Monday, June 15, 2020

Cheese It, the Cops!

Who indeed?

Three Different Types of Cheese Rinds

But dis a cop? Sure, why not? Cops are fair game because…racism in Amerika!

So if you want to cheese it, who you gonna call? Who’s most likely to raise a herd of dairy cows that produce the milk that makes the cheese - American farmers or Antifa “farmers” otherwise busy “protesting” to defund the police?

If you chose the well-educated progressive liberals, prepare to enjoy the vegan cheese of your progressive dreams from an urban utopia, where you will find no milk, no cows and no police. Just lots and lots of social justice going down.

Oink Oink Tumblr posts - Tumbral.comSeattle’s CHAZ/CHOP dairy barn

After months under lockdown, scared for our lives, Americans are tired. We were united in our outrage over the death of Floyd. But it’s downright scary to watch liberal elected officials respond to the very real problem of police brutality by giving license to lawlessness and acquiescing to ­bizarre ­demands like “defund the police.” Police officers are being shot at regularly, and it barely makes the news. We’ve ­decided to punish every officer in the country for the actions of a handful in Minneapolis. - NYPost