Friday, June 29, 2018

#FLOTUSFriday - That’s Why They Call It “Classic”

Melania visited the border again yesterday. Since they couldn’t berate her for wearing graffiti art this time, Yahoo charged her with “channeling Jackie” – making it sound as if it was some sort of stolen fashion valor.

Today, on another trip to the U.S. border, the first lady chose a much less controversial outfit, opting instead to channel Jackie Kennedy.

Her ensemble appeared to be inspired by what Jackie wore in Greece on the day before her wedding Aristotle Onassis. While some of the details are different-Jackie's sleeves were short, and her feet, bare-the aesthetic is strikingly similar.


HMPH. I had a lunch date yesterday and I also wore white slacks and a black top, without so much as a thought given to “WWJD” (What Would Jackie Do). It’s a rather basic summer combo.

I don’t recall this ever appearing to be an allegation of inauthenticity when Lady M tried it (not nearly often enough). And please remember, there are worse things than dressing classically.

mo tops

Would anyone care to guess who (or what) Lady M was channeling when she donned this outfit last week to attend a “glamorous lunch” according to the The Daily Mail?

Michelle Obama traded workout clothes for a chic suit“The former first lady looked perfectly chic for her business lunch as she dined at the Gjelina restaurant in Venice.” Seriously, Daily Mail?


beach umbrella dress

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