Saturday, June 13, 2020

You’ve Come a Long Way, Babies

We’ve arrived back in Miserable Michigan where I can report that the Welcoming Center at the state line with Indiana was open**. But you better have taken advantage of that initial “welcome” as  most of the other Rest Stops along westbound I-94 were closed. Thanks Gretchen, I’m betting truckers really felt welcomed during the Great Cootie Shutdown when all the restaurants were closed as well. Anyway -

Please Stand By…

Interview: The Blue Owl Plays | Fine Tuning347

Meanwhile, please enjoy the product of 40 years of progressive programming, compliments of Country Girl: Things that the “autonomous” peoples of CHAZ desperately need.


As noted yesterday, the first thing CHAZ did was draft an “autonomous” police force:

Rapper organizer of the Seattle autonomous zone says Trump has ...I’m thinking this looks like the “wrong” kind of ICE

in order to enforce the borders from invading non-citizens of CHAZ

Trump says he won't let Seattle be occupied by anarchists and will ...

BTW, the “cigarettes” they need include both the “good” kind and the “bad” kind.

You can really tell how much ANTIFA has evolved since their Occupy Wall Street stage 6 years ago.

Occupy Wall Street: Oakland CA, 2016

You’ve come a long way, babies.

**I should note that while the rest rooms at the “Welcome Center” were open the, the actual “Welcome Center” was still locked up so officially you are still not welcome in Michigan

Friday, June 12, 2020

What A World

Rare selfie of MOTUS and Raj cruising home:

We did honk on our way through West Des Moines Jean, did you hear us?

Noted a protest going on in Iowa City (college town) – exit closed and dozens of police cars – brought to you by the “History Begins Today!” club. Fortunately we didn’t drive through earlier as “protestors forced the closing of I-80” earlier, which was the fourth time they did so within an 8 day period.You can’t even mind your own business on a busy Interstate anymore.

Other then that, all’s quiet on the Western front. Hope it remains that way today, as we will be passing thru the Chicago area today, unarmed, as required by Illinois law. Yet we, the law-abiding supporters of the President and liberty as delineated in our Constitution are the problem, not the fascists closing down highways and torching private property.

What a world. And I’m not thinking “wonderful.”

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Short, Sweet, Orwellian

So here’s the deal: stopped in North Platte NE last night. Although most restaurants are open we were exhausted and picked up a pizza for dine in. I can report that most normal people in flyover aren’t wearing masks, at least not at rest stops.

When we got settled in our room I discovered I’d left my charger for my computer in Park City (so by my count I now have three there). So dispatches from the road will be short and sweet.

Classic Cannoli Ricotta | Galbani CheeseLike cannoli Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli - Classic Famous Quote ...Always good advice

So while I am listening to audio books, avoiding the news and eating unwisely I expect you to soldier on.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

On The Road Again

And…we’re off! I only wish the road home was half this scenic.

It is not. But at least we won’t be stopping anywhere that has decommissioned their police force.

I leave all the troubles of the world in your very capable hands while Raj and I indulge in our road trip home. So if you’re out cruising along West bound I-80 anywhere give us a honk - we’ll be the couple in the black Jeep – and we will wave. Or we’ll honk at you - if you’re going too slow.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Is There Anything You CAN’T Put In A Taco?

I’m going to leave you to Taco Tuesday on your own as we’re leaving for the dark side (Gretchen’s Miserable Michigan} tomorrow and what can I tell you? It’s a lot of work no matter how many times you do it.

So feel free to start your day in the pre-dawn hours with Ms. P’s Breakfast Tacos. I suppose there are worse ideas, although none come to mind immediately.

Improper social distancing down at the chicken food truck, without masks: looks pretty naughty.

I don’t know what’s in a breakfast taco but I’m guessing maybe chicken precursors? 

Farm Fresh Eggs Free Stock Photo - NegativeSpace

Perhaps with green chili and cheese…

Egg, Green Chile and Cheese Breakfast Tacos - Recipe Runner

or chorizo and potatoes.

Chorizo Breakfast Tacos Recipe | Leite's Culinaria

I would have to be up a few hours before I could even considering such a thing, but do go ahead and begin to enjoy your Taco Tuesday at daybreak if you wish. We need all the fighting fuel we can get in these days of devolution.

Administrative Reminder: if undesirables show up in the form of trolls it takes at least 3 flags to send the comment to moderation, and each of their comments must be flagged. So warm up your thumbs, just in case they are pressed into overtime. I’ll be laying low for a few days, so clean up’s on you.

Community Service Project-trash Pick Up - Keep Your School Clean Clipart (637x700), Png Download

Monday, June 8, 2020

Wokescold Madness

As this once great land descends even further into this “check your privilege” wokescold madness the lawless not only want to govern your actions, but your thoughts as well. What so many are hailing as a transformative moment in American history is really a dystopian thought-policing nightmare. – Stephen Kruiser

Some things that your great grand children may never know if progressives are allowed to complete their cultural revolution:

Simple fun: driving their own car to a happy neighborhood bistro.

Whiling away the afternoon drinking coffee and reading a book of their choice…

Although their “choice” will be somewhat limited; certainly nothing subversive, which would include most everything written by old white men.

Shakespeare's First Folio To Hit The Auction Block This Spring ...

A recurring theme in history is that the thought fascists like to tightly control what the people it seeks to oppress read. Propaganda doesn’t work well if the masses can read whatever they want. Social justice warriors have been coming after books for a while now, most often Mark Twain’s the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which Ernest Hemingway said was the launching point of modern American literature. – Stephen Kruiser

Once we have “de-colonized” our bookshelves your book choices will be somewhat uh, limited by wokescold sensibilities. But don’t worry, nobody really needs to read what old dead white men have to say about life anyway.

“And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.” - William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Pandering ‘R Us

Suffering through last week has driven me to suggest the addition of an eighth deadly sin to the traditional seven:

  1. Lust
  2. Gluttony
  3. Greed
  4. Sloth
  5. Wrath
  6. Envy
  7. Pride
  8. Pandering

I suspect every politician is guilty of some or all of the original 7, they are all guilty of pandering. How can they not, when their primary job once elected is to get re-elected? Even so, the George Floyd death has given them a new performance platform and boy, did they take advantage.

Joe Biden set the tone by taking a knee in submission:

Joe Biden Coming To Philadelphia Tuesday Morning To Address Unrest ...

Although he might have thought he was there for a football game. Watch for his next major pandering move: selecting a black female running mate to hold his reins.

There can be no misinterpreting LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s pandering to a group of local Black Leaders last Thursday. He called his own police force (as well as all others) “killers.” That’s bold, even for a professional panderer.

George Floyd protests: LAPD union calls mayor unstable - Los ...

“That’s exactly the point. It starts someplace and we say we are going to be who we want to be or we are going to continue to be the killers that we are.”

Followed by the knee of submission. To show his good faith. This guy’s definitely got a good future.

Police Union Calls LA Mayor 'Unstable,' Faults Budget Cuts ...

And of course my personal favorite, Governor “Lock ‘em Down” Whitmer who got caught up in the moment as she was marching with local Faith Leaders in Detroit: in response to the crowd chant “Hands Up!” she raised her arms in solitude with the submissive “Don’t Shoot” response. Strangely, it’s now difficult to find the video of her participation as her team thought that might have been taking the pandering a bit too far, but it’s still out there.

Whitmer appears to violate her own

Of course they had no objection to the stills of her obligatory knee of submission: that’s how pols roll/role these days.

Gov.Gretchen Whitmer, center, prays with clergy including Bishop Charles Ellis of Greater Grace Church, right, on the corner of Woodward and Warren during a rally in honor of George Floyd, Thursday, June 4, 2020.

So yeah, I definitely think pandering should qualify as one of the Deadly Sins. 

This is essentially how I feel about political pandering.

What I think of when someone says a politician is pandering - Imgur