Saturday, June 30, 2018

You Can’t Go, All the Plants Are Gonna Die!

There is really no way to parse this:

dems bad week

It was a really bad week to be a Democrat. The Left’s outrage meter, which has been in the red zone for quite awhile, has snapped. No surprise, it’s been a rough week to be a Democrat.

Sunday: we found out that Sarah Sanders et al were asked to leave a restaurant for the offense of eating while conservative.

Monday: Mad Maxie, still smarting from being forced to ramp down from her “Peach foty-fi, peach foty-fi!?” chant, ordered mob-style hits on all Trump regulars, backups and casual fans. Some Dems knew intuitively that this wasn’t good for their brand.

Tuesday: The Supreme Court upheld Trump’s travel ban. The wailing began. Then word came that party regular, New York U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley lost his Democratic primary to self-avowed Marxist and former Bernie Bro, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her platform? No borders. The abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And guaranteed government jobs for all. What once was considered fringe is the new normal for Dems.

Wednesday: Democrats lost the Janus v. AFSCME case in the U.S. Supreme Court, making government employees union dues payment optional, any bets on how that will go? By 2020 this could significantly reduce one of the Democrats largest candidate funding sources.

And then…the shock heard round the Dems world: Justice Anthony Kennedy retires, allowing VSGPDT to replace the pivotal swing vote on Supreme Court. The meltdown was instantaneous and complete:

Don’t go, all the plants are going to die!

after the Democrats brought the full faith and credit of the Resist! movement to bear against Trump and his Administration’s policy of actually enforcing our immigration laws, Trump hit his highest approval ratings ever. How can that be!? He’s a racist, sexist, homophobe, misogynist who makes little children cry. And yet there he is…winning.

Thursday: Party regulars call for the complete dismantling of ICE, because after losing the travel ban issue they feel the American public is 100% behind their desire to open our borders to one and all, no strings attached. Next week they plan to call for the dismantling of all local police departments, because they’re all racists too.

Friday: After it seemed the entire country was outraged over the separation of children from families at

So after all the bragging that President Trump has done about his supporters getting tired of winning, it appears that the only people sick of his winning are…Democrats. I do hope for their sake they’re beginning to get used to it.


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Friday, June 29, 2018

#FLOTUSFriday - That’s Why They Call It “Classic”

Melania visited the border again yesterday. Since they couldn’t berate her for wearing graffiti art this time, Yahoo charged her with “channeling Jackie” – making it sound as if it was some sort of stolen fashion valor.

Today, on another trip to the U.S. border, the first lady chose a much less controversial outfit, opting instead to channel Jackie Kennedy.

Her ensemble appeared to be inspired by what Jackie wore in Greece on the day before her wedding Aristotle Onassis. While some of the details are different-Jackie's sleeves were short, and her feet, bare-the aesthetic is strikingly similar.


HMPH. I had a lunch date yesterday and I also wore white slacks and a black top, without so much as a thought given to “WWJD” (What Would Jackie Do). It’s a rather basic summer combo.

I don’t recall this ever appearing to be an allegation of inauthenticity when Lady M tried it (not nearly often enough). And please remember, there are worse things than dressing classically.

mo tops

Would anyone care to guess who (or what) Lady M was channeling when she donned this outfit last week to attend a “glamorous lunch” according to the The Daily Mail?

Michelle Obama traded workout clothes for a chic suit“The former first lady looked perfectly chic for her business lunch as she dined at the Gjelina restaurant in Venice.” Seriously, Daily Mail?


beach umbrella dress

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Stop Enforcing Our Laws!

end family detention

Screen Capture #241

“…demand this administration stop criminalizing undocumented immigrants?” Um, “this administration” didn’t do that. Somebody else did that for them:

8 U.S. Code § 1325 - Improper entry by alien

In fact if you want to call enforcing our laws “criminalization” I guess we’ll have to hang this one on George W. Bush, as well as Barack Hussein Obama, who apparently also voted for it before he voted against it: 

While immigration is typically handled through civil law in the United States,2 an often-overlooked part of the United States’ immigration system is the criminalization of “illegal” entry or reentry into the country.3 Although these crimes were written into the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act,4 immigration officials did not typically refer immigrants caught entering “illegally” for criminal prosecution until the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implemented “Operation Streamline” in 2005.5  

So get out there and protest in the mid-day sun if you wish. Mad dogs everywhere will approve your action.

quote-in-a-jungle-town-where-the-sun-beats-down-to-the-rage-of-man-and-beast-the-english-garb-of-noel-coward-221564OMG! Is that racist?!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Adulting: It’s Not As Hard As It Looks Once You Grow Up

You’ve most likely already viewed this video: Q – Plan To Save the World.

I’m so cynical that I still have doubts about this whole Q thing, BUT I will say this: what a great way to wake up the somnolent SJW generation! Either on purpose or accidentally this professional grade video is geared towards millennials who have all technically turned into adults now: it comes in just under their maximum attention span of 15 minutes,


it’s packed full of scary things just like an action thriller movie, it’s about the world they’ve inherited - ergo it’s all about them and their future - and they’ll believe it because it affirms their presumption that their generation was screwed by Boomers.

Unfortunately they won’t yet know what to make of it all as “evil” is not in their lexicon aside from “conservatives” and critical thinking skills were mostly absent from their educational brainwashing curriculum. I’m  betting on their ability to learn however, as this trailer will no doubt have many sequels.

And remember: no generation is “great” until they’ve been tested; and this one is definitely going to be tested. I just pray they are ready.

adulting medal

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

History: Clear At Your Own Peril

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. – Winston Churchill

Today’s mandatory reading assignment: Vanderleun’s Clear History. Ahead of next week’s 4th of July celebration it provides a short history of the world, the role of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution in it, and the willingness of some to erase or ignore it. 

This automatic ability to “Clear History” is a curious phenomenon. Something that is quite new.

Today’s “Clear History” is not the “Revisionism” common to the Marxist, Leninist, and Maoist of old, where history was remade with the destruction of texts, the alterations of photographs, the burning of books, and the issuing of the Party Line of the day to the faithful and the enslaved. “Clear History” is a complete and immediate blotting out of history en masse. It is accompanied by a careful retention of a fixed number of “historical facts” in a Curiosity Cabinet of Argument found in a dusty chamber filled with monuments to aged intellect; a go-to place where the only events of history worth keeping are those that buttress a reality that exists nowhere but must surely, in some future perfect day, come to exist everywhere…

calvin thesis

Much of the current disunity seen in our politics arises between those who ran “Clear History” in November of 2000, and those who saw History return with a vengeance in September of 2001.

One group is determined to deny History, expunge the Declaration, and shred the Constitution in pursuit of a utopia that’s buried in a global network of mass graves. Another group is composed of those who believe in the American idea and are determined let this new birth of freedom work its way across the world. Absent a defining historical event of global significance, this twain shall not meet. There is, of course, a third group of people who want to merely get on with their happy world untroubled by History, either cleared or present as a clear and present danger.

Clear-Browser-History-on-a-Mac-840x400clear history cannot be undone

As they say: Read the whole thingbecause deleting history has consequences.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Au Revoir Janice the American Elder; You Will Be So Missed

It is with deep sadness I report that Rotolab’s relentless efforts to pursue the whereabouts of our suddenly-missing Janice the American Elder has confirmed our worst fears. Just 67 years old, she shuffled off this mortal coil on June 7th to rejoin Mr. Elder, her soulmate and missing half, who preceded her by less than a year.

It seems like only yesterday that we spent the better part of two weeks making sure that Janice, a self acknowledged fashion agnostic, was properly outfitted and accessorized for an awards ceremony she was being honored at by her employer, Los Alamos National Lab. (I’m sure she sent me a picture of the final ensemble but to my distress I cannot locate it.)

Likewise, it wasn’t so long ago that we grieved with Janice when her dear Mr. Elder was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer and suffered along with her as it took its toll; and how we sat shiva with her after he passed.

And it was just yesterday that we all attended her virtual retirement party at the MOTUS Twilight Nocturne Lounge.

retirement mug

I’ve known Janice by many different handles over the years, pre-Disqus and even pre-Echo, and while I don’t recall the exact date that she first showed up I do recall one of her earliest appearances. I had just acknowledged that one of my not-so-nice reflections of Lady M was likely to land me in Hell. Janice offered the comforting thought that she would be there right alongside me and that since she was an engineer she would see to it that the air conditioners would always be functioning. I think at that point she was just “Janice the Engineer” who later progressed to Janice the Elder and ultimately - following Trump’s victory, whom she supported and defended resolutely from the start despite much blowback both here and at American Thinker –  to “Janice the American Elder.” Somewhere along the way her icon “I work for the users” was also part of her moniker.

I will miss Janice for so many reasons I cannot even begin to enumerate but among them was her reliable chastisement of anyone who broke the MOTUS “no simian references” rule during the Obama reign of terror. Always accompanied, of course, by this insouciant monkey face:

Sulawesi, Indonesia.

One suspected that Janice’s compliance with life’s other rules was equally subversive.

I could go on and on, but I will wrap with this Letter to the Editor that Janice sent to the Los Alamos Daily Post regarding, I surmise, a poll on what Los Alamos’ official city slogan should be. She weighs in with “iGlow” which is classic JtAE:


Los Alamos

This is probably too late for your poll. CB Fox has T-shirts with "iGLOW" printed on them. Since I saw those, a few years ago, I felt that that succinctly characterized Los Alamos.

It illustrates our dual heritage of atomic dealings, as well as the overabundance of geeks and nerds that populate our little town. Plus, the T-shirts are sold at one of our heritage stores (CB Fox having been here nearly forever), and the slogan was invented by one of the employees. To coin a phrase: This isn't rocket-science, guys.

Nobody from outside of Los Alamos is going to have a clue about who and what we are, or even why a lot of people resent someone from outside (no matter what their credentials) trying to encapsulate our essence.

We are Los Alamos, The Secret City, The City On The Hill ... weGLOW.

And finally, one of the Great Janice the American Elder’s last comments:

jte comment_thumb[3]

Au contraire, dear Janice, you were basically a very, very nice person. And you will be so missed.

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Real Russian Collusion: Poisoning the Waters

There was a rumor back in the 1950s that fluoridated water was all part of a Russian plot against America. Apparently it was just a trial run. Now it appears they are putting something in our farm-to-table food chain  that creates a breakdown in the capacity to reason, causes a loss of self-control and results in the complete breakdown of civility.

red hen rest sickleThe Red Hen, a den of hate and lack of tolerance but home to “honesty, compassion, and cooperation.”

red hen rest sickle

My only question is how did the Ruskies find something that only effects progressives?


Raging totalitarian lunatics. They’re worse than Hitler.

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