Saturday, April 24, 2021

So Long America, And Thanks For All The Fish

Welcome to the New World Order:


Where our PINO is the only tool who feels it necessary to mask up for a virtual climate change summit.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words which is good because I have none; so allow me say simply…**so long America, and thanks for all the fish.

Although Joey is a fish out of water on his best days it still seems like the rest of the world is shooting fish in a barrel now. So thanks Dominion, for that!

so long and thanks fish43

So long and thanks for all the fish

So sad that it should come to this

We tried to warn you all but oh dear

You may not share our intellect

Which might explain your disrespect…

**Curiously enough, the dolphins had long known of the impending demolition of Earth and had made many attempts to alert mankind to the danger. But most of their communications were misinterpreted as amusing attempts to punch footballs, or whistle for titbits, so they eventually gave up and left the Earth by their own means - shortly before the Vogons arrived. The last ever dolphin message was misinterpreted as a surprisingly sophisticated attempt to do a double backwards somersault through a hoop, whilst whistling the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’. But, in fact, the message was this ‘So long and thanks for all the fish’. - Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

kittyI-fish-Im-hungry breakfast lunch dinner breakfast againGo ahead, enjoy one before they fly away.

Friday, April 23, 2021

The Expanding Vacuous Universe

This is what passes for a logical argument in Washington today:

Screenshot_2021-04-23 Robert Reich on TwitterIn case you ever need an example of failed reductive thinking

The argument is so flawed it can’t even be classified as a logical fallacy. In fact I’m not even sure if it can be called an argument anywhere outside of politics.

Beyond the stupidity of Robert Reich’s (Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary) claim, the founding fathers already established the reason the seat of the Federal Government should not be placed under the power of a state legislature, but rather under the exclusive jurisdiction of the U.S. Congress. Of course the Constitution is not reason enough for today’s enlightened Democrats not to vote for D.C. statehood, which would give the D’s 2 more guaranteed Senate seats. No, the postmodern Dems - who plant evidence of racism in every case they deem worthy of debate in the media – insist that “equity” demands statehood of the peoples of the District of Columbia. More legislators and bureaucracies, isn’t that just what Washington needs?

Oh, and about that name, “District of Columbia,” they’ll keep the initials but due to it’s racist roots change it to the “Douglass Commonwealth” in honor of abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who lived there for 17 years. No, I’m not kidding.


Take a bow all you educators who’ve been “teaching for social justice” instead of ability to think. You’ve done a cracker jack job of undermining the foundations of the finest democratic republic the world has ever experienced, hence transforming it into one of the most vacuous places on the planet.


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Rise And Burn

April is the cruelest month, breeding

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing

Memory and desire, stirring

Dull roots with spring rain.


T.S. Elliot, The Wasteland

A few days ago I took this picture from my deck of a mourning dove perched in my Norway maple tree, which was in bloom (and I had the allergies to prove it).


Yesterday morning, snow.


Today, frost. Well, more of a hard freeze actually: Metro Detroit Forecast: Freeze Warning in effect this morning. Not just in the Metro area but across most of the state, hitting the fruit belts where the freeze will be devastating to cherry, peach and apple farmers whose trees are all in bloom.

Nor is it just Michigan, half the nation is in freeze mode (h/t Upcountry):


And this, as our government moves to kill fossil fuel production in this country to save the planet from global warming.

A note to our Overlords: you are not in charge; you didn’t cause this crop-killing deep freeze and you can do nothing to stop it.

You didn’t do this on your own, Somebody else did that for you.

sun moon and stars

I leave you with this song which I stumbled across last year and forgot to post during April; I don’t want that to happen again so here you are.

April in Detroit


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Brace Yourselves For A Long, Hot Summer of Racial Healing

Screen Capture #979Babylon Bee

Don’t anyone think for even one itty bitty minute that the conviction of Derek Chauvin on all charges will bring about an end to the wilding, rioting and other violence aimed at the police in particular and whitey in general. It won’t. The riots are bigger than George Floyd, bigger than the judicial system: there’s an entire culture of systemic racism that must be burned down, to the ground.

If you don’t believe me just ask MSNBC Analyst Jason Johnson, he’s absolutely outraged that he got exactly the verdict he wanted.

“I actually always thought that he would be found guilty because it’s sort of a cultural make-up call, but I’m not happy. I’m not pleased,” Johnson began. “I don’t have any sense of satisfaction. I don’t think this is the system working. I don’t think this is a good thing.”

Or another MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude, who seemed to suggest that police officers might retaliate over the conviction of Derek Chauvin.

“We have been preparing for the violence of protests.Now we need to prepare for the reaction of the police. We were prepared for the protesters and what they might do if the verdict came down in a way that they were not satisfied. Now we need to be mindful of what it means…”

And From Fox who report that BLM leaders say this is just the beginning:

Bryan Llenas spoke with protesters on the ground in New York City who said they’re marching because this is just the beginning of restoring justice.

We also spoke to Hawk Newsome, who is a leader of the Greater New York BLM group, who said that this verdict actually justifies the violent and the non-violent protests. He says that it was the violent protests and the rioting that actually helped bring about this verdict… And now they believe that with this threat of rioting and the mixture of violent and nonviolent protests, that this is why they received the result that they did.

And you can bet that there’s nothing like success to guarantee ongoing “rioting and…violent and nonviolent protests.”

And wherever there be justice to be done, the professional ‘Just Us’ brothers will be there.

george floydAll the usual suspects show up to pray and cry with the victim’s family

Sowell racism

Even our erstwhile President-In-Name-Only (PINO) had thoughts:

Joe Biden delivers remarks from the White House following the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis. The president, flanked by his vice president, Kamala Harris, said the verdict 'can be a giant step forward' for the nation, but he declared that 'it's not enough.' 

Biden said the murder, captured on video, had “ripped the blinders” off for the whole world to see America’s “systemic racism,” which he described as a “stain on our nation's soul.”

And naturally the nation’s preeminent expert on race relations wished to weigh in:

42010864-9494507-In_a_joint_statement_released_after_the_verdict_was_announced obama

All of which, taken as a whole, means that we can expect a long, hot summer.

whole system guilty

Because there’s a lot more of that racial healing that Barack Hussein Obama gave us that needs to be imposed on the country.

racial healing tweet

I don’t know what came first, racism or race baiters; but I do know who doesn’t wish the controversy to end, and why. So if there isn’t adequate display of the former it is up to the later to create it. Trust they will never, ever, let a good crisis go to waste. So there will be racism this summer, and it will be avenged. Even if we need to break a few eggs.

which came first chicken or eggIf you haven’t got the real thing a reasonable facsimile will suffice

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Uh Oh! Who Turned The Light On?

Several of you posted links to and excerpts from the letter by Andrew Gutmann, the man pulling his daughter out of a private New York school, that’s gone viral. Today we’ll look at it again, but first let’s review some of the back story leading up to it.

brearly school

The school in question is Brearley, the New York private school. With $54,000 a year tuition it enrolls children of the elite from all walks of life. The story was covered by Bari Weiss. In case you’ve forgotten, Weiss is the former New York Times Op-Ed editor/writer who resigned, noting on her way out that Twitter had become the paper’s ultimate editor:

As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper, the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance space. Stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences, rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions.

This story explains why freedom of speech is an endangered concept in this country. It’s under a sustained,coordinated attack by academia, whose job is to explain it, the media, whose job is to use it and the government, whose job is to protect. None of them are doing their job.

The story actually begins with Paul Rossi, a math teacher at another New York elite school, who first spoke out against the school’s embrace of critical race theory ideology at a mandatory, whites-only student and faculty Zoom meeting. He subsequently wrote an essay titled I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated in which he accused the school of “indoctrinating” kids with an obsessive emphasis on race and stanching dissenting viewpoints.

paul rossi math teacherPaul Rossi, math teacher. Looks like an ordinary bloke. Offense: un-woke

While not technically dismissed, Mr. Rossi has been told to stay off campus and teach remotely “for his own safety.” He expressed support for Andrew Gutmann whose letter stirred the brew at the elitist girls’ school, saying “Parents have a moral duty to protect their children from psychological abuse, and I commend any who choose the harder road.”

I was informed by the head of the high school that my philosophical challenges had caused “harm” to students, given that these topics were “life and death matters, about people’s flesh and blood and bone.” I was reprimanded for “acting like an independent agent of a set of principles or ideas or beliefs.” And I was told that by doing so, I failed to serve the “greater good and the higher truth.” 

I suggest you read the whole thing. Has someone flipped the light switch? Has the light begun to sneak in?

Apparently the Rossi situation spurred Andrew Gutmann to action. His letter, sent to all the other parents of Brearley students, unloads on the school’s overload of wokeness:

The administration and the Board of Trustees have displayed a cowardly and appalling lack of leadership by appeasing an anti-intellectual, illiberal mob, and then allowing the school to be captured by that same mob. What follows are my own personal views on Brearley's antiracism initiatives… 

If the administration was genuinely serious about ‘diversity,’ it would not insist on the indoctrination of its students, and their families, to a single mindset, most reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Instead, the school would foster an environment of intellectual openness and freedom of thought…

I object to Brearley’s vacuous, inappropriate, and fanatical use of words such as “equity,” “diversity” and “inclusiveness.” If Brearley’s administration was truly concerned about so-called “equity,” it would be discussing the cessation of admissions preferences for legacies, siblings, and those families with especially deep pockets. If the administration was genuinely serious about “diversity,” it would not insist on the indoctrination of its students, and their families, to a single mindset, most reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Instead, the school would foster an environment of intellectual openness and freedom of thought. And if Brearley really cared about “inclusiveness,” the school would return to the concepts encapsulated in the motto “One Brearley,” instead of teaching the extraordinarily divisive idea that there are only, and always, two groups in this country: victims and oppressors. 

Seriously, read the whole thing. And don’t skip the comments, a lot of support along with a fair share of people who clearly stand with the woke. 


Brearley's exhaustive anti-racism calendar for the school year of 2020 to 2021 which includes training sessions for parents. Makes you wonder when they have time for educating the children. 


Perhaps the most telling aspect of this little morality play being acted out in real time is the fact that neither the New York Times (America’s Newpaper of Record) nor The Washington Post (Democracy Dies In Darkness) have covered either story. Nor have they covered any other stories concerning the ideological takeover of the schools…or media. When you’re part of the cabal you decide all the news that’s fit to print.

Uh oh! Who switched the light on?

Correction: original post had confused Grace School with Brearly. They are separate bastions of elitism.

Monday, April 19, 2021

“Of A Sudden We’ve Slipped Into Some Golden Age of Horror”

When last we saw Calvin he was happy as a lark,

oblivious to the fact he was about to walk straight into reality.

calvin balloon

Reality is that strange realm were life becomes a series of one tough lesson after another.

And reality, well, like truth, a lot of people prefer to ignore it until it they can no longer get around it.

calvin reality

At which point it’s sometimes too late to deal with it effectively.


It seems that there are now a few people on the team that’s worked diligently to bury reality for years who have recently had the wool removed from their eyes. All of a sudden they’ve found that reality is blocking their path. People such as Glenn Greenwald:

Journalists, Learning They Spread a CIA Fraud About Russia, Instantly Embrace a New One. The most significant Trump-era alliance is between corporate outlets and security state agencies, whose evidence-free claims they unquestioningly disseminate.

And Matt Taibbi:

The Sovietization of the American Press. The transformation from phony "objectivity" to open one-party orthodoxy hasn't been an improvement.

Even Bill Maher is whining about cancel culture and media propaganda these days.

Maher: Shouldn't Liberal Media Have To Answer For Making The Audience Believe A "Bunch Of Crap About COVID?" But when all of our sources for medical information have an agenda to spin us, yeah, you wind up with a badly misinformed population including on the left.

While none of them are on our side ideologically it does make one nostalgic for the olden days when our opponents had a grasp on and respect for truth, and reality – two mandatory prerequisites for actually solving problems instead of just taxing and whining about them. It’s not much, but at least it’s a start


Once your balloon pops reality comes at you awfully fast. Perhaps a few more people will begin to notice the great misdirection that has plunged our country into chaos, debt and ultimately serfdom if we don’t reverse it.

The preoccupation is not an accident, it’s the design

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Enjoy Your Day, Reality Returns Soon Enough

It’s Sunday, the beginning of a new week. How are you feeling?

emoji balloons

Go ahead, choose your balloon. Swing open a window,

open window and field

unlatch a door

open door

and slip into the world you’ve chosen, if only for a little while. Monday will be here soon enough, and with it reality.

calvin reality

So enjoy your day.

calvin balloon