Sunday, June 14, 2020

Welcome To the Roach Motel

I think the Eagles’ Hotel California provides the perfect allegory for the Biden campaign: “You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave!’

Joey, displaying his redeeming social value as a human coat rack for facemasks.

He clearly checked out some time ago, but he has no intention of leaving his candidacy for president, bless his heart.

Joey is the guy who first informed us that “Obama is a clean, articulate black man; that's a fairy tale man!” How prescient THAT turned out to be! And now it’s Joey’s turn, and although he’s definitely not clean, surely not articulate and demonstrably not black in any pigment sense of the word, his candidacy might be considered a bit of a fairy tale in itself. How else could a man of such low tier mediocrity aspire to the Presidency – I mean if you’re not black?

Yet, like the man he served as Vice President under, Joey remains a legend in his own mind. And as the NAACP once told us, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” So make the most of what you’ve got. Even if all you’ve got to work with is a slightly modified Roach Motel. (pic h/t Robert Cole)

ThumbnailThat’s one dark desert highway, man!