – by 63 percent – that the individual mandate tax is a bad idea.

In summary then:

tony happy danceIt’s Grrrreat!

What next? I predict we just keep on winning. It’s kind of addicting.  trump winning will resume tomorrow

“We passed this tax overhaul for future generations. America’s young people will see the economic benefits for years, in the form of faster economic growth, higher wages, more jobs and the beginning of the end of ObamaCare. This is a remarkable achievement.” – Orin Hatch

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Present - What Are the Odds?

Christmas Present Past:


Christmas Present Present:

trump tax

Due to the prolonged state-sponsored education/media propaganda complex half the country still believes that Obamacare was a Christmas present, and the tax cuts are a lump of coal.shutterstock_coal_ribbon.jpg.CROP.original-originalAside from the tax cuts your next best chance of WINNING! is tonight, when the Powerball jackpot is expected to be worth $269 million! Although I think your odds of getting a tax cut are considerably higher.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Anti-Semitism: Deadly When Practiced Without Muslim Immunity

Remember Hilary Rosen?

hilary-rosen_elizabeth-birchHilary Rosen, with her 2 children (and former partner Elizabeth Birch).

NOTE: if Big Guy had a LGBT child, he/she would like one of these.

We last encountered her when she attacked Ann Romney for “never working a day in her life,” as part of the Democrats’ War on Women Who Aren’t Liberal. She ended up apologizing to Ann Romney for that crack, but some people never learn. Sunday she was again busy being offended by something she must have seen on either her Facebook or Instagram feed:

screengrab hilary rosen bacon

Seeing anti-Semitism everywhere, especially at Georgetown, she couldn’t help but rub it in again later:

rosen tweet 2

Unfortunately she was addressing her outrage at Mr. Bakan, pronounced “bacon,” who apparently has taken to wearing his special bespoke suit to Georgetown athletic events.

bacon man facebookFrom Mr. Bakan’s Facebook page

Not to worry, Rosen apologized for her mis-misunderstanding:

hilary responds

Razor analyzed this short lived dispute:


My only question: why wasn’t anyone outraged about his friend in the cardinal suit carrying a giant picture of Jesus? What’s that all about? Is he anti-Christian? Anti-Catholic?

bacon manInquiring minds want to know; have at it CNN.

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Monday, December 18, 2017


Eater, a food and restaurant review blog, is pretty much thumbs down on Chick-fil-A.

eater chickfila

Not that they have anything against their food, it’s their lack of SJW credentials, their failure to conform to correct group-think with respect to same sex marriage that earned them the distinction of being voted off the food island.

I’m here to report that the increasingly ubiquitous chain serves a pretty good fast-food breakfast, a pretty great frozen coffee, and a pretty average chicken sandwich.

I’m also here to report that it’s the only top 10 quick-service restaurant that doesn’t mention sexual orientation in its online equal opportunity statement, and that it holds a zero rating on LGBT benefits and worker protections from a prominent advocacy group. McDonald’s scored 100.

Or as Twitchy noted at the time,

The website “Eater” reviewed Chick-fil-A and came to the conclusion that “you probably shouldn’t eat” at the restaurant because of the company(‘s) “unpalatable baggage.” Got that? Christian now equals “unpalatable baggage.”

Dave Burge suggested that Eater might want to make inquiries into other food establishments as well:

iowahawk chickOf course kabab/shwarma joints are free to lie about their real beliefs so it may not prove to be useful research.

But back to Chick-fil-A: it would be that same Christian “baggage” that causes their franchises to remain steadfastly closed on Sundays, a lucrative revenue day, because it is the Lord’s day.

And that would be the same Christian “baggage” that caused them to call in workers yesterday (SUNDAY!) to feed thousands of stranded passengers at Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson airport who had absolutely no idea where their baggage might be.


So while Starbucks remains committedly non-denominational in its celebration of Winter Holidays,

starbucks christmas past presentStarbucks Christmas Past - and Present

Chick-fil-A will continue to celebrate the reason for the season with abandon.


If there is a Chick-fil-A anywhere near you, that is reason enough to enjoy a celebratory lunch today.


Tis the season to be jolly, not gay. But feel free to don your gay apparel.

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

I’m Feeling a Little Snappy Today So Bite Me

Obama’s Rapid Response Team, e.g. Mobile Mobs ‘R Us, is planning ahead in the event their specially selected special prosecutor is canned. This, from Obama’s “Ethics” czar, Walter Shaub:

ethics director schaub

The fact that Obama spent 8 years redefining the Republic is apparently irrelevant.

And Walter is not the only Obamaphile prepper, Meathead is all in too:


Kurt Schlichter is looking forward to all the fun that will provide


As you know, elitist Meathead Michael grew up to become elitist Meathead Rob and now instead of lecturing his father-in-law, he feels compelled to lecture the rest of us. Meathead should have listened more closely to Archie.

Bad clip, but you’ll get the point. Longer clip here.

And now that I’m feeling all merry and bright – and snappy -  I think I’ll go make some gingersnaps. I’d make gingerbread men, but they are  so – you know - sexist.


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