Saturday, June 13, 2020

You’ve Come a Long Way, Babies

We’ve arrived back in Miserable Michigan where I can report that the Welcoming Center at the state line with Indiana was open**. But you better have taken advantage of that initial “welcome” as  most of the other Rest Stops along westbound I-94 were closed. Thanks Gretchen, I’m betting truckers really felt welcomed during the Great Cootie Shutdown when all the restaurants were closed as well. Anyway -

Please Stand By…

Interview: The Blue Owl Plays | Fine Tuning347

Meanwhile, please enjoy the product of 40 years of progressive programming, compliments of Country Girl: Things that the “autonomous” peoples of CHAZ desperately need.


As noted yesterday, the first thing CHAZ did was draft an “autonomous” police force:

Rapper organizer of the Seattle autonomous zone says Trump has ...I’m thinking this looks like the “wrong” kind of ICE

in order to enforce the borders from invading non-citizens of CHAZ

Trump says he won't let Seattle be occupied by anarchists and will ...

BTW, the “cigarettes” they need include both the “good” kind and the “bad” kind.

You can really tell how much ANTIFA has evolved since their Occupy Wall Street stage 6 years ago.

Occupy Wall Street: Oakland CA, 2016

You’ve come a long way, babies.

**I should note that while the rest rooms at the “Welcome Center” were open the, the actual “Welcome Center” was still locked up so officially you are still not welcome in Michigan