Friday, December 22, 2017

Vintage Christmas Friday

I know it’s FLOTUS Friday but since Melania and Barron are already in Mar a Lago for Christmas I think we should just let them enjoy the holiday. And while  I’m not tired of winning yet, I am tired of news and politics in general. So what do you say we spend this Friday before Christmas reminiscing: post your favorite vintage Christmas memory from any or all categories:


vintage bearsI had this panda! Till my little brother accidentally ripped his head off.


gay lightsPretty sure these wouldn’t pass the 21st century PC test


reagan-christmas-cigarettesBeen a long, long time since these would be considered an appropriate Christmas gift. But thank you, President Reagan, for making tax cuts great again!


magi 3The allusion to biblical events would get this one banned from public school libraries today


christmas storyYou KNOW this one will never grace the shelves of your public school


f447b67a80410f4e67a2338d2b081560My Mom’s gingerbread men recipe came from this mythical Aunt Jenny’s Christmas cookie book promoting Spry shortening

Cookies: I think we had a discussion about the mechanics of the classic spritz cookies last week. Here they are, along with the original piece of equipment required for making them (a little tricky, but now they have automatic shooters that takes all the challenge out of it) and the original recipe which you may note calls for shortening (Spry, most likely) but please substitute butter. Soooo much better.


spritz-best-christmas-cookies-christmas-baking - Copyquick mix spritz

Have at it! And Merry Christmas! (Thank you President Trump)

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