Saturday, January 20, 2024

“Butterflies Are Free To Fly”

You can pick up factoids in the strangest places. For example, I saw this on my box of Kleenex this morning:

“Butterfly wings are transparent. The colors you see as a butterfly flits across the yard are actually the reflection of various colors through their scales.”

Malachite butterflyMalachite Butterfly


butterfly on cyprusButterfly on Cyprus

Sometimes it is hard to believe in God. Other times it is hard NOT to believe in God.

butterfly nebulaThe Butterfly Nebula

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Taco Tuesday The Day After The Iowa Caucuses

Some people think Taco Tuesday started as cultural appropriation. Actually it began as part of the Body Positivity movement:

Enjoy it while you can as you won’t be we allowed to celebrate Taco Tuesdays come February. It’s Black History Month and diluting the victimhood will not be allowed.  You’ve been warned so be prepared.


Oh, and that caucus yesterday? Not really a contest. So enjoy your tacos steer clear of emergencies and dream of making America Great Again.