Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Adulting: It’s Not As Hard As It Looks Once You Grow Up

You’ve most likely already viewed this video: Q – Plan To Save the World.

I’m so cynical that I still have doubts about this whole Q thing, BUT I will say this: what a great way to wake up the somnolent SJW generation! Either on purpose or accidentally this professional grade video is geared towards millennials who have all technically turned into adults now: it comes in just under their maximum attention span of 15 minutes,


it’s packed full of scary things just like an action thriller movie, it’s about the world they’ve inherited - ergo it’s all about them and their future - and they’ll believe it because it affirms their presumption that their generation was screwed by Boomers.

Unfortunately they won’t yet know what to make of it all as “evil” is not in their lexicon aside from “conservatives” and critical thinking skills were mostly absent from their educational brainwashing curriculum. I’m  betting on their ability to learn however, as this trailer will no doubt have many sequels.

And remember: no generation is “great” until they’ve been tested; and this one is definitely going to be tested. I just pray they are ready.

adulting medal

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