Sunday, December 17, 2017

I’m Feeling a Little Snappy Today So Bite Me

Obama’s Rapid Response Team, e.g. Mobile Mobs ‘R Us, is planning ahead in the event their specially selected special prosecutor is canned. This, from Obama’s “Ethics” czar, Walter Shaub:

ethics director schaub

The fact that Obama spent 8 years redefining the Republic is apparently irrelevant.

And Walter is not the only Obamaphile prepper, Meathead is all in too:


Kurt Schlichter is looking forward to all the fun that will provide


As you know, elitist Meathead Michael grew up to become elitist Meathead Rob and now instead of lecturing his father-in-law, he feels compelled to lecture the rest of us. Meathead should have listened more closely to Archie.

Bad clip, but you’ll get the point. Longer clip here.

And now that I’m feeling all merry and bright – and snappy -  I think I’ll go make some gingersnaps. I’d make gingerbread men, but they are  so – you know - sexist.


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